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Toffee Girl
Toffee Girl

'Follow the Jelavic road...' we all know how it starts, another convincing performance this weekend against Southampton proved we have still got it, whatever it is. Don't get me wrong, there were points in the game on Saturday where our passing rivalled any world champion (Messi, are you watching?)  However, disappointment and frustration greeted Evertonians like an old friend last Tuesday night with what can only be described as a miserable attempt at turning up.

5000 loyal blues made the trek to Elland Road on a cold, wet, miserable night, and unfortunately not much improved after that.  

Which begs the question: why can we not perform when it counts?

All Everton fans know that although we're sitting pretty in a Champions League spot, chances are we aren't going to end up there. Which is why me, and so many other fans despair when we see our beloved side crash out in the early rounds of a cup that we really should be challenging for?

Yes it's fantastic we've had our best start since the 2004/5 season, but we aren't a side that can contend with the top four (Kopites not included) our squad simply isn't big-or talented-enough.

We can complain about our money problems until we're blue in the face, but Moyes should be playing our strongest side for cup matches, yes, granted we were playing a championship side, but surely from past cup experience (Brentford anyone?) our best side should be played.

I completely understand Moyes' choice to play our new signings and younger players,  but when we play without  our 'big guns' Pienaar, Jelavic and Howard we simply aren't good enough to contend with anyone, never mind look like a cup winning side.

In the later stages of the transfer window, it was reported that we were looking for a goalkeeper; many fans questioned this decision-why do we need another goalkeeper when we have Howard?

Judging by Jan Mucha's less than inspiring performance- our back four didn't have a clue what to do without Howard's guidance- maybe it is time we looked for an alternative, and dare I say it, a replacement for our beloved American?

As A die hard Evertonian, I want nothing more than us to win silverware. (the last time we won anything I was two.) We've come painstakingly close in the last few years to clinching the F.A cup, and recently disappointment is a close friend.

Our nick-name as 'The nearly men' needs to stop, but by entering a team to play in the cup that lacked passion, drive and the desire to do well for the club, glory for Everton seems as far away as ever.

Not to sound pessimistic, I'm made up with our run in the league, but I think the only time we'll be considered as serious contenders for anything is by consistently having great runs in cup competitions, and even winning it (gasp!) and driving forward in the league for a Europa league place. Because I, like so many other Evertonians, want nothing more than to hear 'Everton, F.A cup winners 2013!'  

Til next time, Toffee Girl.




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Comments about Thoughts Of A Toffee Girl
Not sure why we are still doing the Leeds thing. The players move on and perform because that game is over and they move on. Ifs and buts mean nothing. If the liner had seen the ball cross the line against Newcastle we would be top. He didnt, it doesnt matter. Move on. At some point we will play terrible just as last week and someone will pull a rabbit and that could be a cup winner or 3 pointer...thats the game. Bad night move on. As for contenders. Just enjoy it. I had a rednose telling me that they will beat us to the top 4 this season after they beat the worst prem team bar Swindon that i have ever seen...deluded? Yes..more importantly, i asked him if he remembered when we used to argue over who would be first. Lets cut out the armchair analysis and enjoy it.
Mike, lpool, 7:53 AM 3/10/2012
I agree it's a shame to crash out of the cup but these performances happen to every club, regardless of squad size and talent (look at Cittehh). I think that if we can the inexplainable losses down to every four or 5 games as we have done thus far then we can have a good go this year. I wouldn't be ruling out champions league, I know it's a long shot but without any European distractions we might just sneak it. No-one can convince me that spurs, Arsenal or Newcastle are much better than us, and I know this sounds like boll*x but I'd take our keeper, defense and midfield above uniteds all day too (although i'll admit they've a couple of decent forwards i suppose!). One team will come through, with a large slice of fortune and get a place in the top 4 which could be worth tens of millions, and with plenty of associated glory and global recognition. It would be far preferable to the league cup and although it's far from a certainty, it might not be as long a shot as people think this year.
Nick, toxteth, 10:31 AM 2/10/2012
Well written. Hope we see more contributions from Toffee Girl.
Spectator, Crosby, 7:31 PM 1/10/2012
Good piece, but one point I disagree with. We have got the talent to stay the distance. I think we have 14 players, who can come in and do the job of the others. I agree if we miss Pienaar, Howard or Fellaini (playing in his front roll) we will struggle. So if we are lucky with injuries and get another couple of players in January we could still be in the Euro position come may. We are that good.
Gus, Walton, 7:10 PM 1/10/2012
Some good point there. Good to see a girl writing on this website. Any chance of a lick of your lollipop?
Eggo, Noggsy, 6:20 PM 1/10/2012
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