Classic Shouts From Years Gone By
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This wasn't at the match but at the unveiling of Dixie Deans statue last season.

When they pulled the covers of it the fella behind me quick as a flash " No wonder he scored all them goals...size of the fella" Si. (21/10/02)

Chelsea away and Amokachi is warming up by us and some Chelsea stiff jogs by behind him.

My brother shouts "Oi, Ammo! That bloke behind you just called you a cunt!"

Ammo turned round and the Chelsea sub put his hands up and went "No I never." The Blue Clown (24/10/02)


At a game in the halcyon days of the mid eighties. Reidy has the ball, Trev is making a break out on the right, a voice with instructions for Reidy,"WING! WING! WING!"

Another voice.."Will someone answer that fuckin' phone?" Worth the entrance fee !
Blueheart. (31/07/02)

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Old Derby Joke: Liverpool have signed Tony Mc.Coy: It's the only chance they've got of winning the derby.
Tim.G, A in M, 7:41 PM 23/05/2011
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