One Man, One Hero, One Club
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I know that everyone is talking about David Moyes being loyal and the question we all want answering is, is he staying or not. But I would like the opportunity to talk about one of his players.

Isn't it refreshing in this day and age of greed that we have a footballer who has stayed the distance at one club, Everton? Because of his dedication and his commitment to the Everton cause he has been given a deserved testimonial when we play AEK Athens on the 8th August.

Let's hope that as many Evertonians as possible turn up to pay tribute to a player who has never ever given other than his best when he puts on an Everton shirt

Since his debut in the 2000 season against West Ham, Tony has played over 300 times. Being a local lad he has had his fair share of stick form the fans, but he has dusted himself down and just got on with it like he has always done.

Tony must be a dream to work with and he is probably playing the best footy of his career. Last season he has got forward more than I have ever seen him. He has certainly got a few more seasons in him and let's hope he scores that elusive goal soon. Maybe his testimonial is the place to do it.

Well done Tony. You are a proper Everton hero.

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Comments about One Man, One Hero, One Club
Hibbo will be in the team for Manure, his form last season was exceptional. Old school ,1st class Blue die hard. Well deserved Hibbo!!
El Cid, Offshore, 10:16 PM 19/06/2012
When that thirty yard screamer hits the net next season, make sure a Quantity Surveyor is on hand. The Grand old Lady will shake, rattle and roll. Like an early Elvis gig!
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 9:41 AM 19/06/2012
Don't really agree with testimonials unless the player concerned gives proceeds to charity but totally agree with all the plaudits written about Tony Hibbert. His commitment and loyalty to the ROYAL BLUE cause is so, so refreshing in this fickle and greedy world of football.
Katyblue, Liverpool, 1:49 AM 19/06/2012
Hibbo getting a testimonial is indeed richly deserved and the quiet, modest way he goes about his job for the club is admirable. I'm gutted I won't be there to applaud him, and join in the inevitable and joyous riot when he scores... cos it's written in the stars that he'll score that night. Cannot wait to see how he celebrates - what sort of dance moves does Hibbo have I wonder :-) COYB
Andy, Khartoum, 10:36 AM 18/06/2012
Model pro. Never brought a single bad headline or publicity to our club. Compare that to the other player to sign pro on the same day - one W Rooney.
Rob, Gateacre, 9:53 AM 18/06/2012
Here here. Well said! COYB!!
Ciaran, Dublin, 9:55 PM 17/06/2012
He'll score when he wants.. He'll score when he wants....... He's Tony Hibbert... He'll score when he wants. Deserved Testimonial for a player who, although at times frustrates, has blue pride pumping through his veins. I`d rather have Hibbo than some primadona European money grabber who just turns up. Good or bad, Hibbo gives 110% each time & that is why he has the respect of the fans. Well done Hibbo.
Mark, Birkenhead, 1:12 PM 17/06/2012
Couldn't agree more. Congratulations on your testimonial Tony, it's richly deserved.
Sean Allinson, Baldock, 12:49 PM 17/06/2012
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