The Funeral Of Andy King At St Lukes
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Andy Is Our King
Andy Is Our King
Andy After Scoring That Goal
Andy After Scoring That Goal
Kingy Scoring Against Man Utd
Kingy Scoring Against Man Utd
Andy At Blue Kipper Do in 2006
Andy At Blue Kipper Do in 2006
Kingy At Goodison 1984
Kingy At Goodison 1984
Ready For Wembley 1977
Ready For Wembley 1977
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The Funeral Of Andy King will take place At St Luke's On Thursday 4th June 2015

Just had it confirmed that former Everton midfielder Andy King has died after suffering a heart attack aged 58.

Andy King joined Everton in April 1976 for a fee of £35,000 from Luton and became a crowd favourite. A skillful midfielder with a knack for scoring goals. Most notably he scored a spectacular goal to win Everton's first Merseyside derby for seven years in 1978.

Mick Pejic crossed and the ball came out to Andy King, just outside the box. He volleyed it into the top corner with Clemence in a heap on the floor. Goodison Park exploded. Everton continued to dominate and win all the 50-50's. Gordon Lee's team won 1-0.

The scenes at the end were unbelievable. The game is remembered for an interview Andy King did at the end of the game. The BBC reporter grabbed Andy, as he was coming off the pitch and shoved the microphone in his mouth asking him how he felt? Before he could answer a copper pushed both off the pitch towards the tunnel. 

Everton fans used to taunt the kopites by asking, "Do you know where King's Drive is?" The answer: "In the back of Clemence's net."

At Everton he won two England under-21 caps. He joined QPR in September 1980 and made his debut against Sheffield Wednesday. King returned to Everton in July 1982 for two seasons.

In all Andy scored 67 goals in 248 games.

See our Interview with Andy King from 2013

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Comments about The Funeral Of Andy King At St Lukes
When I was a kid - about 15 - I lived in Aintree and used to walk to the game with my mate - down Melling Road and we'd walk along with thumbs out hitching a lift. We only ever got picked up - a Datsun Cherry pulled over and we got in the back - it was our hero -Andy King - his girlfriend was in the other side - he just said - 'sit there and shat ap' He had us laughing as he drove through Walton Vale with his knees while he brushed his hair. Great player and a really nice fellah RIP
tony p, Maghull, 9:52 PM 1/06/2015
Such a sad time for EVERTON FC. R.I.P. ANDY KING, a fantastic player and one of my all time heroes. I was so lucky to meet him last year and have my photo taken with him, a TRUE EVERTON LEGEND. thanks for all the great goals and all the great memories Andy. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
Chris Endacott, Wirral, 2:51 PM 31/05/2015
I was in the Park End Stand with my Dad for that Derby and we were like two salmons jumping for joy then I noticed nearly everyone else sitting down. Got called a few things but just laughed at the redshite fans who didn't know what had hit them. We did, Andy's screamer. Thank you Andy for that moment, you truly were the king of Goodison. RIP Andy King.
Chris Simpson, Everton, 9:33 AM 29/05/2015
Andy was manager of Swindon Town and I met him on a corporate day before a game started and told him I was a blue..after the game he came into the sponsors lounge saw me and came over and just wanted to talk EFC with his arm around my shoulders...much loved in this town and a great evertonian.. thank you Andy for everything
Ian, Swindon, 10:51 PM 28/05/2015
Fifteen years old and n the Upper Bullens when he scored against Liverpool at a time when everybody at school (and I mean everybody) was a red. Thanks for making me walk so tall on the Monday morning. AIOK
Andy, Wigan, 3:37 PM 28/05/2015
Life';s proper shit, at times. Just when you're feeling okay and have had (in my case) a few good days, watching Lancs win, you gets news like this. I was in bits last night. It's a part of life, to have hero's and Andy King was one of mine. I too, was lucky enough to be at Goodison, that day and remember the Oak having 'Celebration Time' by Kool and the Gang, on, over and over, after the game. R.I.P you magic adopted Scouser. thanks for the memories, mate.
Paul Newton, Bootle., 2:52 PM 28/05/2015
just been to Goodison to pick seats for next season and saw Sharpy being interviewed pitchside about this. was in the street end, 15 years old and saw the ball curve away from clemence, cue bedlam etc etc.. 'Oh Andy is our King' RIP and condolenses to his family and friends
Mike, Lpool, 1:47 PM 28/05/2015
Massive shock yesterday. Oh Andy is our King. In the Enclosure that day me and our Mick when he scored against Lpool. Loved watching him play all the away games singing his name. Fantastic Everton player and a great Evertonian.
Peter Kelly, West Derby. , 1:44 PM 28/05/2015
Sadly, another fallen Everton hero.
John T, Bristol, 12:49 PM 28/05/2015
A gentleman who played in a different and much lamented era. He was one of us, there is no doubt about that. It is a pity in a way he is remembered for that one goal alone as he delivered so much more. But, I'm on that bandwagon and can only thank him for straightening Evertonian spines on that day in October 1978. Thank you Andy
Phil, Preston, 11:16 AM 28/05/2015
Sad day a hero to every blue from my age (56) scored frequently against the shite another Legend gone will be deeply missed never forgotten Andy.
Ezza, Derby, 10:57 AM 28/05/2015
Sleep well Andy ,far too young .Will always remember your derby as a moment in time as the whole day anchored in memories crying kopites and jubilant bluenoses, thank you Andy is our King,good night x
Ian, Prescot, 10:42 AM 28/05/2015
Its already been said but Andy shone bright at a time when there was gloom over Goodison,he gave us something to cheer and his great Derby goal will never be forgotten by our generation. I hope his family can be supported by the great memories that he left us which we have shared here, RIP Andy you always gave of your best.
Mark, Falkirk, 9:37 AM 28/05/2015
Still remember his radio commentarys for us So passionate long after he left. R I P A I O K
barry, Haydock, 9:19 AM 28/05/2015
What a character with a glint in his eye, will be remembered for a long long time, such a shock, my thoughts are with his family....he brought a sense of fun to the club and the game...gutted
Wrighty, Dudley, 7:57 AM 28/05/2015
Loved the man as much as he loved Everton.A non-scouser who was touched + understood evrything what Everton is all about.Condolences to his family.R.I.P. ANDY THE KING.
joe, stockbridge, 7:11 AM 28/05/2015
I met Andy King in 1977 when on holiday with my parents (ex-pat Scousers). My mum's cousin had been an apprentice for the shite but was a mad Evertonian. He knew all the players & got me into Bellefield to meet them. King was my favourite player at the time & he signed loads of stuff for me; I still have his training jersey. He was a really friendly bloke & I think he enjoyed the attention of a young Aussie kid. All the players were great & were happy to chat to me. Things were very different back then. So sad to hear of his death. I will never forget his derby winner in '77. Gone but not forgotten. NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM
Andrew , Australia , 7:01 AM 28/05/2015
Was there for his home debut against Boro ,when he scored that iconic winner made even more legendary by the attempted post match pitch interview and was made up when he return to Goodison to help guide the generation that was to become our most successful team and no doubt make them laugh too RIP Andy
Paul, Wirral, 12:30 AM 28/05/2015
Still can't believe it, in bits reading all the lovely comments and memories.... :( You will be missed Andy and will never be forgotten..... RIP COYB xxx
Marie , Walton, Liverpool, 11:52 PM 27/05/2015
A gem of a player in a time when the game was the real hard tackling game. Hero of my youth and the goals v RS and Manure stick amongst the others at Derby. My sincere condolences to the King Family. RIP Andy King.
El Cid, Offshore, 10:38 PM 27/05/2015
The first of my blue idols along with Latch.God bless oh ANDY IS OUR KING.N.S.N.O.
Parkender, Huyton, 9:48 PM 27/05/2015
Took my girlfriend now my wife a kopite to the game we were in the enclosure told her to stand in front of me so as to stay safe. Andy scored I punched the air missed and contacted with the back of her head knocking her out she fell to the ground crowd going wild could not get to her to help still married me. RIP Andy a great Evetonian.
Bill Gregson, Cairns Australia , 9:46 PM 27/05/2015
Andy you were a proper player mate an Everton player who worked his socks off never forget when you first signed for us and your red face coz you never stopped running I was a teenager and you were my hero so sad teenage dreams so hard to beat rip mate you were one of the kindest and funniest blokes I've ever met
Billy, Walton, 9:32 PM 27/05/2015
Top top TOP!!! Evertonian. 'nuff said. RIP Andy. Never forgotten.
Gerard Ryan, Huntingdon, 9:12 PM 27/05/2015
One of the greatest characters ever to have pulled on the royal blue, taken from us too early but leaves behind a million memories. RIP Andy
Barry, top balcony, 8:46 PM 27/05/2015
Andy was before my time but everyone I know who saw him or met him said what a cheerful and bubbly character he was. RIP
Paul, Warrington, 8:46 PM 27/05/2015
Lovely lovely bloke. One of us. It chose him
Mike Berry, Upper Bullens, 8:30 PM 27/05/2015
Olly Olly Olly with yer balls on the trolley and you're dick tied up with string sitting on the grass with a bottle of bass singing Andy is our King Oh Andy is our King Oh Andy is our King Oh Andy is our King. Rip.
Wykey, Waterloo, 8:12 PM 27/05/2015
a bright light just went out. he shone in some off our darkest days. RIP ANDY KING.
gaz, deeside, 8:10 PM 27/05/2015
Was a true EvertonIan a blue cockney a legend that will not be forgotten
John, Edinburgh, 8:02 PM 27/05/2015
Rest in peace,a lot of happy memories of that goal against the red shite, REST IN PEACE another good blue gone to the great E.F.C greats in the sky.
Bryan (anfield blue), Anfield , 7:51 PM 27/05/2015
OH ANDY IS OUR KING..... gutted he was my favourite at that time so skilful what a player !! what a goal remember it like it was yesterday we never left the st end till about half 5 it was bouncing RIP to a true blue legend
pablo, kirkby, 7:43 PM 27/05/2015
Absolutely gutted to hear of this very sad loss A great Evertonian & one of the best to grace Goodison Park. RIP Andy, another sad loss to the Everton family but will always be remembered
Aled, Caernarfon, 7:34 PM 27/05/2015
Witnessed Andy's wonder strike from the back row of the balcony at that famous derby win. The place erupted. Tears in the eye then as now. R.i.p. the King - the memories won't die.
Soulrider, Cumbria, 7:27 PM 27/05/2015
Andy King what a great player for us.He didn't want to play for anyone else.Wouldnt have anyone run the blues down either.King Andy forever in our memories.
mark, north wales, 7:19 PM 27/05/2015
Goodnight godbless Andy an old friend from back in the day. Remember you writing when you were in Holland and not very happy you still called yourself the Dutch, Cockney, Scouser always be a scouser to me. Sympathy to family and friends. RIP.
Tracy B, Fazakerley, 6:54 PM 27/05/2015
Gutted. I loved Andy King one of my favourite players to watch when I was a lad. Will never forget that goal against the Red Shite in the Derby and the massive overwhelming feeling of relief and joy when the final whistle went. He never got the recognition he deserved and should have been an England regular as a great goal scoring midfielder. RIP Oh Andy is our KING
Collo39, Liverpool, 6:36 PM 27/05/2015
Tear in my eye today.when people sing he's one of our own ,this man really was. Andy is are king!!!
Andy , Aberdeen , 6:23 PM 27/05/2015
"Oh Andy is our KING" May you rest in Peace, and thankyou for the wonderful memories.
Peter B, Walton, 5:54 PM 27/05/2015
I will never forget being in the Salutation on County Road, after THAT derby game. The guy came in selling the pink Echo, and the headline was 'King nets and Blues rule again'. RIP Andy.
Lennie, Wirral, 5:30 PM 27/05/2015
old enough to remember that lovely volley against the shite was in the gwladys street end that day superb player genuine and will always be fondly remembered RIP Kingy
phil, liverpool, 4:49 PM 27/05/2015
RIP the king that was our andy. He said he was a scouser with a funny accent. Most of all he was an evertonian. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Goodnight and God bless Kingy x
stu, Woolton , 4:29 PM 27/05/2015
I remember exactly where I was when I heard that we had signed Andy. I read it in the London Evening Standard while waiting for a train at Moorgate. I thought " who is he? Never heard of him ". Didn't take long to realise who " he " was. Didn't take long for him to become an absolute legend on and off the field. Really sad to hear of his passing at what is no age at all really. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Andy Forever our King
Vic, Exiled Blue, Carshalton, 4:29 PM 27/05/2015
What a shock.I loved Andy King.I was a teenager & at the derby when when he scored that magnificent winner...Great player..RIP Andy..Thank`s for the memories...
dave c, runcorn, 4:21 PM 27/05/2015
Not only did we adopt Andy as one of us, he adopted Everton as his spiritual home. I was in the Street End when that volley went in and not even Gremlin Hughes could disallow it. Rip Andy, a True Blue.
Jim Parry, Crosby, 4:19 PM 27/05/2015
I remember Howard bringing Andy back to Everton I went up to him and Said "Thanks for bringing our Andy home Howard" RIP Andy NSNO
Dave, huyton, 3:16 PM 27/05/2015
Absolutely heartbroke here! In my school days only Big Bob was ahead of Andy King, when my kids asked what he was like, i'd say he was like what Tim Cahill was to them! A very underated midfielder, who was a steal from Luton, i was there for his home debut Vs Boro in 1976 & remember him scoring his 1st goals away at Derby & a new hero had arrived! Obviously his goal against the devils disciples is the 1st that comes to mind with the voice of Motty ''it's gonna fall to Andy King.......'' & legendary status was sealed! Can't believe he's passed away at a very young age, sympathies to his family, R.I.P Andy, thanks for the great memories.....''oh Andy is our King!''
David, Liverpool 14, 3:02 PM 27/05/2015
Rest in Peace Andy King what a servant to this Club, Evertonian through an through NSNO
Andy Hamel, Garston, 2:56 PM 27/05/2015
Life ain't fair,gone far too soon.Thank you for everything you did in the royal blue,especially 28th October 1978. Another great Evertonian departs us,God bless you Andy,may you rest in peace. Condolences to all the family.Andy remains our King.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 2:52 PM 27/05/2015
I was at the Derby when Andy scored that goal and it was one of the best feelings I've ever had seeing it. So thanks for that R.I.P. Andy.
Phil Smith, Ellesmere Port, 2:51 PM 27/05/2015
One of my all time Everton heroes! Oh Andy is our King, thanks for the memories. RIP.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 2:37 PM 27/05/2015
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