Classic Derby Shouts
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Classic Derby Day Shouts From Years Gone By;

The Kanchelskis Derby was beamed back to Goodison on the big screen.

When the redshite went down two nil some disaffected redshite stood up and shouted: "Can't you change the fuckin channel on that thing? Baywatch is on the other side."

To which a Blue replied without missing a beat: "Yeah, more tits in red."

There is us and there is them.

Willow. (16/02/02)

At the Carsley 1-0 win at Goodison, a fella stood up in the middle of the Gwladys and shouted: "Oh Liver, Liver!" At this point everyone was ready to jump him.

He continued: "Liver, Liver, Liver, Liver sausage and mash." and sat down. The whole section erupted in laughter. Great day!

Big Admhez. (18/01/05)

Picture the scene at Anfield in 95/96 When Kanchelskis scored two. Three of us were sitting in the Kop, singing and dancing away a few minutes after we went 2-0 up.

One kopite turned around and said: "Fuck off, you bitter Blues. When was the last time you scored two at Anfield?"

Me mate replied straightaway: "About five minutes ago, you turd!" Classic.

Michael Berrill (30/12/01)

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