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Says Here In The Echo
Says Here In The Echo
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Nothing would make me happier than if we never had to go to Anfield again.

It would be great if they could go and spend a prolonged period in the second division like they have done before. Derby day at Anfield is without doubt one of the worst match days of the season, every year.

Forget the actual match. It's whole experience you have to endure.

It starts with the rehearsed, tiresome, 'five times baby' sub-Aldo rubbish the tele clappers come out with in the hours leading up to kick-off. They then mumble something about a waiting list and the 'unfair fan card system' to explain why they aren't going, and in fact why they haven't been for years. No, they don't actually have a fan card or their name on the waiting list, but that's not the point they tell you.

On your approach to the ground it's the sight of their coaches lining the length of Priory Road (for a home game) and the song books and the foam fingers for sale.

Then the predictable woeful stewarding as we wait about 25 minutes to get in, penned in up against the wall, having to endure over-weight middle aged men waddling past in replica shirts (with name, number and premier league badges of course) over a hoodie, with half and half scarves, Liverpool rucksacks, club shop plastic bags and a camera round their neck or an I-Pad in hand, hurling Soccer AM abuse at us.

Once inside it's the shocking views from about 75% of the seats in the away section (including, for the bargain 47 quid, the scandalous letter box view at the back of the stand where you can't see the pigeon loft end if people stand up). And don't forget the danger of the fans above throwing excrement at you. 48 quid this year for most of the tickets and no doubt breaking the 50 quid barrier next season. Against Modern Football are they?

Trips to Anfield feel like you have mistakenly stumbled into a tribute band night or a football equivalent of the Harry Potter theme park. Cameras everywhere. Tourists, rather than fans, trying to experience the 'famous Anfield atmosphere' they have heard about, all culminating in the choreographed singing of that song. You know the one that Manchester United first sung but discarded, presumably because it's a funeral dirge. Timed for the TV obviously. "Quick get your half and half scarf up. Don't worry if most of you only know the chorus, they won't notice. TV producers will get what they need". The pretence of the Anfield atmosphere continues.

They don't always sit in silence to be fair. The occasional song about Shankly or their beloved Kenny, recently sacked and discarded of course, breaks out (no song for Fagan though as half of them probably think he's the villain in Oliver). These songs referencing the traditions of their club, that many only have a vague understanding and appreciation for, act as an interesting contrast to the neon pink advertising hoarding of their sponsor, Dunkin' Donuts, "official coffee, tea and bakery provider". It's the Liverpool way. 

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Comments about NEW - Views Of A Match Going Evertonian
I couldn't agree more with our obsession with the RS. No disrespect to our Scottish pals but Evertonians remind me of the jocks. They are obsessed with their biggest rivals failures. The jocks are more interested in England's failure at football whenever they play and sadly the same goes for us Evertonians to. Its negative energy. We shouldn't even be worried about them. Lets all move on from this. Tomorrow is another day.
Tony, Perth, 12:35 PM 31/01/2014
why are some obsessed with what they do? who cares? get on with you life and worry about the state of our place sometimes, the church on goodison road has more life in it on some matchdays. who cares if they do or dont go, they sell out every game. so Mr match going Evertonian...after tuesday, i think the last thing you would want to write about are the gobshites across the park.
bitter, Liverpool, 7:36 AM 31/01/2014
As Bill Sykes would say: 'BULLSEYE'
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 12:03 AM 31/01/2014
Jaycee, know exactly where your coming from here. I remember when my kids were at school a few years ago now. When we drew with the twats at analfield in the cup in 2009 and the replay was looming my kids asked if they could go the replay with it being a night game and all that. That night when we were walking up the ground I started to think it was a mistake knowing if we got beat it would break there hearts and they had school the next day. The kids to this day said that next day at school was one of the best they had ever had! A bit like I remember when varadi scored in 1981, couldn't wait to get school on the Monday. SO I WOULD LOVE THE CHANCE TO PLAY THEM IN THE CUP BECAUSE WE JUST DIDN'T DO OURSELVES JUSTICE THE OTHER NIGHT.
Mike, Ormskirk, 10:23 PM 30/01/2014
I love Everton more than most. I can't go to every match but I travel to Goodison on average 6 times a year. Just because I'm not a 'match going Evertonian' doesn't mean I don't love them as much as you. But I have never been to analfield and never will.
Dave, County Durham , 9:44 PM 30/01/2014
How can those in the know not agree? Tuesday night my 10 year old son and I start our short journey to the ground. My son is nervous but excited, he's done this away fixture three times so far in his short years and been to all but two of the premier league grounds. The last two are to come this season. We have invested emotionally to our club and his passion is burgeoning.I ask "why so quiet?" "This could be the one." In one short explanation he took me right down empathy lane. The koppites he frequently 'debates' with turned in with their scarves, hats and off the cuff taunts aplenty at school today. He bites. He can't help it he just sticks up for his team, his dad's team and his passion. Not one of them will be at the game tonight! I've walked this path. They make their remarks with a smug self satisfied manner that says, look how right we are to choose red. You too could feel 6 inches taller and 3 wider if only you had the sense to stand with them. And therein lies the crux of the issue. How many of them are red and how many chose to be red? To them it's like winning a bet. It's not so much about the money as about being able to say " I was right, I chose right". You see when I come across them now I don't know which ones followed their forefathers and which ones chose. Lemmings one and all. Anyhow we got in the ground 10 mins before ko.Tony Bellew gave a great photo with my lad and couldn't of been more accommodating. Thanks for the one good part of the night Tony. That was as good as it got! The rest we know and have known before. Empathy lane. The last two days in school for him have been played out in my youth through the seventies. I try to help him keep a controlling hand on these moments and tell him it's just banter and your time will come. He has the same passion I and all my family has for Everton and carries his passion openly. I'm in the know and can feel his frustration. Again, how can those in the know not agree? For the koppites I resent the most are the ones who have the obligatory sticker on their rear window and the mug in work but don't go within a mile of the ground ever. The predictable " I don't go the game now but I used to" brigade. Yeah right! They seem to have the most to say. They lack empathy and more pertinent, passion. What part have they played to have a say to real supporters? Doesn't matter. They feel they chose right, ergo the verbal offal that follows. I think I'm on a cathartic ramble now. My remaining hope for this season is that we meet them in the cup. I want that game. We need that game. We can win that game. We must purge ourselves of the fear. It's the only way we can cleanse ourselves of Tuesday and give my boy the opportunity he has earned by passage not by choice. He's ten and he's in the know!
Jaygee, My place., 8:38 PM 30/01/2014
The best example I can give to this thread is as follows. A few years ago, I was on the 17 bus heading back to Walton from town. The shite were at home, and at the bottom of Everton brow, we were held up by an orange lodge march. Some Cornish Buet in replica shite kit is on his mobile back to the family in Croyde, and I quote: 'No we are not at the ground yet, the salvation army band are holding us up'. I do dislike myself for being parochial, but I despise these 'outsiders'.
Lennie, Wirral, 7:18 PM 30/01/2014
Colin (10) Shankly's been elevated to some sort of god like status. Younger reds don't believe me when I tell them he was, in effect, sacked (because they were signing someone he didn't want) and it was made very clear to him that he was unwelcome at Melwood or Anfield. The whole shower make me sick and have done for years. They must be the most ill informed 'fans' you'll find anywhere.
Bill, Huyton, 5:53 PM 30/01/2014
ive got to agree with true blue 76 no4 ..... we just got to hold our hands up and admit they give us a twonking.... agree with all the analfield stuff though i went there in the 90's with all my kopite mates because i lost a bet stood in the kop in my salmon pink nec shirt for a liverpool v chelsea match was givin um shit all the way through. it was full of norwegians aswell id rarther go to prenton park
wolbo, e . port, 5:14 PM 30/01/2014
Just like to say I enjoyed this article a lot closer to the truth than maybe outsiders would believe.Also can identify greatly with comments made.I am a park end STH and get over to most home games,for simon from dublin can see where you have got as i have had sectarian remarks thrown at me interestingly the 1st irish catholic to sign for the redshite was ronnie whelan in 1979 so that usually puts that to bed.I also note reports of our fans throwing articles on the pitch but no mention of hull city bus being attacked or oldham fan being stabbed
paul smith, Drogheda,Ireland, 3:33 PM 30/01/2014
Don't boycott the place,as much as it feels like your in some far off international airport departure lounge,and the broad spectrum of accents and excitement fill the air,there's still no better place to experience a victory(all but rare)but still sweeter than a 2kilo bag of sugar,so visit with eternal optimism,try to pass the time in the run up to kick off,by spotting who's carrying the most souvenir bags,whilst juggling their Nikon camera shoulder holster,then there's the old classic of how many metal badges can you pin to a scarf before your chin scrapes the pavement,then you overhear the fan from Bristol ask the one from Bergen"Any swaps?"and the response"My Ryanair,you can't have it"..marvel at the corner kicks,and be amazed by the mass of mobile phones snapping into action,Apple,Orange,Samsung and T-Mobile all captured by the TV cameras propped up by present day University Challenge audience members on a days jolly, I have had some good memories from there,and yes i can remember them,Georgie Wood's one man defence and Kings equaliser in the Klop End,Gary Steven's league cup winner,Ratters 22mph piledriver past Burt Reynolds,the early 70's banner"Lindsay is a Turkey"Sharps exocet,Super Kev keepin it real,once again in the Klop End..so don't be shy and retiring people,do keep goin,we have many layers of skin,being who we are,our day will arrive once again,even Mystic Meg can't tell me when,but be there and when it happens..it's worth the punishment.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 1:50 PM 30/01/2014
Never been to the hell hole since 1985 on a memorable day for all Toffeemen. I was in the Kop that day with about 500 other blues. They are a different breed to us. I hope Goofy stays with them for all his life. I hope he becomes a life president. They deserve eachother. They are both riddled with filth. Something we will never be. It will never change for them. Some of the inbreds were asking why they were not in the Champions League draw. Deluded the lot of them.
Jezza, Aintree, 1:32 PM 30/01/2014
I see where ya coming from True Blue 76, Wirral. But some of the shite they have put on FB etc, gives me the shits. I lived in South Africa for 25 years, and what the lads are saying about tourists is dead right. It was the same with scum fans. They all used to say they supported Manchester, and when asked "what Manchester", they would repeat Manchester. Didn't have a clue about Siteh. Bet they do now. The shite were the same, all you see is Shankly this and fucking Shankly that. I used to love asking them who the manager was before Shankly. Not a fucking clue. It was Phil Taylor by the way. Not having a pop at none scouser Blues, salt of the earth. As WSAG used to say. It's not where you are from, it's where you are at. We're Everton aren't we. NSNO.
Colin Evans , Gloucester. (WCB, 1:11 PM 30/01/2014
Very funny and true. Hope to hear more from Says Here In The Echo :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 11:22 AM 30/01/2014
Not been to the Tin-mine/Devils-pit since 2006 & the only part i've never had the displeasure of sitting was the gremlin road.Horrible place made worse by the worse bunch of self righteous & self congratulatory fuckwit football fans in the world! Most educated fans my hairy arsehole! Face facts, we could of had the Bayern Munich 11 in royal blue Tuesday & we still would of lost! Anyway, Onwards & Upwards!
David, Liverpool 14, 10:43 AM 30/01/2014
No 4, feel sorry for you. Ossie put it to perspective before the game, Everton have finished above the redshite in the league for the past two years, an with only 4 points difference this year, who says it won't happen again? As for the redshite fans. Totally deluded, haven't won the league for years, and so much up their own ars-s!
Mal, St.Helens, 10:32 AM 30/01/2014
spot on is right, i am a Irish Everton supporter who travels to games as much as i can but nearly every Liverpool fan i talk to here in Dublin has never even been to Liverpool let alone anfield but they think they can talk about Everton like we are scum and they always bring religion and sectarian bullsh*t into it, last time i was at anfield i had a glass bottle thown at me in the street, nice set of fans!
simon , dublin , 10:03 AM 30/01/2014
Spare a thought. I flew over from Dublin and had to sit in the Slop end with my mate. I was caned from pillar to post. All in good fun, my ringpiece. Didn't f*cking feel like it. Still shellshocked here.
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 9:33 AM 30/01/2014
This is a bit desperate dont you think, with post loss comments like this its no wonder they call us "bitters". would you have wrote this had we won? Admit we got it wrong and they battered us, we were lucky to keep at at 4. Now lets move on with our heads held high.. and lets not give them "bitters" bullets to fire at us
true blue 76, wirral, 5:52 AM 30/01/2014
I didn't think anything could cheer me up after last night... but this did! “Don’t forget boys, One Evertonian is worth Twenty Liverpudlians.” Now let's wipe the smug self-satisfied smile off their moronic faces and beat them to top 4 place they feel they're so entitled to!
Mark, Chesterfield, 1:33 AM 30/01/2014
Spot on with the tourists rather than fans comment. I was in the main stand (appalling facilities; Bullens Road is better) and I was surrounded by Chinese and Thai tourists all resplendent with new scarves, hats etc. They spent much of the match taking selfies and videoing each other. They were at it again in town on Wednesday morning! These are the fans the owners want; tourists they can sell junk too. It really must piss the dwindling local supporters off that these football tourists are squeezing them out.
Bill, Huyton, 1:31 AM 30/01/2014
Only went once as an adult to take a learning disabled adult Liverpool fan as a promise. OMG look up the term Nuremberg Rally on you tube, the pseudo religious fervor as everyone stood for YNWA bf kick-off. I was listening to Everton away at Newcastle in the league cup and shouting and popping up and down at totally obtuse moments relevant to the on-field action much to the distaste of Danny Murphy sitting behind me, Liverpool1 Bolton 4 a Derby score im never likely to see in my lifetime but nevertheless vicarious bliss on all levels as of course Everton won a pen shoot out....or was it a dream? BTW they are so not like us and it really is a horrible tin shed of a place!
Mark, southport, 1:30 AM 30/01/2014
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