Evertonians Remember The 96
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Evertonians Remember The 96 - 25 Years On 

John Alfred Anderson (62) 
Colin Mark Ashcroft (19) 
James Gary Aspinall (18) 
Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16) 
Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67) 
Simon Bell (17) 
Barry Sidney Bennett (26)
David John Benson (22)
David William Birtle (22)
Tony Bland (22)
Paul David Brady (21)
Andrew Mark Brookes (26)
Carl Brown (18)
David Steven Brown (25)
Henry Thomas Burke (47)
Peter Andrew Burkett (24)
Paul William Carlile (19)
Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)
Gary Christopher Church (19)
Joseph Clark (29)
Paul Clark (18) 
Gary Collins (22) 
Stephen Paul Copoc (20) 
Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23) 
James Philip Delaney (19) 
Christopher Barry Devonside (18) 
Christopher Edwards (29)
Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34) 
Thomas Steven Fox (21) 
Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10) 
Barry Glover (27) 
Ian Thomas Glover (20)
Derrick George Godwin (24)
Roy Harry Hamilton (34) 
Philip Hammond (14) 
Eric Hankin (33) 
Gary Harrison (27)
Stephen Francis Harrison (31)
Peter Andrew Harrison (15) 
David Hawley (39) 
James Robert Hennessy (29) 
Paul Anthony Hewitson (26) 
Carl Darren Hewitt (17) 
Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)
Sarah Louise Hicks (19) 
Victoria Jane Hicks (15) 
Gordon Rodney Horn (20)
Lee Nicol (14)
Thomas Howard (39)
Thomas Anthony Howard (14)
Eric George Hughes (42)
Alan Johnston (29)
Christine Anne Jones (27)
Gary Philip Jones (18) 
Richard Jones (25)
Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)
Anthony Peter Kelly (29)
Michael David Kelly (38)
Carl David Lewis (18)
David William Mather (19)
Brian Christopher Mathews (38) 
Francis Joseph McAllister (27)
John McBrien (18) 
Marion Hazel McCabe (21)
Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21) 
Peter McDonnell (21)
Alan McGlone (28)
Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)
Jonathon Owens (18)
William Roy Pemberton (23)
Carl William Rimmer (21) 
David George Rimmer (38)
Graham John Roberts (24)
Steven Joseph Robinson (17)
Henry Charles Rogers (17)
Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)
 Inger Shah (38)
Paula Ann Smith (26)
Adam Edward Spearritt (14)
Philip John Steele (15)
David Leonard Thomas (23) 
Patrik John Thompson (35) 
Peter Reuben Thompson (30)
Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)
Peter Francis Tootle (21)
Christopher James Traynor (26)
Martin Kevin Traynor (16)
Kevin Tyrrell (15) 
Colin Wafer (19)
Ian David Whelan (19)
Martin Kenneth Wild (29)
Kevin Daniel Williams (15)
Graham John Wright (17)
Arthur Horrocks (41) 
Keith McGrath (17)
Paul Brian Murray (14)


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Comments about Evertonians Remember The 96
I wish in some way the 96 could be changed to 96 (97). It's hard to even finish a story about the 97 th victim. The 97th victim needs our support aswell. COYB/JFT96/97!
JK, SD, 11:01 PM 17/04/2014
I agree with all of the supportive and sympathetic posts. My only reservation is the constant 'we will win it for the 96'. If Liverpool do win the league,I hope their subsequent celebrations are dignified and magnanimous. If they descend into triumphalism, and the belittling of 'rivals,' this will constitute as an unfitting and sordid 'tribute' to the memory of 96 Liverpool football fans.
Lennie, Wirral., 6:24 PM 16/04/2014
Today, there was rightly lots of acknowledgements for all of those who have been part of this generation-long campaign to achieve the Truth and, hopefully, Justice for the 96 is to follow. It was a fitting tribute that Giroud took his Hillsborough-tribute-black-armband off when he scored his goal tonight, kissed it, and raised it to the Heavens; that was an example of what this campaign has achieved - Sheer Class. RIP The 96, and to all affected by this tragedy, you will always be in our thoughts.
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 1:29 AM 16/04/2014
It filled me with pride to see Roberto and Andy Burnhan speak at anfield today. Fair play to blue bill also. Can't believe its 25 years. God bless the 96 and all those affected by this tragedy.
Jim Connolly, Park End, 9:56 PM 15/04/2014
Forget Zurich's footballing family,the real deal Football Family came together this afternoon.Pure class exhibited by both clubs on an afternoon of unified reflections.World sit up and take notice,these are the people that make the game the fantastic spectacle it can be.Each and every family member who suffered that horrific afternoon,our thoughts are with each and everyone of you.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 5:56 PM 15/04/2014
Total respect for the families who lost loved ones, your fight for justice is an inspiration. As a blue who was at Villa park that horrible day I realise that it could so easily have been us. As Evertonians we should never forget the 96 and support for the families should never be lost in football rivalry. Justice for the 96. RIP.
Blue angel, liverpool, 4:57 PM 15/04/2014
Such an emotional day it struck home while their names were being read out, especially those who are related to each other and who went together and must of been forced apart at that most terrible time or crushed together as they died ,what every single one of them went through while the authorities looked on and decided that nothing was the best action well its just unimaginable ,after you well up and stop yourself thinking of the horror ,their living torture carried on and on and on until they died,and then and then the lies, they were blamed by the the establishment the very same establishment who claim were all in it together today lied and vilified the victims of yesterday and as of yet no one is being held accountable still nothing has changed still no one will take the blame .Why 25 years ?shame on you Great Britain ,Shame !#Justiceforthe96 RIP
Ian , Prescot , 3:53 PM 15/04/2014
Twenty five years ago 96 people lost theirs lives taking in a football match. For twenty five years we where led to believe that it was acts of their own behaviour that led them to their own fate. After years and years of struggle the truth is slowly but surely coming out. I feel that I have lived and breathed cities that have been known more for their stereotypes than their actual realities. And I am more than proud to express that I feel those cities as a part of myself. There is a deterrence, a pride, a warmth, and a humanity in the city of Liverpool that is hard to be rivalled in many other places, and I am proud to boast that my family is from this great city. The justice for the 96 campaign not only represents those who lost their lives, but in a small way represents those who have been subject to social/ political prejudices that contempt people based on their regions, cities and supposed class. Thank you for the battling through these years and representing the cities unrivalled community. May your loses not be in vain. Justice for the 96.
Patrick, Vancouver, Canada , 3:30 PM 15/04/2014
im a red living with a house full of blues but i just want to say that even with all the rivalry you can still count on the blues for support well done everton my love goes out to all the families of the 96 fans who went to a match and should of come home we will never forget you all r.i.p.
sue, walton, 12:20 PM 15/04/2014
96 football fans never came home 25 years ago. Regardless of their team, their colours and their beliefs, they could have been blues but for the toss of a coin. No football fan should not make it home. R.I.P each of the 96 never forgotten on either side of Stanley park always in our hearts. Justice will be done. One city stands together!
Dave, Frodsham, 11:03 AM 15/04/2014
@neil...Class and dignity since 1878. Not all clubs can say that, and go someplace else for your laugh.
Dave, Liverpool, 8:58 AM 15/04/2014
I cannot begin to feel what it felt like for you all over there. Whether we are a blue or a red supporter - you are all a giant family belonging to the area of Merseyside. And soccer aside, when it comes to something like this - you are one. And that is what matters. May those precious 96 who died receive justice and our love on this 25 anniversary of this terrible tragedy.
Ann, New Zealand, 7:43 AM 15/04/2014
So many names so many people touched by the loss STILL after 25 years.....lessons learnt? That truth will prevail?!?!?
Wrighty, Marbella, 7:41 AM 15/04/2014
I'm a red and log on to your site for a laugh! I have to say I expected a load of vitriol even over such a commonly touching subject, particularly considering twenty five years its still an open wound. I have to say to all you blues that this page you have posted has got tears running down my face, the best tribute yet. Every, every respect to all you boys and girls at blue kipper. YNWA JFT96 Neil XX
Neil, Liverpool, 6:23 AM 15/04/2014
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