Moyesy Must Shoulder The Blame
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I am feeling physically sick.

Do they realise how much it hurts? Probably not.

Moyes earns over £3m a year and has just made one of the biggest fuck ups of his managerial career, me? I earn £300pw and will be in tomorrow getting the fuckin' piss ripped out of me by redshite knobheads.

It hurts because this was an embarrassment. We had all the pre-match shit about Moyes' anniversary and how Tim Cahill and the boys were going to give him his first win in 11 attempts (here's a clue Moyes, play your best attacking line up and give y'self a chance). It all turned out to be hot air.

What a fuckin' let down to the 3000 Toffees who had paid almost £50 each - a fuckin' disgrace.

Moyes dropped SIX, yes SIX, players from Saturday's 1-0 win over Spurs - these are professional athletes, they cannot be expected to play two games in four days!

When we heard the team our immediate thought was where are the goals coming from? This is going to be backs against the wall stuff - we were not wrong.

Then there was the selection. Moyes clearly does not rate Royston Drenthe as he is our only player with a direct, pacy threat and can score a goal, yet Seamus (who was poor against Spurs was chosen ahead of him). It was no surprise when Coleman was one of the three substitutions on the hour as he had been anonymous.

Rodwell was in alongside Screech while Captain Phil sat it out. Our Jack strolled through the whole game happy to choose the sideways option and when he did get his two chances he chose to hit one like a tart and blaze the other wide.

Pienaar returned and was all swinging dreadlocks and neat footery, tried his best to link up with Bainsey but they were not one the same wavelength. Pienaar gave the ball away for both the first and second goals, he too blazed over with his first half chance. He will be ineligible to play against Sunderland.

Big Vic was in for Tim Cahill. Now we know Tim is on the wane but at least he puts himself about. Big Vic on the other hand is like a gentle giant who will never hurt anyone, has all the attributes with the exception of desire, win at all costs and he looks happy to sit on the remainder of the amazing four year contract which Moyes handed him.

The Count was in for Jelly. Amazing decision. Jelly needs match sharpness so play him, get him to score then bring him off and rest him for Saturday. He comes on and almost scores with his only chance. The Count on the other hand, we all know, is not a player. He will give you 100% of huff and puff but he was clearly exposed here, he had one headed chance in the first half which went straight at the keeper.
Then there was the disastrous Jags decision. He has not started a game for 2 months whereas Johnny has been on fire. It showed. Jags was all over the place in the first half and he and Buzz got run ragged most of the night. Moyes has now put himself in a predicament, can he drop his captain for the night in Jags and bring back Johnny for the FA Cup Quarter-Final?

Moyes has not won at Analfield in 11 attempts, Everton have not won there since 1999 and the shite have done the double over us in FOUR of the last seven seasons. Not acceptable from someone earning £3m a year.

10 Year anniversary, he's done a fantastic job. Do me a favour!

We have won Jack Shit, not even the bragging rights over our obnoxious neighbours.

Moyes has laid himself on the line with last night's team selection and he knows it. He has gambled on us beating Sunderland at the first attempt on Saturday. If we lose then his shocking team selection for a derby -which with a win would have seen us go above the shite - will have backfired spectacularly.

Those who sit on the line over the mercurial David Moyes are sitting in wait. Me, I know where I sit and the sick feeling in my stomach will no doubt be lasting until we are in the semi-final draw.

However, only if we WIN the FA Cup will tonight become anywhere near acceptable.

Bob, Upton 


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Comments about Moyesy Must Shoulder The Blame
I read the article and got to the 10th comment before I had to give up. While none of us are happy with losing to the shite, and I copped a fair amount of abuse myself from a predominantly redshite supporting work-force when I went into work on Wednesday. But it is not the be all and end all especially when my token fellow blue responded to the first round of abuse (a witless statement that was a follows "How did you enjoy those 3 goals we scored last night") by saying how did you enjoy your first win in 4, to which the Utd fans gave a resounding peal of laughter, Suddenly the plastic reds were not as interested in abusing us. To get to the point though, we lost at analfield, to a liverpool team that I couldn't give a shit about. When Stoke bring them down on Sunday and we bring home the FA Cup in May all this will be forgotten. The redshites 'carling cup success' will not be enough to secure the bragging rights. Did anyone consider that Johnny was dropped because he picks up cards like Rooney picks up prostitutes, and that Drenthe wasn't on because he is completely incapable of defending in any sort of capacity. The problem with being short-sighted is that come the next against the odds victory you will all be praising his astute signings and tactical nous. In fact complaining that he defended a 1-0 lead on Saturday, when we where being over run by Tottenham and making attacking substitutions would have opened us up to much, is a joke too.
Ciaran, Belfast, 11:15 PM 16/03/2012
Just remember, as angry as we all are about (in our eyes) the stupid decisions that Moyes made, I can't put everything down to him as I have to say the players on the pitch were an absolute disgrace.
Rick, Merseyside, 6:28 PM 16/03/2012
This decision was absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't even make the same decision playing on FIFA because I hate losing to them so much. I can't believe what I saw and to make it worse the half-hearted attempt to cover the changes by appearing to play a 4-4-2 formation. We are not idiots, it was clear to see that Vic wasn't playing as a proper striker at all. Why was he trying to track Kelly back twice around the time of their 1st goal? Answer is because he was being told to play like that yet again rather than being played properly as a striker. Unbeaten run, playing an over-rated and pretty awful Liverpool team with the chance to go above them in the league and continue our momentum into the cup, but instead we see changes made rather than pushing us on. Rodwell is not match fit, neither is Jags...never mind derby fit. They have been out too long to come back in properly for such an important game. Personally I wouldn't have brought Pienaar back in. I would have used him from the bench seeing that he was ineligible against Spurs and will be against Sunderland too, but that was the smallest of debatable decisions. Why are we not the team that pushed on from our great season a few years back? We CAN outplay teams, but if we are always going to be negative then we never will. We CAN win and succeed. We DO have players capable of it, but we need to mix battle with playing and freedom. Get Royston rolling and get positive for once. Yes if you don't concede goals then you are at an advantage...but not if you don't score them either.
Rick, Merseyside, 6:23 PM 16/03/2012
Well obviously Moyes should shoulder the blame who else? He is the person who picks the team. But the match is history now! so lets consentrate on Sunderland. Winable Yes, dead right. I think we will brush them aside no problem, O neil or not. I dont think the derby didnt mean anything to Moyes, he gave his reason for leaving key players out. Now lets get behind him for the next game. I think he believes this is the seaon we can win the FA Cup. And when you think it out were 4 games away from the final. Win it and were in Europe. But how many really think we will finish in 6th place? I suggest not many. So maybe there is a method in Moyse derby madness. Jack.
Jack, Lpool, 12:56 AM 16/03/2012
Can't believe some of the comments about Tuesday. Yes it was bad and the team selection was woeful, but I would rather beat Sunderland in the FA Cup on Saturday and have a chance of winning the FA Cup. It's about time some Blues realised the biggest thing is not beating the redshite, it is about Everton progressing and trying to win something. Forget Liverpool...they are not important, never have been and never will be. We all know that. Moyesy is the best thing about Everton. We will win on Saturday and that's what counts the most..
Kev, Formby, 10:05 PM 15/03/2012
DM has worked miracles over the last 10 years but that team selection was unforgiveable and marred any celebration of the 10 years. It ranks with the Kendall selection of Keeley in the infamous 0-4 Derby. After 10 years hasn't the message sunk home that you select your best players come what may? As a supporter of 55 years I'd have taken a very winnable Derby over a cup win any day.
Bill, Huyton, 8:35 PM 15/03/2012
I'm sorry to say this but based on that game and most of his form even when he's fit, I'd sell Jack Rodwell tomorrow. These days he can't seem to do anything constructive and he looks like he lacks courage, which is unforgivable in a midfielder. He's not playing with any pride at all. Either he starts showing up for matches or we get as much as we can for him. But we wouldn't get much the way he's shying out of tackles and passing sideways all the time. If he doesn't make the break through soon he won't make it as a premiership player and he'll end up like Kieron Dwyer or someone.
Paul, Warrington, 5:54 PM 15/03/2012
No matter what game's coming up you NEVER rest key players on derby day.
Gary, Liverpool, 5:53 PM 15/03/2012
Maybe Bob should be our new manager seeing as he knows so fucking much.
Tony D, Birkenhead, 4:44 PM 15/03/2012
I am very much afraid if we do beat Sunderland on Saturday Moyse would expect that to console us all,not ever. That team selection should never ever be forgotten.
Tony, Cornwall, 2:51 PM 15/03/2012
I haven't even heard a sorry from Moyes or better still when he is getting rid of Vic once and for all!
Mal, St.Helens, 2:31 PM 15/03/2012
Forget the derby to bring home the cup which is still a million miles away. Dispose of one for the other,WHY CAN'T WE HAVE BOTH? other clubs do. We as fans (according to Moyse) have to settle. What if Howard Kendall said that back in the eighties? THE TEAM SELECTION WASN'T A MISTAKE IT WAS A SCANT DISREGARD TO ALL EVERTONIANS, perhaps he has already been approached by the Jews. What are these players being paid vast sums of money for if they can't play 2 games in 4 days .
Tony, Cornwall, 2:30 PM 15/03/2012
Travelled over for the game, paid €250 for plane, €50 for hotel, €50 for match ticket, which I had to sell my sole to the devil n buy off a red fan and to watch that shite.... Was sitting in the main stand amongst them and never felt so embarrassed.. Planned to keep my mouth shut for the match in case any shite fan got the hump.. Love Moyesie, but he ensured that I'd f**k all to cheer for anyways... Ten years in charge n you celebrated with your biggest mistake.... The only thing that could sweeten this blow is bringing home the cup n even that feels like a pipe dream.. IMWT normally but after that sham, having my doubts....
Paul, Dublin, 12:19 PM 15/03/2012
I just don't think Moyesie understands what Derbies mean to us. Pisses me off he seems to shrug a defeat like this off as though it means fuck all. If we get through to the semis and play them again then what? More of the same?
Macca, Huyton, 10:08 AM 15/03/2012
Like everyone else I am still trying to come to terms with what happened on Tuesday night ,but don`t worry about playing the shite in the semi . Stoke will knock them out . Put your wages on it .
Dave Kelly, Litherland, 9:14 AM 15/03/2012
Let's bring in someone who knows what it means to the fans to be up for a derby game because that was just awful. I'll drive Moyes to White Hart Lane myself. Bring in Peter Reid and get someone like Andy Gray as his right hand man.
Dave Graham, USA, 2:20 AM 15/03/2012
Am absolutely disgusted with Moyes,,,, 6 bloody changes ,,,does he not know even after 10 years what these games mean to WHOLE FAMILYS,,,, was he trying to be the master tadtian HAHA what a joke ,,,do you think Fergie would have made 6 changes from a team that just beat Spurs if they were playing City ,,,NOT A CHANCE,,, and Moyes says " we only have ourselves to blame" er no wrong WE only have YOU TO BLAME " !!!! been watching the Blues (and all my family has too) for over 50 years,,,think we deserved more than that Moyes,,,, thank you for NOTHING !!!!, spain, 12:05 AM 15/03/2012
Waited 24 hrs for emotions to settle down. There's been some bad times being a blue for past 35 yrs but last night rated as lowest point equaling the appalling cup drubbing by tranmere under Smith. Like everyone else Moyes underestimated Reds to all our cost. What a joke!
Martin, Wirral , 10:28 PM 14/03/2012
It just shows us all - you just dont know what life will throw up - and yes no pun meant last night is now out of my system but brain damage done and permo scares on soul and so till next time. It feels like some biblical curse - dark days always coming back and Im trying to come to terms with the RS and impact on life. Lets hope no more tinkering and we whack the Mackems.
El Cid, Offshore, 9:16 PM 14/03/2012
Was watching game by ground last night,if Moyes would of been there when the teamsheet was put up,he might well of resigned after seeing the wind taken out of the sails of everton fans.Where there was once hope of a win,quickly evaporated to we might get a draw, n then 10 mins later were gonna get battered here if he doesent change it.The only person Moyes cares bout is Kenwright he keeps on blowing his trumpet,very rarely does he say much bout us.Nil satis nisi optimum? Not last night David.
Mr Potato Head, l11, 8:56 PM 14/03/2012
Big Vic? More like big joke. How he still plays prem football is amazing. I cannot think of the last time he started or even as a sub. He spent the first half on the left wing in Pienaar and Baines way. No positional sense what so ever. I'd have given Barkley the nod instead of him. As for dropping Johnny, no logical sense at all. The lad's in his best form as a blue and loves the club and the fans, last to leave the pitch after every game after thanking all 4 corners of the ground. Soon as seeing the team sheet I feared the worst.
Darren, Lower Gwladys, 8:12 PM 14/03/2012
Pienaar for Coleman was the only change needed.
Steve, Phuket, 7:20 PM 14/03/2012
I love what Moyes has done for us, but it makes me laugh about him taking Spurs or Chelsea. He'd been absolutely slated in the papers for that balls up, couldnt believe the papers didnt make more of his cock up yesterday. I was spitting tacs when i heard he'd dropped 6 players. Heitinga, probably one of the best defenders in the league, brilliant all season, gets dumped for the biggest game of the season. he must be thinking,'f*#k this sh#t'. Never been so p*@sed off about a football match. i think Davey shown his level.
Pete, Teddington, 7:12 PM 14/03/2012
Moyes Merseyside derbys in the league Played 20 Won 3 Drawn 4 Lost 13 totally unacceptable its now gone beyond a joke
mark, wirral, 6:43 PM 14/03/2012
Been a blue for 47 years! love the club and my two boys the same, never ever slagged off my beloved blues, had a season ticket for thirty years. wait for it! last night was shite and I blame one man our leader and manager! I sat in the dirty kop with all the redshite hearing them say how good they were and this game can change there season! They are shite and on the night we were worse, no pace ,void of ideas to get past the old get Carrager.and more passes sidewards than forward. Feel sick and gutted for last night! Cannot bear to watch sky sports or any news on the radio. Too many changes,no passion too many not match fit players! will be there Saturday but will take a long time to get over this.
Steve, wirral, 6:30 PM 14/03/2012
OK, feeling utterly sick, right down to the core. Avoided radio/tv sport news, papers whole day, shit I will do that till weekend. There is not much to add to what many fellow Blue souls below me already said. However I want to raise small point: It will be bloody travesty when in 2 weeks time mighty Wigan arrive at Analfield and spank red scum comfortably.
Michal, Poland, 6:06 PM 14/03/2012
And there was me thinking I was the only one who was disappointed last night! You could have written something productive but instead you've just had a massive rant full of pathetic statistics which have nothing to do with what happened last night. Articles from the Blue Union haven't made me this angry. Mind you, the way you've written this you sound like you're probably a member.
Tony D, Birkenhead, 5:38 PM 14/03/2012
I've never felt so confident going in to a Derby at the pit......then i saw the team! The last 10 mins i couldn't wait for full time,it was nailed on the son of satan would grab his 3rd! A defeat on Saturday & this result will feel worse!! Onwards & fucking upwards!!pna
David, Liverpool, 5:38 PM 14/03/2012
Right I am furious about spending £45 and the inept performance but anyone anywhere who questions the last ten years is a prick. It was a mistake and a bad one but let's move on. As I have said many times Moyes still makes mistakes but stabilsing a club that could have gone under, and let's not forget despite TRS current lovable Yank they nearly did go under 12 months ago, we are more stable than most. It is THEM who are always the victims and never their fault so shove this typical Kopite behaviour, get behind them on Saturday and let's move on. I do however expect at least an apology if not a cheque from a Mr D Moyes of Preston for £45.
Mike, Broadgreen, 5:16 PM 14/03/2012
When the team sheet was read out on Radio Merseyside, Ronnie Goodlass was unable to speak for at least 5 seconds, an eternity in radio terms. Following last night's debacle, we now face the ultimate horror of scrapping past Sunderland on Saturday, only to face Stevie G laa and company at wembley, and even greater humiliation. After yesterday's abject selection-performance can anyone see us turning them over in a semi or cup final. Some people have used the word 'coward' in terms of Moyes, and I would not challenge them.
Lennie Keight, Wirral, 5:10 PM 14/03/2012
What an embarrassment, im actually lost for words after that, Moyes got it wrong big time and the players just werent up for a derby match, the incentive to beat THE SHITE at ANALFIELD and go above them in the league was surely enough, how wrong was i. Gerrard and the other tossers must have been laughing their bollocks off in the dressing room after that, get your act together Moyes.
R, Anfield, 4:51 PM 14/03/2012
Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't these players professional athletes getting paid thousands of pounds a week if they can't play 2 games in a week then wot the fuck is the point in all the fitness training they do every single day 6 changes is a fucking joke never felt so let down and disheartened in a derby game than last night well done moysey
James, Kensington , 4:50 PM 14/03/2012
Was at the game on Saturday so couldn't believe the team sheet last night. I do not understand where the need for resting players comes from. Surely you play your best team, surely the more they play the more they are confident, surely the more they are confident the more they will win..and so on. Is it just me or does Moyes have a problem with strikers?? Jelly must be thinking WTF?? You only have to look at that ex redshite Torres to see what happens if you do not put faith in your forwards and play them when they are doing well. It also puts the confidence of team down before the next big game on Saturday. Totally gutted and confused.
Emma, Blackpool, 3:09 PM 14/03/2012
I feel as sick as every Evertonian today. But the facts are moyes has done a terrific job while he's been with us and he made a massive mistake las night. Everybody makes mistakes and he will be kicking himself for it.
tim, Liverpool, 3:05 PM 14/03/2012
We MUST meet the shite in the cup now and we MUST humiliate the horrible gobshites to boot. To regain a shred of dignity as Blues, Moyesy and his players OWE us an absolute PASTING of the dirty red bastards. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.
Toby, Nottingham, 2:55 PM 14/03/2012
Absolutely GUTTED.The Shite believe they could still catch Arsenal for 4th at 10points behind a win for us would have put us 9points behind, but Moyes will be happy with 8th place, it seems,and a piece of Silverware before he goes and we are left to face last nights embarresment for a long time to come!!!
Alby, Southport, 2:41 PM 14/03/2012
Oh here it comes, I do wonder what planet yous are on, sat in a pub on monday night when everyone was in agreement that the cup game sat was more important ,for me moyes got team selection spot on, I actually thought b4 first goal we were the better team. Has any of you actually played footie or any sport for that matter if your out injured (Jelavic) then play 80 minutes ,you are not playing 2 days later. ok it was a derby but get over it, I take it yous wont be going to wembley if we beat Sunderland sat then. in fact anyone going on slagging Moyes I wish youd just f..k off .
tmc, everton, 2:31 PM 14/03/2012
Moyesy was very seriously at fault. What was he thinking of making 6 changes and bringing guys back from injury straight into such an important game ? If he thinks the Sunderland game is more important, he is not in sync with the supporters. Leaving out Heitinger was the cardinal sin and without Neville, there is no leadership. Moyesy should acknowledge his major error in team selection.
steve , beaconsfield, 2:18 PM 14/03/2012
From the last minute on grand national day in the 70's through the keeley debacle, mcallister... This one is up there with all of them. We could have been playing wednesday but got an extra day but still played reserves. Agree that only winning cup and beating shite on the way could get near to making up for this.
Paul Chal, ChiLdwall, 1:43 PM 14/03/2012
That was the worst performance I have seen in a derby. They are currently a poor side and were there for the taking (Dogleash racked up less points than Hodgson over the same number of games). Normally we can at least take small comfort in the reason for the defeat being poor refereeing decisions. We don't have that. The one last late did ok. The only positive is that I work in Manc and can hide from those kopites unlike some of us. Saturday was a big game. It is now massive.
Ben , Manchester, 1:36 PM 14/03/2012
Next season we may as well turn up at Analfield wearing all white waving our white flags - Every time we just surrender to this shite at their pit. FFS we always seem to make them look decent Moyes & Round, grow a pair and have a go if we meet them in the FA Cup
H, In Work, 1:14 PM 14/03/2012
We all know what's gonna happen don't we we ll scrape through Sunderland and guess who ll will get in the semi. Yep youre right that's why I don't give a flying one if we get beat on sat. 43 years of going the match. And I never thought I'd hear myself even thinking that let alone saying it. I just can't bear the thought of spending the day at wembley with them bastards and their smug chants. I've had enough of them to last me a lifetime last night and today is as low as I've felt being a blue an that's saying something. Ps. We are owed an apology
Andy, Huyton, 1:03 PM 14/03/2012
Moyes obviously wants to leave the club having won a trophy - only chance ? FA Cup Personally I'd never felt more confident heading into a derby for years !
Obstructed View, Marple, 12:59 PM 14/03/2012
It wasn't as bad as some of you think. Drenthe looked lively and can be accredited with an assist for the 3rd goal. Jags will benefit from all the chasing round he had to do and Denis has shown kids up and down the land that it is possible to be a professional footballer even when you can't play football. Less of the doom and gloom.
Warrington Jimmy, Warrington, 12:44 PM 14/03/2012
Were as I agree about being hurt and let down some of the comments are not quite true, "Then there was the disastrous Jags decision" let's be honest if you were picking the team from the start he would be in it he is our best CB !! I totally agree Johnny should have played but because for once he is begining to pay back the faith shown in him "Moyes clearly does not rate Royston Drenthe as he is our only player with a direct, pacy threat and can score a goal " well you have slated some of the players but lets look at your saviour, his 1st touch was to run straight in to touch just aswell the linesman & the billboards were there because he would have kept going his next 3 touches were when he fell over then when he fell over for the 7th or 8th time is when he gave the goal away. I totally agree with you 6 changes were bad but Jags thats fine !! Hibbo in great tackler and better defender than Captain Phil, I seem to remember everybody on this site shouting about big Dennis but all in all he's only a work horse with little skill and everybody saying Cahill was past his sell by date !! Probably 2 maybe 3 at most changes. Tell me something would it be different had it not been the red shite last night ??? What moaning would be going on if Jelly & Fellini or any of the others had been injured before the cup tie ?? By the way there was plenty of Evertonians saying last night that the would take a win Saturday instead of last night, but I'm with you I would take the derby win any day but unlike you winning the Cup is not anywhere near acceptable.
Barrow boys, Barrow-in-Furness, 12:37 PM 14/03/2012
For some years now apart from the Strac thats been our first team on many occasion look no further than the players on the pitch they are the ones altermately there the ones responsible. They werent the second team in any way shape or form.
sb, midlands, 12:37 PM 14/03/2012
I took off work to watch the game on ESPN2 and was thinking should have stayed in the office; bitterly disappointed. It is unfortunate that this game was against Redshite as the timing sucked. Moyes explained he only expected 2 points from spurs and 'pool so having taken 3 on saturday this was the throwaway came, again timing sucks as we all want the derbies to be biggest games of the year. He rested the best to ensure a win Saturday. Have to look at the big picture and from coaches position not supporters POV. We can't win the league but we can win the FA Cup - Moyes has to prioritise and chose to rick it last night knowing a loss was okay in the long run.
Mark Sadler, USA, 12:20 PM 14/03/2012
I was as disappointed and angry as anyone but all this is is a rant, as are most of the comments. You mention the six changes Moyes made and how they were all 'wrong' in your opinion. The only two I would seriously question were the inclusion of Vic and possibly bringing Jags back in, although nobody would disagree that he is still a quality centre half. I would probably have had Ossie playing off the striker and maybe kept Johnny in. Apart from that the only thing we should be disappointed with is an awful performance. Royston would have been sent off within an hour and Denis playing instead of Jelavic isn't as big a deal as people are making out. Got my ticket for Saturday and although, as always, I fear us getting knocked out the cup, I will be there to support the lads.
Tony D, Birkenhead, 12:03 PM 14/03/2012
Come on fellow blues, who cares what the redshite think let them have bragging rights come Saturday when we smash Sunderland and the shite get knocked out by Stoke then lets see who will be braging, I'd rather have a go at winning the f.a cup than a derby game we can't get relegated we won't finish in europe lets just go for the f.a cup makes sense to me!!! When Bill Kenwright got asked in an interview how good it would feel to win at anfield on moyes 10th year anniversary he replied " I really want that cup" that says it all, IN MOYES I TRUST, COYB
mick dowd, old roan, 11:43 AM 14/03/2012
Want me money back. End of.
David Quinn, Southport, 11:40 AM 14/03/2012
I agree with all the comments and email. Ok we made 6 changes but this shows our squad isn't great in depth but you would think the players coming in would at least fight, try and put in effort to make the first team. Even if we lost, the work effort makes up for it. When Rodwell missed/soft shot after 90 minutes, I was screaming HIT IT! After that I turned it off fuming and sulked off. So I missed the 3rd! Last night hurt me massively because we were shit and made an poor kopite team look great. I bet the Blue Union are rubbing their hands at this and if we don't make the FA Cup Final thinking I told you so!
Martin, Stockport, 11:29 AM 14/03/2012
Totally agree with all the comments-Moyes at fault,total lack of respect for all Everton fans,especially those who had spent good money to go and have to endure a woeful performance. They were there for the taking but Moyes has no belief we can win at anfield and never has-so sends out the message that we wont win anyway-lets rest our big players for Saturday. Just been taking shite of our kopite postmen-the same ones who were shitting themselves yesterday morning-thanks Moysie.
paul., skem., 10:29 AM 14/03/2012
Totally right, havent felt this sick since watching McAllister do us in the last minute years ago! I personally couldnt give a **** about the game at the weekend now, getting to a semi final isnt gonna take back the humiliation & embarrasment we watched & suffered last night. Once again we feed the arrogance of them rats across the park and make the look like world beaters, never has there been a better chance to beat them at Anfield under Moyes, and this could have a terrible effect on players morale. It's gonna take a while for me to get over this and I hope Moyes and some of the players Anichebe Rodwell, Coleman etc realise this isn't acceptable in a derby (wether or not they are not being played in their proper position) and they all need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror!
Carlos, Kirkby, 10:25 AM 14/03/2012
Cannot remember in over 40 years of following the blues home and away feeling so low and let down , I'm a big Moyes fan and still believe in him, but last night's team selection betrayed the club and the supporters. Even if we do beat Sunderland it will not vindicate the total surrender of pride and commitment that was on display last night. I will still wear my colours today like everyday but sorry to say not with my usual pride after 10 years in charge Moyes knows what the derby means. Dalglish gave him a lesson last night and the rs, no excuses, they also have a cup game this weekend. Sorry Davie you got it 100 percent wrong and now you have to lift not only the team for Saturday but the crowd too, lets hope you can do it?????
TRUEBLUE, BOOTLE, 9:44 AM 14/03/2012
Agree with some of these comments, but tell you what O'Neill will be worried watching that. He's not daft, he'll know that wasn't the real EFC. Also this result will get Kenny a new contract so not all bad news !!
pete, L1, 9:43 AM 14/03/2012
Not one player has apologised for their mistakes, they dont have to put up with the redshite workmates that we the fans have do. The spin the club has put on ten years with out silverware and very little bragging rights would make Joseph Goebbels proud.
Simon, Dublin, 9:41 AM 14/03/2012
Disgraceful team selection. You can't defend the indefencible Moysie.
Marko, Skem, 9:35 AM 14/03/2012
Agree with most, however Harvey, "Even beating Spurs in the style we did was painful"? How else would we have beaten Spurs, tactically we beat them the only way we could. I really fancied us to win last night, when the team came out I was hoping for a point. Gutted. The redshite fans just make it so much worse. I just know we would have beaten them which makes it so much worse :(
Gaz, Manchester, 9:34 AM 14/03/2012
Absolutely agree with the sentiments of Bob. Been looking forward to the derby match after I went and watched Everton beat Spurs, then I look at the team Moyes selected and thought 'what the fuck'! My heart sank when I saw Anichebe starting, and six left out. I tried to reason Moyes selection, with the FA cup game coming up, but it turned out to be a mishmash of disaster. Suarez was running across all of the back four. He should have been man marked. We were hopless down the right and everything was coming to Baines and Peanuts! Moyes may have ten years to celebrate at the club, but he should hang his head in shame, after letting the supporters down with that team selection! I don't think that he understands the impact a bad team selection, and a bad loss against the redshite has upon Everton fans! Ah well, it's up with the hoodie, for a week or two!
Mal, St.Helens, 9:30 AM 14/03/2012
We never turned up last night. What was Moyes doing ???? Already getting stick off redshite at work.
Ainsy, Chesterfield, 9:22 AM 14/03/2012
Poor team selection watching this load of shit made my blood boil. Get rid of Victor doesn't offer anything.
Ken, Huyton, 9:20 AM 14/03/2012
Sleepless night, lad gone to school shitting himself worried about the grief he's gonna get off his mates, the White flag of surrender put up as soon as we leave the tunnel at that khazi the piss poor football we've had to put with all season, the tactics, the lack of chances created and goals scored and he changes a confident winning side with 6 changes do me a fucking favour, is that the limit of his ambition getting to a semi at Wembley because believe me Moyes it's not ours. We're Everton, do you hear me Everton? Not PNE! As low as I've felt for a long long time.
Andy , Huyton , 9:15 AM 14/03/2012
I have followed Bluekipper for years, and every now and again, you put an article out that i think, oh you have gone a little bit too far! But not this one, absloutely spot on, every word, every sentence!! I am typing this at 9.01 from my desk at work, having already faced my first 2 plastic reds! I feel sick to the stomach. I keep thinking that a win on saturday win justify that shocking selection, but it wont! Winning the FA cup would be great, but I never forget this!! All Moyes can say is that dogleash changed his players against Sunderland, yes Moyes, against Sunderland, not us!! Oh well, where can I hide at work today?! I have a feeling that this result could well end the season, as any momentum we had with our 9 game unbeaten run is now gone! No pressure on saturday then boys!!
Craig, Preston, 9:08 AM 14/03/2012
I was there 30 years ago at Goodison as a kid but at least we where down to 10 men that game. this is the lowest I've felt as a grown man with last nights performance by Moyes (not the players). Anger made way for just basic disgust at his lack of respect for what the game meant to both sides. they are not even a half decent side either and thats the killer.
Steve, Melbourne, 9:07 AM 14/03/2012
Fully agree with everything written - its a disgrace, embarrasement and damn right shocking! The seclection, the line up and Moyes lack of forward thinking is starting to run very thin. I was going to watch the game on TV until I saw the team sheet......cup of warm milk and bed. How much longer do we wait for something to cheer about, something that makes us proud to be a Blue on merseyside! Even beating Spurs in the style we did was painful and sums up Moyes. We finished with how many defenders/defensive midfielders on the pitch?? What Evertonian will be happy say in 20 years time if we still have no silverware, constantly finish mid table and lose the derby 3-0??
Harvey, Cheshire, 8:53 AM 14/03/2012
Never felt so let down by an Everton manager....
Danny, Wirral, 8:52 AM 14/03/2012
E-mailed and texted a few Blue mates last night with the same last paragraph Bob. The only way we can get over the result, team selection and cock up over last night and changing six players when we are on a nine match unbeaten run, against our local scumbags, who we could have leap-frogged is for Moyes to win the FA Cup and beat the Bitter Jealous Man U hating racists on the way! Unbelievable shite decision, was it a Happy 400th appearance gift for their one player team, Mr Moyes?
Chris C, L18, 8:46 AM 14/03/2012
Totally agree mate, Moyes was at fault last night and he should have apologised to the fans who went for his team selection and tactics. We could have easily beat the shite last night with the right team and on the basis of our performance you can imangine how fragile the crowd will be feeling at Goodison on Saturday. I think if he doesn't win the FA Cup this year we should give him a proper dead arm and maybe a chinese rope burn?
Andy, Lpool 8, 8:45 AM 14/03/2012
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