Classic Derby Rants
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Some classic Derby Day rants from the Bluekipper archives posted over the years;

* I know we got beat at the Derby on Sunday, but without doubt I heard the funniest shout ever whilst I was in the Upper Bullens.

Lucas Leiva was over by the Bullens Road, when some fella stands up and yell's, 'fuck off Leiva your the worst Brazilian I've seen since David Blunkett shaved his missus.'

Absolute quality rant. Cheers Mike (30/11/09)

* At Analfield in the kop, Everton fans were singing: 'An if yer know yer history..'

Some redshite says: 'What history? You ain't got none.'

Evertonian comes back with: 'What you on about? We won the league on this ground before you existed.'

Even kopites were laughing. Toffeenose80. (03/06/04)

* My Dad was with his redshite brother in law, and they see Ian St John and he asks him:

'Could you sign this 4 times?'

St John duly signs four times. Then asks: 'Why four times?'

My Dad says: 'Well, I need four of yours to get one of Alex Young's.'

His brother in law was mortified, but St John burst out in hysterics. Paul, Bootle. (10/05/04)

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Comments about Classic Derby Rants
The Lucas one will be told to the Suffolk branch of the liverpoo armchair supports club. Still chuckling hours later.
Kevy Mac, Lowestoft, 4:56 PM 28/03/2011
Thanks Kipper. Cheered me up for the rest of the day with that.
Lee G, St Helens, 10:46 AM 28/03/2011
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