More shite Mirth
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Once again we have delved deep into the BK archives to find some classic funnies from yesteryear.

Every summer is the same, and listening to my mates down the pub, it looks like Kenny Dogleash is the missing link this coming season.

In years gone by the Ladyboy, Robbie Keane and the Prince of Rome or whoever the fuck he was, yer know that lad they spent £20m on and gave away for nothing, have all been called the missing link.

Photos opposite of Stevie G Laaa, and how he may look if they do ever land the top title.

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Comments about More shite Mirth
They actually believe they’re going to snatch Bains from us! LMAO when I heard that! Beware of the voices RS!
Doug, Liverpool, 8:01 PM 1/06/2011
Some RS have got confused and believe they are playing in europe cos Swansea are in the Prem.
Swanny, London, 12:39 PM 31/05/2011
You do know we are going to have a full summer of this shite. They are already putting Barcelona's win down to Crying Kenny. It's not worth anyone else turning up next season.............didn't you know.
Dave., Liverpool, 5:34 PM 30/05/2011
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