Are Everton's Young Prospects Keeping Moyes At The Club?
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After 'missing out' on the vacant managerial role at Tottenham last month, David Moyes will lead Everton into a new season hoping to bridge the gap between the two sides.

The media will have you believe that the Scot was in the running for the Spurs post. Gary Lineker practically did Daniel Levy's job for him in interviewing Moyes on national television during the BBC's coverage of Euro 2012.

At no point however did the Everton chief admit to wanting the job. He must be fed up with working under the constant financial constraints at Goodison Park and one would imagine that the chance to spend in the region of £20-30m a season would interest him.

Few would argue that Moyes' pedigree is up there with the best in English football. When taken into consideration the amount of money splashed around in the Premier League, Everton consistently overachieve and much of that is down to his guidance. Why then hasn't he moved on?

In his decade with the club, he could have jumped ship on a number of occasions. The Newcastle job became available a few seasons ago and the Magpies have never been shy of a big money signing or two.

Last season saw Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner on the lookout for someone to guide his side back into the top ten. Until recently, Lerner has always backed his managers in the transfer market and Martin O'Neill spent big sums trying to break the top four during his time in the Midlands.

The Liverpool job was of course up for grabs until Brendan Rodgers took over but Moyes is far too loyal to even consider a switch across Stanley Park.

This summer has also seen the Chelsea job become available, in addition to the Spurs position.

A lot goes on behind the scenes in football that we as fans will never find out, but if Moyes were to have expressed an interest in any of the mentioned roles then he would undoubtedly had been considered and probably offered the majority of them.

The reason he remains at the Toffees must be down to the man himself. He clearly loves the club and recognises that he is the manager of one of England's most successful sides. He has unfinished business at Everton and has always maintained that he wants to win a trophy before his time on Merseyside is up.

The key factor as to why David Moyes remains at the Everton helm must surely be down to the conveyer belt of young talent that the club continue to produce.

The likes of Jack Rodwell, Ross Barkley, Francisco Da Silva, Shane Duffy and Hallam Hope will be looking to make major strides in their careers this season.

Add them to the likes of Jonny Heitinga, Leighton Baines, Marouane Fellaini, Nikica Jelavic and co and Moyes has himself a very talented squad capable of breaking back into Europe and competing for a trophy.

Claims from certain sections of the media that the 49-year old lacks ambition and is too comfortable at Everton are way wide of the mark. He has the makings of a very competitive side at his disposal and the blues might just surprise one or two doubters in the coming campaign.

Watch this space.

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Comments about Are Everton's Young Prospects Keeping Moyes At The Club?
If Everton don't sell Baines or Fellaini neear the deadline with no time to secure decent replacements then that would be the best positive indication as to why Moyes remains. I see no next generation of players ready to form the next instant great team . That is the dream all clubs without money will peddle to fans who desperately want to believe there is hope. So don't see that as a good enough reason for Moyes to stay. The likelihood is that those clubs ( Liverpool & Spurs ) who merely want a "Moneyball" solution to consitent membership of the Champians League do not match the ambtion or integrity of our manager . They cannot compete with the money of City and Chelsea or the Man U brand. At present the only genuine better "rich propsects" than us do not want a new manager. Everton and Moyes are a perfect fit for each other and the realistic aspirations of the fans. For now there is no compelling reason to leave.
bluehawklord, Wirral, 12:51 PM 18/07/2012
At EFC we are rich in many ways and its a very proud sense of beng an Evertonian and what that means. It brings us all which makes us who we are when it comes to EFC & football. Financially we are not, but we do have lot of positives for this season and I sense their is an inner drive with Moysey to break on through this season. IMWT , "Whats Our Name"
El Cid, Offshore, 10:02 PM 17/07/2012
Moyes is in the middle of a huge rebuilding process. He has virtually rebuilt the club from the ground up since he came to Everton. If you go and look at what is happening at Finch Farm and truly think about it, then it is clear as day that he is going nowhere. We have a strong, solid base of senior players, some of them good enough to play Champions League football. But when you peel back the layers, we have one of the most productive and successful youth systems to be found anywhere. It is truly, a "School of Science", where Moyes and his staff are educating and nurturing the youth academy players. On top of this, young players like Gueye, brought in for small fees and helped in their development by our excellent staff to maximize their potential, have began to infiltrate our first team and put in some accomplished performances. This is all the brainchild of Moyes. Why would he want a job at a club where the infrastructure is the product of someone elses vision? Also, AVB is the "Head Coach" at Spurs, not the manager. Which means he is just there to take the blame for somebody else's bad buys when they don't challenge City and United. United will offer Mourinho the job once Ferguson retires, and he will accept it, that's the job he's hanging on for. Even success at Chelsea doesn't guarantee job security. There is nowhere else to go but down. Moyes knows what he is doing at Everton. The future is bright for us. All we need is a little financial backing. Robert Earl is loaded though.... He has a lot to answer for if you ask me.
Warren, North Sea, 4:53 PM 17/07/2012
Remember Alan Ball's words about Everton touching your heart? The same has happened here with Moyes. If Man Utd come calling he will no doubt go but I think he needs to win something for that to happen. Moyes has the support and loyalty of Kenwright and not many managers have that. If he went ot Spurs or Chelsea he would be out in two seasons because of the owners impatience
Chris Perez, London, 12:08 PM 17/07/2012
Normally I enjoy your articles Gary but not this one . You have failed to recognise that both the owners of Newcastle and villa Ashley and Lerner have not supported their managers over the duration of their stewardship resulting in supporter unrest. Big name signings have left and o'neill left and nobody wanted the Newcastle job. Only one journalist has stood up and given an alternative account of why moyes has not been considered for a "bigger" job at spurs and chelsea . You touched on it at the end of your article but unfortunately this piece falls into the safe journalism letting our club down but locally and nationally .
Phil, Prescot, 10:48 AM 17/07/2012
Eventually the day will arrive when David Moyes with a seriously heavy heart will hand in his resignation and take up the managerial post at Old Trafford. Young up and coming prospects are only one of the components that tie the man at the helm of Everton FC. On his arrival he picked up that this club he has been blessed with guiding, is the big brother he looks up to and wants to emulate when he gets older. I would like to think that he would be here in another ten years, and so would he if proper and fit personnel offered the Golden Fleece the club is hanging out for. I'm sure he has a hit list of players he could potentially secure if the whole picture on and off the pitch is rosier than an English Country Estate in the Spring. But were simply not in a financial position to elevate to that stage. London is always going to be a big advantage to a prospective transfer target and sadly Manchester appears to be the new Narnia, this land i fear is were Moyes will reside in the next 2-3 years and will pick up the silverware he so desperately craved for draped in blue. Don't get me wrong i am a big admirer of the man, but if that time surfaces when the inevitable is about to occur well he leaves with nothing but admiration for a man who we know has unconditional passion and affection for a wonderful institution such as ours.
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 10:44 AM 17/07/2012
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