Classic Shouts From Down The Years
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The New Fitter James Beattie
The New Fitter James Beattie
Once a Blue
Once a Blue
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At the Birmingham game in the Park end the other week, Biffa Beattie goes down injured (he'd ran about 2 yards bless him). Some fella at the front stands up and shouts 'Beattie, you need to drop about two bra sizes, look at them man tits.'

Had us laughing our heads off in a shit of a game. Paul. (03/05/05)

Me and a few mates went the manure game and took me mate's little brother with us. Shrek was standing by the sides during game an me mates little brother started shouting:

'Wayne , Wayne , look its Wayne Rooney,' Rooney turned and had a grin. Must have been thinking the young blue still worshipped him. Then to our amazement little Paul shouted 'Yer fat Bastard,' had us in stitches. Karl from the Dingle. (12/04/05)

This classic shout is from a bygone era (mid 70s) and the days when going away from home was akin to signing your own death certificate.

Anyway it was Stockport County v Everton League Cup (we won 4-1 if I remember correctly).

Coming out of the ground and making our way to the coaches about 100 Evertonians were suddenly ambushed by about 800 Mancunians all suspiciously wearing Manure scarfs.

As the Blues with any sense chose to make a quick getaway this lone voice shouts out 'Stand and fight, they're only 4th Division!'

Still creases me up today, didn't know that the lower the league the less it hurts! Bob the Blue (08/04/07)

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Ah the days of legging it from opposing fans. Quality
Jimmy, Everton, 2:54 PM 5/05/2011
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