Famous Evertonian Meets Famous Evertonian
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Evertonian and British Lion prop forward Adam Jones was extatic to bump into former Everton player Tim Cahill whilst in Australia.

The Ospreys tighthead met Tm in Sydney by chance.

Adam said: "You get used to fans coming up and asking for your autograph when you're out here in Australia with the British and Irish Lions.

"So it was a bit surreal to find myself doing the same here in Sydney when I spotted Australian footballer Tim Cahill walking up the street.

"I spotted former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill when I was out and about in Sydney

"Being an Everton fan, I got very excited and practically chased him down. Fair play, he was good as gold, a lovely fella, I don't think he was too put off by my stalker impression!

"At least I had all my Lions get-up on, so I think he realised who I was. We had a quick photo taken, which I tweeted, and now he's following me on Twitter, which I was pleased with."

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Comments about Famous Evertonian Meets Famous Evertonian
I wouldn't mind being behind HIM, at Millwall, away! Glad I support Wales, in Rugby, although I'm English.
Paul Newton, Bootle, 12:06 AM 17/06/2013
Two blue heroes together. It's like they say being a blue is god given.
mark, north wales, 5:13 PM 16/06/2013
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