Call Y'self An Evertonian?
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A look back at "Call Y'self An Evertonian?" from 2008.

268. Vince Barcelona. A humble Blue with a big fuck off name! I was blessed to see the Holy Trinity, I have been mesmerised by McKenzie, tricked by Trevor, amazed by Andre I have seen a Carthorse win the Derby and witnessed the great Main road robbery. I danced when we beat the Germans and laughed when we won the league all in all it was Goodnight Vienna. I was born a Blue in a Blue house which has never had so much as a tomato in it! Anyone can be a Liverpool fan I suppose. I would never buy the Sun. All I ask is that we become what we know we are and if while we undertake that journey we have to upset a few misguided idiots who think football started in the 70's and ended in the late eighties then so be it, we are the people! It's our club! and our history that started this game and that will take it into the future. VIVA David Moyes. (27/08/08)

How did you become an Evertonian? Hundreds of Toffees have sent in their personal story on how they became an Evertonian. Please feel free to tell the world your tale. Send your story to:


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Comments about Call Y'self An Evertonian?
It is all about being in the " family " COYB
John, Wirral, 11:59 PM 28/09/2011
Great grandfather; Grandfather, Father; Myself and my daughter. Evertonians by birth!
Tim.G, A in M, 11:14 PM 28/09/2011
When I was about 7 or 8 my Dad bought me my first sports bag for school. I took it the next day but something felt wrong wrong with it so I sold it to a mate for 2 bazooka joes and a bag of treets. I went home and told Dad that someone had knicked it so he reluctantly agreed to get me a new one but I could choose it. We went to town the next Saturday and straight away I saw the one I wanted. A blue carry handle with EFC emblazened on the side. When I got home my Mum said that's nice much better than that tatty redshite your dad bought. And there you have it Mum knows best.
John, St Helens, 6:57 PM 28/09/2011
Begotten not made.
Gerry Morrison, Los Angeles, 4:58 PM 28/09/2011
Because me Dad told me too!!! Dr Barnado's for me if i'd chosen the Redshite!!
Pete, Cambridge, 2:43 PM 28/09/2011
I was actually born in Everton terrace, which was off Everton brow this is where the world famous prince rupert castle( that is emblazoned on every Evertonian chest) is situated so I was born an Evertonian and that is my proudest claim to fame
Bluebee, Somerset, 12:50 PM 28/09/2011
How did i become an Evertonian? Some people may think this isn't true but i can't remember not being one or having the choice to support the redshite. As the saying goes "Evertonians are born not manufactured" You may think its just a saying but it is definately true and many blues will back me up on this.
Alex, Liverpool, 10:35 PM 27/09/2011
Who else was there to support?
Mike, Liverpool, 1:10 PM 27/09/2011
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