Moyes Tipped To Take Spurs Reigns
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As soon as the news broke that Harry Redknapp had left Tottenham, several bookies suspended betting on David Moyes taking over at White Hart Lane.

The vast majority of Evertonians would hate to see Moyes leave Goodison Park and just the thought of it makes me feel physically sick.

Despite what the bookies and media will have you believe, it is no foregone conclusion that Moyes would accept the Tottenham job. He clearly loves Everton and has waited ten years to find a striker capable of bagging 20 goals a season. In Nikica Jelavic he now has one.

I lost count of the amount of times I came away from the match in the first half of last season wondering how we had failed to win a game after clearly being the better side. The answer was obvious - an inability to score.

Until Jelavic arrived.

If he can carry his goal scoring form into next season and Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines stay at the club, Everton have the core of a side more than capable of challenging Spurs for a European place.

Add that to the emergence of Ross Barkley and Moyes has himself a nice little project once again at his beloved blues and it will take a club much bigger than Tottenham to entice him away.

In fact, could the news of Redknapp's departure be a blessing in disguise for the Toffees?

The Scot could use the speculation as a bargaining tool with Kenwright for a new contract that includes substantial backing from the board so that he doesn't have to jump ship to compete for trophies and European football.

Of course substantial backing in Everton terms doesn't equate to all that much in today's game. However, enough to bring in Pienaar and a couple of key signings should be enough to persuade Moyes to stay and try and win a trophy, something he has always stated he wants to do before he leaves the club.

What do Evertonians think? Should he stay? Do you want him to stay?

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Comments about Moyes Tipped To Take Spurs Reigns
In Moyes I trust- the man is in total control of all things footy at ours, let us not be too fearful, and notice that Spurs have a director of football in place! That is something that I believe neither Roberto or Davy can work with, also Davy has a nice pad up here! within commuter distance to us, and manure!
Tam Mosey, Shrewsbury, 11:23 AM 16/06/2012
Same old, same old, if it isn’t one of our players that’s leaving, it’s our manager. To all the footballers and managers that have bucked the trend, put their own personal wealth and pursuit of personal glory to one side, to challenge the status quo and to make a different at a club, I salute you. You guys are the real heroes, the guys that give us hope. You are all successful, well paid, so if it’s your choice DM, MF and LB, we’d love you to stay, to make a difference and to become a Blue Legend. Tell the world you’re an Evertonian, tell the world it’s not just about the money, it’s about making a difference, and about being a stand up top bloke!!! Over to you DM, MF and LB. COYB – We love you!!!!!!!!
Simmy Soccer, Guiseley, 12:42 AM 16/06/2012
However, enough to bring in Pienaar and a couple of key signings ... I'm sorry - wish it were possible, but you are dreaming. If we get Pienaar and a loan striker...I reckon that's the best we could hope for. I fear our manager'll be gone within weeks. You don't get these chances all the time, and can't bank on getting such a chance again. I reckon the Spurs job is his, partly because I cannot see him get the United gig, so this would be as good as it would get.
Roberto, London, 5:02 PM 15/06/2012
Money - We spend more than we take in...or in simple terms, we bought a house we can't afford. Simpler terms - we don't even fill Goodison. Who wants to invest in that? I love that people who bandy the board say they should give Moyes £20m.. Where from? Stop talking shite for gods sake. Even better, the board should do the right thing and step aside.. Great plan! Then what? Nobody wants in. This is so tiresome and pointless... We lose money every season because we spend more than we earn. It is sustainable because of the assets. Now and again an asset has to go to remain sustainable. Its not a conspiracy and Bill doesnt have a swag bag full of cash. Will Moyes go? Thats up to Moyes! If he does, dont bitch, wish the man well for his magnificent service and we move on.. Same for Felli and Baines. Az, walk back through the wardrobe and out of narnia...Give him £20m for f&$ks sake, wake up!
mike, lpool, 1:47 PM 15/06/2012
DW and Tony I couldn't agree with you more. When are fans going to realise that we do not have the cash just as other clubs do not have the cash. Moyes will go, Felli will go and Baines. I don't like it anymore than other Blues but it is what it is. We just have to stay strong and hope that the next man can be a magician when it comes to buying players! Bring on Ian Holloway!
Emma, Blackpool, 1:25 PM 15/06/2012
It honestly comes down to whether Moyes feels he can take Everton on, whether the board are able to allow him to take it on, and whether Spurs even want him, and whether he feels he has a chance to take them on. Gut feeling is, he will stay. He has total control at Everton, and assuming he doesn't have anyone sold behind his back, seems to understand the position the club is in. Also I'm not sure Spurs would want him. They really fancy themselves as big time Charlies, and I expect they'll go for a big European name- AVB, Cappello etc. And I also think this has been their high point and they'll start to drop down now.
Chris, Chester, 12:56 PM 15/06/2012
Az I wouldn't trust YOU to run a current account with no overdraft. You're just another Blue Union fog horn. DW was dead right, you live in a fairy land where money grows on trees and magic men rub a magic lantern and all the world's problems go away. It's your kind of attitude that has whole countries in debt never mind footie clubs. Just grow up and get this through your head - THERE'S NO MONEY FOR ANYBODY ANYWHERE AND YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 12:30 PM 15/06/2012
Another thing to keep him here is his relationship with Kenwright. Moyes often talks about his 'honour' and he knows how much most Evertonians and the chairman would be heartbroken if he left. Im pretty sure BK will literally get on his knees and beg him not to go if thats what it takes.
Huge Goose, Broadmoor, 11:10 AM 15/06/2012
Ive lived in the real world dw. Through the great days and the dark days of Johnson. This club has been haemorraging money for too long without any real explanation to us fans. The commercial and sales dept were awful 10 years ago and nothing has really changed since, would that happen anywhere else? The servicing on the loans that this board has taken out as well as changing the way the club is commercially run would easily go towards the figures I mentioned. Oh by the way we have consistently come well placed in the worlds most popular league over that time, with excellent season tix and attendances, until last yr anyway, and we are making a nailed on 5mill loss year on year? Does not take a genius to work that one out. Wake up before it gets too late for our great club. Love or leave him if Moyes goes the ship wont be as steady. So they must back him now.
Az, Wavo, 9:34 AM 15/06/2012
Az, Wavo. I wish i lived in your world of magic and pixies. Where water runs up the hill and spending what you haven't got doesn't come back and bite you on the ass.
dw, Elsewhere, 12:42 AM 15/06/2012
The board should put their money where their mouth is and hand him 10-20 mill necessary to make us compete next season, without selling. If they can't they should do the right thing, walk and let someone else hand it to him. We all know we are a few players short from having a good crack the next few seasons with this squad. No one else has the young home grown potential that we have coming through. Pepper it with experience and nous and Everton will be a force without needing a billionaire sheikh.
Az, Wavo, 10:23 PM 14/06/2012
No Chance Moyes Is Going To Tottenham He Wll Sign New Contract With Us Fact
Ryan, Everton, 8:59 PM 14/06/2012
Come on guys and gals Everton were there with Moyes and will still be there without him. More fool him if he goes to Spurs. How long will he last one maybe two seasons no brainer.
Peter, London, 6:53 PM 14/06/2012
Be gutted if he leaves, but if he does he will go will a lot of Everton fans blessing, top man and manager, deserved more for what he has done, hopefully it will see the end of Kenwright if he does go
Big Daz, The Pool, 6:14 PM 14/06/2012
Moyes leaving , NO . Baines leaving NO , Fellaini leaving No . For all three of them it would only be a step down Piennar ARRIVING YES . TRUST ME YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST . Ignore the rags they make it up as they go along .
Nil Satis Alfie, Tenerife, 3:21 PM 14/06/2012
Why join Spurs when, if the rumours are to be believed, he is tipped to take over at Man Ure in the future.
John , Southampton, 1:45 PM 14/06/2012
I dont think he will go this year. He will give us one more year and then off. I cant blame him to be honest
MIKE, FRODSHAM, 1:14 PM 14/06/2012
David Moyes has control of all footballing matters at Everton, he wants and craves this, it is his whole ethos, At Spurs he would not - That, in the most simplest terms, is why Moysie will still be in charge of EFC next season and will be until AF retires!!
Changblue, Uxbridge, 1:10 PM 14/06/2012
We must must must keep a hold of Moyes. For me, David Moyes is Everton, much like Sir Alex is Man Utd. I would like to think he would stay, after bringing in Jelavic and hopefully holding onto Baines and the like. Spurs would not be a step up for me. He would have a larger amount of money to spend but thats about it.
Connor, Perth, 12:44 PM 14/06/2012
I desperately hope he stays. Not only that, but I hope if he does we can get in for Pienaar while Spurs are managerless. If Modric, Bale, and van der Vaart use the excuse to leave of the manager going, there is every chance Nuts would be very much part of a new boss' plans
Grongy, Salford, 12:37 PM 14/06/2012
It would be a disaster if David Moyes left and not just for EFC and all us loyal fans! After all the frustrations he has endured during the past 10 years surely an intelligent chap like Moyes would realise that things are finally fallng into place for him. Jelly is now putting away all those previously missed chances, Felliani and the rest of the midfield can compete with any one (remember Man Utd away), and our defence anf goalkeeper situation is the envy of most clubs! So David unless there is some sculduggery going on behind the scenes please stay 2 seasons and try to finish your hard and excellent work. If there is dirty work at a higher level then let us fans know so we can have a true picture of all what is happening so we can make proper conclusions of the whole situation.
I reckon he jumps ship. There's already talk of Baines pretty much a gonner, and Screech will probably bounce too. Now a few rags are mooting Jelly for a "big" club...same shite every year, and it must be demoralising for a man like our Moyesy
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 12:05 PM 14/06/2012
Come on Moysie. You can nip this in the bud. Just say that you are not interested in going to Tottenham.
Dave Kelly, Litherland , 12:02 PM 14/06/2012
I hope Bill has got a plan B because he's going to need it if we are to keep the only manager I can think of who could do what he has done with the resourses provided. With a little more cash and retention of the current squad we are poised to get back into europe and challenge for the cup competitions. For those that do not agree please be careful what you wish for.
Richard, Qatar, 11:27 AM 14/06/2012
I reckon Moyes will go for the Spurs job. It's too tempting for a man like Moyes. It's one of those jobs that comes along once in a while and the timing is perfect for Moyes. They're not a big, big club though and the chairman seems like a right so-and-so.
bluejeff, Childwall, 11:10 AM 14/06/2012
This won't make the slightest bit of difference to the club's financial position. We can't spend money we don't have. One and one still makes two. The banks won't lend funny money to football clubs any more. The bubble burst two years ago.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:08 AM 14/06/2012
Of course, what we the faithfull (and the frustrated) want is no change; we want this coming season with David, Bainesy and Fellaini and Peanuts, and the rest of the boys; onwards and upwards. Anything else is not acceptable. Not realistic? Oh come on! We deserve it.
Mice Take The Elevator, Ross-on-Wye, 11:08 AM 14/06/2012
Spurs is not a step up. I hope he will stay.
MarkW, NZ, 11:00 AM 14/06/2012
This could be our year . With a world class striker now on the books surley with the help of MOYES we can continue to be the number 1 team on Merseyside. Kenwright must find funds for the mighty MOYES. Please stay MOYES.. Moving to SPURS would be a step down for David.
Ronan Murphy, Killybegs, 11:00 AM 14/06/2012
Of course we want to keep Moyes. The board must do everything they can. We love Moyes. Would rather lose a player or two than Moyes.
Patrick, Sydney, 10:59 AM 14/06/2012
Yes Moysey should stay. Despite the simplistic view of Kenwright held by many blues, Moysey has ALWAYS stated that the relationship between them is a major factor. They hold mutual trust & respect. EVERTON have come close (and indeed closer recently) to success. This has been achieved because BK & DM are realistic about their aims. During Moysey's time we have progressed, we ARE the premiership success story. Just look at what happens to the "pretenders", they have ONE sparkling season built on massive overspending then implode. We may moan at our lack of cash, but we do not go backwards. I would LOVE us to win something with BK & DM at the helm, they deserve it for the bloody amazing job they do. They typify "The EVERTON way", if there is a hard route then we'll take it. I'll bet that DM & BK have already been on the phone laughing their cocks off at this tabloid tripe. Bookies are still taking bets on Moysey completing another ten years with us......now THAT is worth a few shillings !
Blu-Tone, Tuebrook, 10:58 AM 14/06/2012
It would be an absolute disaster if Moyes left. He has pulled this club from the brink of relegation to an unrecognisable (compared to then) team envied my the majority of the premiership. Some people have become a little complacent in their beliefs and think this is a modest achievement, but that is a mighty mistake. I have never heard of a manager working so hard for his club. Moyes wants a chink of light, that may have arrived today with the annoucement that there will be £14 million (at least) extra price money annually from 2013 from the TV deals. Everton will now break even without selling players and even make a profit.
Bill, London, 10:47 AM 14/06/2012
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