Top Tips For Evertonians
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NEW for the site 'Top Tips'.

This is the new section for Evertonians to send their advice for other Evertonians (a la VIZ).

Thanks to Robbie G for kicking us up the arse to get it going.

We want you to send your 'Top Tips' for Evertonians via @bluekippercom on twitter. Simply follow bluekippercom on twitter and tweet your 'Top Tips'.

We will put 'Three Top Tips' here on a regular basis together with the twitter name of the author.

Here are the first 'Three Top Tips'

1. EVERTONIANS: Save a fortune on an Everton season ticket. Get a Tesco club card and paint it blue. - From @MissEFC via @bluekippercom on twitter

2. DAVID MOYES: Entice Steven Ireland to sign by promising to pay for his Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. - From @giddypie via @bluekippercom on twitter

3. EVERTONIANS: When listening to 'Z-Cars' before you go the match, turn up the volume then turn it down three notches.
This saves your missus having to do it. - From @kipper_efc via @bluekippercom on twitter

Email Bluekipper at enquiries@bluekipper.com

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Evertonians: Save time by not going on twitter and putting your top tips here.
Ian, Prescot, 7:26 PM 15/02/2011
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