Everton Training Top Auction
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The Winner With A Bid Of £150 Is Kristian Watling are pleased to GO OVER THE TOP & announce the auction of an Everton Training Top signed by the squad on the tour of Austrailia

The training top has been donated by Phil Howard. All the proceeds will go to Muir Maxwell Trust (Charity Registration No. SC035531) and Epilepsy Action (Charity Registration No. 234343)

Phil's story as follows:

Hello my name is Phil Howard and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my charity fund raising back in January of this year I was weighing in 151.9kg(23 stone 12) back home in the UK (currently in Australia) I was due to made redundant in the march with being so large I knew my options were limited, then my best friend's little boy who I had known since birth BOBBY(fellow blue) told me he wanted to me like me when he grows up.....FAT. Realising I needed to be a better role model for this little boy I love so much and knowing I needed to improve my health and chances in the job market I had to drastically do something.

In a little over 6 months I have now lost 6 and half stone and turned my life around I have the energy an impetus to use my redundancy money to travel the world. I am currently in Australia before moving to USA where I will run the San Francisco half marathon its part of my round the world in 80lbs plan I started running just three months ago now having completed my first run while in Australia a 7km fun I Then doubled it and ran 14km Perth Run for a reason and also raise money for a charity that has helped Bobby the little boy who inspired me to lose weight who suffers from epilepsy. Then on Sunday I ran the Gold coast marathon in the Gold coast everyone at home thought I was running the half but I shocked everyone by running the full marathon Just after Christmas I couldn't climb the steps to my home in Cheshire without being out of breath now I have run a MARATHON AND LOST OVER SIX STONE and raised a lot of money for an epilepsy charity..

I return to UK in August and am very excited about running the great north run which i will be doing with a friend Louisa Edwards and raising money for Epilepsy Action.

I have attached a photo of me and the best little Spaniard we know with the shirt

Click on the following links for info and

The winner will be the highest bidder by 8.00p.m. (BST) on Monday 13th September

Bids are in units of £10

To bid for fantastic Everton Training Top, e-mail:

Send your bid, name, address and telephone number.

Email Bluekipper at

Kristian Watling
John Quincey
Kevin Marlow
Paula Jennings
Ben Pansell
Martin "Lescott" Wilson
Paula Jennings
Jimmy Bell
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