GB Handball Player Is An Evertonian
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Not as famous as some, but my lad Christopher McDermott was a two page feature in the Christmas edition of 'The Evertonian'. He has just competed for GB at the Olympics.

Handball is a minority sport here, and this was a legacy tournament with our lads and girls trying to build a platform for us to challenge the Europeans who dominate the sport.

We picked our best players from about 100 or so available and trained them up as best we could, the played the world's best. It's the equivalent of going around one of the parks here, and picking the best dozen or so lads of 16 to 18, and saying, "Right lads, in 6 years, in the space of a week, you'll play Real Madrid on a Monday, then on the Wednesday you'll play Barcelona, then on the Friday you'll play United" etc etc, as they took on 6 of the world's best teams. 

We didn't win a game. Our results averaged the equivalent of a 3-1 or 4-1 defeat in footie terms. Not bad if you look at it that way? My lad is the giant of the team, (6'8") but more in commitment than size. So proud of him, he never, ever, ever gives up. 100%, always.

The pics attached are the official team picture, him in action against the African Champions, Tunisia, a 'Gazza's tears' moment after he gave absolutely everything only for us to come up short against Argentina, (Pan American Champions) and the final pic, a very emotional moment for me when he came and embraced me in the crowd after his final game. Some commitment to give up six years of your life knowing that you probably won't win a game.

Who'd have thought my lad, rubbing shoulder with Zara Phillips (at least I think that's what he was rubbing)

What a summer, my lad at the Olympics, and a start like this for the boys.....CL here we come COYB.
Paul McDermott

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Comments about GB Handball Player Is An Evertonian
If onl Suarez was british hey! reat achievement by Chris, I can imagine it must of been an immensly proud moment for you. I half expect that the majority of the sports men and women who represented our nation are swimming in the sponsorship deals following the events. This is something the Olympic commitee need to have a look things, they should give these Olympians the backing to improve the sport, based alone on the dedication your son an his team showed before an during the games! However I do believe that Phil Neville was able to organise some tickets for a game for Chris, which I thought was a nice touch, more than deserved though. All the best for the furture chris, hope to see you walk out at Goodison with a gold from Rio in the years to come.
Craig, Wirral, 10:30 AM 7/01/2013
Great achievement, Paul, by your lad. You and Christopher must be gutted that handball has lost all central support for elite athletes in the build-up to Rio 2016. I understand the grassroots funding has been doubled; I am not too sure, though, exactly what this means for handball.
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 8:10 PM 6/01/2013
Glad to see your son and his team mates lived the Olympic Dream . Let us hope it was a true Legacy games and others are given the opportunity to follow.
bluehawklord, Wirral, 7:34 PM 6/01/2013
Ironic that this headline should appear on the very same day as Suarez handballs Liverpool into the next round of FA Cup.
Rod Belfitt's No1 Fan, Ellesmere Port, 6:31 PM 6/01/2013
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