Everton Recreate The Jackson 5
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10. EVERTON LEGENDS: Marouane Fellaini, John Bailey, Bob Latchford, Graham Sharp & Paul Wilkinson: help raise funds for EFC by becoming a Jackson 5 tribute act - From @giddypie via @bluekippercom on twitter.

11. EVERTONIANS: Like the fella by me! Avoid watching another negative tactical decision, and also prevent the lad behind you from seeing them, by spending the entire 90 mins putting two fingers up to the opposition. The opposition haven't noticed him yet but I'm sure they will comply with his request one day - From Mike H from Melling via e-mail fun@bluekipper.com

12. EVERTONIANS: Emulate Kevin Ratcliffe by pronouncing Phil Jagielka - “Ja-Jelka” during UEFA Cup commentary - From @giddypie via @bluekippercom on twitter.

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