Classic Shouts From Yesteryear
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Great shouts from yesteryear from BK;

I was at analfield at the Derby last year. Having a piss in the bog fella next to me is about to walk out when a redshite says to him:

'I was brought up to wash me hands after a piss,' to which the Blue replies; 'Yeh, but I was brought up not to piss on me hands you filthy c*nt'.

Thought I'd never stop laughing!! Great site.

Scouse Billy. (2005)


I was at the Norwich game the other week when Delia was in the Bullens.

There fans where chanting her name then it all went quite and the fattest man I've ever seen stood up and said: 'Delia your cheese on toast is fuc..n shite.' Quality.

Jones (13/03/05)


At the Everton v Newcastle game in '97 I think.

Hutchison was making his debut but overall the game was woeful. Midway through the second half, Waggy has the ball ten yards outside our box looking for a pass.

Earl Barrett was in his customary right full-back position and was open. Waggy held on to the ball a bit longer, still looking for a pass.

A shout went up of 'Earl's good,' which was quickly met with a reply of 'No he's fuckin' not.'

A line said by one but thought by many, and it livened up a particularly depressing game that finished 0-0. Great site,

Benno in the US of A. (02/03/05)

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Old ones are the best!
BlueNose, Everton, 9:13 AM 2/08/2011
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