Recreate The Gwladys Street Experience
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4. EVERTONIANS: Never leave the match early even if you're 1-0 down after 119mins. COYB - From @giddypie via @bluekippercom on twitter.

5. EVERTONIANS: Save time, reduce stress and improve your general quality of life by simply not reading any incoming transfer rumours involving Everton. We've got no money and everyone we're linked to signs for someone else so why bother? Use the time and effort you save to start a part time business - decorating say, invest the money you make in buying property and maybe in 30 years time you'll be able to afford to buy the club and a complete new first team. - From Bob Syerankle via e-mail

6. EVERTONIANS: Recreate the 1/2 time Gwladys St experience by cramming loads of fellas into a phone booth with a broken tele and no ale. - From @giddypie via @bluekippercom on twitter.

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Tom, then don't come on here. This Top Tips page is for Wit, Humour& Satire, not Soft lads with a serious case of depression.
Big Tommy, Get ter Hell, 10:03 AM 15/03/2011
Everyone who comments on this site is a moaning bastard, it's like listening to kopites
Tom, Liverpool, 12:37 PM 14/03/2011
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