Classic Funnies
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Some classic funnies from down the years on BK;

* Dear Jeremy Kyle - I am 16 and pregnant, and my parents don't know.

My lover is thirty years older than me and married, and has just come out of prison after ten years for gun and drug smuggling.

He is also bisexual and has a host of lovers of both persuasions. He lives in a squat and robs constantly to make end meet.

My problem is Jeremy how do I tell my mum and dad that he supports the red shite.

* It now seems that after the MP's Expenses scandal, all redshite fans are also being investigated.

Apparently 95% of them have been claiming for a second home on Merseyside.

* Dirk Kuyt went into Burger King and asked the Assistant for two Whoppers.

She replied, 'Your good looking, and your first touch is superb'

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All priceless, but enjoyed the one about Kuyt most of all..Nice one BK..
Big H, Birkenhead, 12:43 PM 24/03/2011
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