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The Derby
The Derby
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No beating round the bush. It was an horrendous experience. Not that going to Anfield is ever nice.

Think we all feared a defensive meltdown could happen at some point, given the way we play. It was just sod's law it would happen against them.

So wedded to his positive attacking approach but hamstrung by a small squad and an every growing injury list, Roberto patched up the team as best he could and sent them out to go for it. Sad reality was that too many of the players were not fit (Pienaar, Jags, Alcaraz and Barkley) and those who were fit, like Barry, had uncharacteristically poor games. As Roberto highlighted in his post match comments, it was as loose as we'd been with the ball all season.

Could he have done anything differently with team selection? With hindsight, I think a lot of fans would say maybe Hibbo should have gone right back and Stones at centre half. Maybe McGeady instead of Pienaar. But options were limited. And there's certainly no need to panic after one bad result. I think the vast majority would agree his approach remains correct and the way forward for us. The last month or so, following the Swansea win, has been very testing for us but we are still 6th (and 4 points off 4th) and in the cup.

We have to keep trying to play our football. With no intention of sounding like Rodgers, we had majority of possession at half time yet were 3 down. Why? Simply, we were suckered on the counter-attack. Not the flowing eye-catching counters the media are talking about though. No, counters made possible and simple by terrible mistakes. You could have driven a tank through the middle of our defence for the second. The third saw Howard have a brain melt. And the fourth came from a tired side ways pass from Jags that served as a through ball. I doubt we'll make many mistakes like them again this season.

We've got to regroup now. Mirallas looks much better through the middle and with injuries improving we will get Coleman back and, arguably what we've been missing the most, the game changing magic we get from Deulofeu or Barkley. Traoré may have a similar impact to Lukaku and thankfully Lukaku is out for weeks rather than months.

Next month will pretty much define the season I think. 2 must win home games, 2 tough aways to teams in and around us and a home game in the cup with the draw looking wide open and plenty of good draws possible in the quarters.

We've got time to lie in a darkened room for a few days to get over yesterday and then it all starts again on Saturday. 



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Comments about The Derby - Says Here In The Echo
hi yet again ..... 4 fouls ..one efc player booked... aston villa 18 fouls none booked ...i rest my case .... penalties this season.....efc 2 against 6..... lpool 5 against 2.... ask me any season back too 1970 and it still looks like this ......... the same old story .... tell me when was the last time we got a penalty at anfield ? no doubt they will get one today if they trail at wba seen it all before...........
robert.v.berry, liverpool, 12:23 PM 2/02/2014
bookings...... 4 fouls at stevenage ..one booking ..... liverpool v everton 11 fouls no bookings ...everton had 3 players booked in this game was it 13 fouls.... this is the case every time we play liverpool ..a defender a midfield player and striker booked if not then 3 per game ......
robert.v.berry, liverpool, 12:01 PM 1/02/2014
That summary was spot on and great to see. Though disappointed with result, i'm smiling from ear to ear proud that fans appreciate were we are going as a club and won't be put off by one bad result. Lets get right behind the team.
eightbadgers, Further away than i'd like, 7:41 AM 1/02/2014
This thread is why I love BlueKipper! Like the Andrews Sisters said - accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative :)
Stephen D, Aberdeen, 1:40 PM 31/01/2014
Thanks for putting my exact thoughts into words. This result makes very little difference to the race we had for a top 4 slot. 4 points means nothing when all the front runners have to go to both Anfield and Goodison. Everything can change over 2-3 games. My bigger concern is just over our shoulder with Manure getting some players back and probably bringing n some additions.
Joe, Workington, 1:24 PM 31/01/2014
Summarised to perfection,what we need now is to erase it from our memory banks and get back to our blueprint of doing what we have been doing before Tuesdays melt down,play confidant positive football that's done us proud thus far,we are accustomed to being kicked in the private anatomy department,but we still get through the turnstiles and support our club,whatever the era,so come on ladies,gents,boys and girls all's not lost,we go again,simple.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 11:42 AM 31/01/2014
This is far and away the best Evertonian report of the derby I have read anywhere. Great but depressing reading about the match but nice pick me up at the end. Well in. Excellent addition to Blue Kipper's writers.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:27 AM 31/01/2014
Spot on. 4th place is up for grabs so no time to feel sorry for ourselves. Tuesday has happened and it was horrible but we have to learn from it. Let's focus on this seasons positives and get 4th place!
Tony Parsons, St Helens, 8:27 AM 31/01/2014
Spot on and just what I've said in my letter to Roberto and Bill - with one addition. Lets still try and get that "stays inn the box greedy bastard goal scorer" as well. My lad reckons (and I agree) Hernandez at United would be just what we need. Push the boat out Bill and have a go for him. COYB!
gerard ryan, Huntingdon, 8:08 AM 31/01/2014
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