Mark Carney Bank Of England Governor
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Mark Carney will take over from Mervyn King as Bank of England governor on 1st July 2013. More importantly he's an Evertonian. 

Carney, born in Canada and currently governor of the Bank of Canada, was asked whether he followed traditional heavyweights Manchester United or Chelsea.

Mark said: "I am an Everton supporter. I have got some cousins in Liverpool.

"It's been more enjoyable being an Edmonton Oilers supporter than it has been being an Everton supporter of late, but since the Oilers are coming back strong this year let's hope the Toffees. In fact, Everton's doing okay."

So now we know who Blue Bill will go for some financial advice in the future. Yes Robert Earl.

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Tory Bank of England lackey is someone I would rather not be associated with the "Peoples Club" unless he has a damascus like conversion on the road to Goodison to what is in the best interest of workers.
bluehawkord, Wirral, 1:57 PM 15/02/2013
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