Graeme Sharp ICON Night 2010
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Last Friday Bluekipper were honoured to put a night together for a true Everton ICON Graeme Sharp.

In 2008 we had Alex Young, 2009 brought us Joe Royle, and this year 2010 Graeme Sharp joined our Bluekipper ICON Roll of Honour when he gladly accepted our award to him.

Now these nights take some organising, and special thanks go out to our main sponsors on the evening Chris and Michelle Melia, and Les and Jan O'Hare who without their continued support these nights would not be possible.

So Sharpy has had some career. Two League Titles, FA Cup Winner, ECWC Winner and an appearance at the 1986 World Cup to name but a few of his highlights. We asked him who he wanted to come along to share his special night, and the guest list showed the stature of the man.

Gordon Lee the much maligned Manager of Everton was awarded a fantastic reception as  the man who discovered Sharpy's potential back when he was a youngster at Dumbarton. Paul Lodge was invited too as Sharpy's good pal from his early years at Goodison. Andy King, Kevin Sheedy joined Pat Van Den Hauwe who flew in from his home in South Africa to be alongside Sharpy's great mate and former strike partner Andy Gray.

Graeme's family of his wife Ann Marie, son Chris and daughter Emma joined in the celebrations as the sell out crowd at Goodison remembered the glory years and special tales from years gone by.

Sharp and Gray, ahh what memories that brings back, on behalf of Bluekipper handed Carena Duffy and Bob Lennon from Everton Football Club a cheque for £1,000 for Everton in the Community which is one of our chosen charities to support this season.

So over the coming weeks we will be endeavouring to get as many photos on Bluekipper of a very special evening, one we at Bluekipper were very proud to put on.

Many thanks go to Tony Watson, Ian Simpson, and Richard the Head Honcho on the night from Sodexo for all their help and support in what was once again a fantastic Bluekipper occasion.

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