We Miss You Wafa
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Our Day Out
Our Day Out
One Day Eh Stevie
One Day Eh Stevie
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Don't know about you but I really miss that Rafa Benitez bloke.

In his six years at Analfield he gave us enough laughing material to last a lifetime. While he set his beloved red shite back twenty years, manure in the meantime added another four or five titles to their Premiership haul.

Now they are weeks away from becoming the most successful club in English footballing history when they will lift their 19th title, it time for a little reminiscing.

So let us take a stroll back through some of more memorable blubbers from The Fat Spanish Waiter's tenure of his beloved redshite.

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My fave moment from him is making a good squad then tearing it down bit by bit by getting rid of Alonso and replacing him with Lucas. I laughed so hard I blacked out... Seriously!
Lukemc1878, Nz, 12:42 PM 27/04/2011
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