Vintage Shouts
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Vintage Me 'arl Fella shouts posted on BK over the years;

* I was at the United game last season, Rooney was on the ball and this fat guy in front of me stands up, sucks his stomach up and goes YOU FAT BASTARD!!! Very funny. Joe Barry

* At a Derby match years ago, some wag behind me in the Upper Bullens shouted at Emily Heskey, 'get on that big lump; he has done fuck all since the Green Mile.' Absolute quality as they say.

* Thought you might be interested in this shout - I was in the Park End for the Bucharest game.

Our Tater was laying pole axed in the centre circle, shaking violently.

Everybody was clearly concerned when the Bucharest fans begin chanting. This was clearly met with disgust from the Park End when one booming voice shouts "IT THE LAST TIME I SEND ANY OF YOU FUCKERS A SHOE BOX"

* Way back in Moyes' first season in charge, my whole family and I were sat in the Paddock watching Everton beat Leeds 2-0 (the main reason this feels so long ago was that Kewell looked a class player that day).

As Scott Gemill came over to retake another of his woeful attempts at corners, my hitherto docile patriarch stood up and shouted 'Get off Gemill, you're shit'.

Happily he turned round briefly to 'acknowledge' this salutation, and though my Mum buried her head in her hands out of sheer embarrassment, this spontaneous gesture aimed at one of Everton's worst ever players was afforded a round of applause and vocal agreement.

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At the Wolves game on Sat these Wolves reserves or something were in the executives part of the Mainstand to the right of my season ticket. And this feller a few rows in front stood up and shouted at them "If yous cant get into that team yous must be fuckin shite!!"
Neil, Crosby, 11:45 PM 22/08/2010
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