Sandy Brown R.I.P.
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Former Everton defender Alex 'Sandy' Brown has died following a long illness aged 75.


Sandy played over 250 times for Everton including 31 times for during the League Championship winning season 1969/70.


Harry Catterick signed the hard tackling defender for £38,000 in September 1963 from Partick Thistle.


Sandy played in every position for Everton including goalkeeper. Deepest sympathy all family and friends. 



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Comments about Sandy Brown R.I.P.
Sad Day,Remember watching Sandy plenty of times " Home & Away " Always gave 110% R.I.P Sandy..
Alan Brown, Thailand, 8:13 AM 15/04/2014
very sad too hear sandy, RIP I to remember him from my younger days a true legend.Sympathy to all your family
ray davies, chippenham, 9:19 PM 12/04/2014
Sandy Brown - an integral part of the greatest team ever to have trodden the planet - Everton 1969/70..... This is what Roberto has to be aiming for. RIP Sandy, your memory will endure well beyond a time when we are all dust.....
John T, Bristol, 2:28 PM 11/04/2014
RIP Sandy. A True Everton Legend. I remember him as a young boy being a great player who was as hard as nails. Sympathy to all your family. You will never be forgotten!
Ian Campbell, Bramhall, Cheshire, 10:06 PM 10/04/2014
An unsung hero that successful teams are built around. Despite the notorious OG there were so many great memories for me from that time. My condolences to his family.
Tony, Prenton, 9:02 PM 9/04/2014
7th November 1964. I was at the game which confirmed Revie's Leeds United as one of the dirtiest teams in football history. In the first few minutes Giles made a tackle on Sandy which left stud marks on his chest, and was a clear sending off offence. Unfortunately, Sandy instinctively launched a left hook at Giles and it was he who was sent off. Things then got so heated on and off the pitch that the referee took the players off to cool down. Didn't calm things down, though. R.I.P. Sandy, a real Evertonian
Stu, Hull, 5:22 PM 9/04/2014
forget the o.g. we won the league anyway.what about his winning penalty against borussia moenchangladbach in the european cup.pele would have been proud of that one.r.i.p. sandy brown
ray, wigan, 4:04 PM 9/04/2014
one of the hard men of football gave all god bless
don mac, liverpool, 3:00 PM 9/04/2014
Good night Sandy R.I.P. A great full back
Bryan, Anfield Blue, 1:34 PM 9/04/2014
Had the very good fortune to meet Sandy in the company of one of our all time greats, Mr Labone. Both absolute gentlemen, Sandy still taking all the jibes about "the" goal from some Reds on our table with immense grace and good humour. What sets that generation apart is the character of the players. Not without fault, but on the whole, gentlemen and appreciative of their privileged position in playing for a great club. Rest well Mr Brown.
Phil, Preston, 1:24 PM 9/04/2014
RIP Sandy I was a little to young to appreciate your career I suppose being a lesser light along side the holy trinity per se Tenacious on the pitch and a gentleman off it ,old school , although like everyone I have seen and will never forget the famous OG all blues will mark the passing of another blessed to wear the famous blue of Everton ,well played Sandy lad ,sleep well.
Ian , Prescot , 12:09 PM 9/04/2014
RIP Sandy all my prayers to your family.
Ezza, Derby, 12:00 PM 9/04/2014
re my previous post date was probably1968 not 1963 how time flies
peter judge , irelandcavan, 10:52 AM 9/04/2014
met sandy in 1963 outside the maternityward in Walton hospital back in the days when come rain or shine,you could not enter until the main doors were opened, a true blue on and off the pitch R.I,P
peter judge, cavan ireland, 10:41 AM 9/04/2014
What a header...RIP
mike, Liverpool, 9:43 AM 9/04/2014
Rest in Peace Sandy,a vital cog in what was a great team.Thank you for making an eight year old very happy in the Park End Upper.Deepest sympathy to all the Brown Family.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 9:07 AM 9/04/2014
Will have joined up with many of the legends. Will never forget watching his penalty kicks standing in the Gwladys Street End- high wide or bursting the net. Had a kick of a mule and the heart of a lion. Remember well when he played in goal. A top man who gave his all to the shirt - not a bad bone in his body - a true Blue Great.
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 8:52 AM 9/04/2014
He should not be best remembered for the own goal..he should be remembered as a true blue who gave everything for the club in whatever position he was asked to play.. a gentleman on and off the field..rest in peace Sandy
John, Wallasey, 7:57 AM 9/04/2014
Remember that OG very well, the subject of much p*** taking at the time but in true Sandy Brown style, take it, give a bit back and get on with it. Deepest sympathy and much respect.
Pete, Morecambe, 7:23 AM 9/04/2014
I remember watching him week in and week out giving his all for Everton. RIP he epitamised why I love Everton.
Geoff Lewis, Peru, 1:39 AM 9/04/2014
Only the world's best left back Ray Wilson stymied Sandy's career at Everton, but did he give up? No way! He lived in Maghull in the only detached house in a road of new semi's and even as a kid, as I was in the 60's, I saw Sandy wear his "glamour" persona with a genuinely modest disposition.
Don Alexander, Blackpool, 1:25 AM 9/04/2014
"who's the player with the most? Sandy Brown & beans on toast" An Everton legend.
alan, australia, 12:45 AM 9/04/2014
Pete Martin, Westie never stood a chance whichever way he went. I was right behind it in the old Goodison Road and it went like a bullet top corner, unstoppable. Best oggie ever. I remember when they first brought in a substitute and the paper talk was that you'd need a guy who could play anywhere, Mr Versatile, someone like Sandy Brown ... full back, centre forward, centre half, keeper, or (in Sandy's case) chase anything that moves in the middle of the park. They later sussed out that you could re-jig the rest of the team too if someone got crocked, but Sandy always gave 100% whichever blue shirt number he was asked to wear.
John Crowe, Crosby, 12:42 AM 9/04/2014
i was working as a young 22 yr old (58 now) for tetley walker as a relief manager sandy used to drop into one of his local pubs the golden ball in poulton le fylde nr blackpool anyway the locals said to me a lad who used to play for everton comes in here often ,they said i would not know him but as soon as i seen his face there was only one sandy..on meeting him with his wife he was very interested to speak to me about everton and about his everton days which i enjoyed listening too a very ,very nice person a pleasure to meet .R.I.P. SANDY another great gone..just made up now i got to share a beer..
tony fenerty, walton le dale lancs , 10:40 PM 8/04/2014
RIP Sandy. Never a flashy player, but solid and a ferocious tackler when needed. Glad I had the honour and pleasure to see him play in that great 69-70 title winning team.
Andy, Warrington, 10:05 PM 8/04/2014
God bless you Sandy. scorer of the best own goal I ever seen.
Micko D, lincoln, 9:23 PM 8/04/2014
Not the most talented player but a hard defender who always gave 100%. Will never forget his (OG) header in the derby 1969/70.Sent Westie the wrong way, and it would have made goal of the season in the right net
Pete Martin, Birkenhead, 8:52 PM 8/04/2014
Mr versatility....remember him very very well...heart and soul into every performance..and one of the best own goals of all time!!! And he was forgiven....a true blue...god bless..
Wrighty, Marbella, 8:29 PM 8/04/2014
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