Roberto Has His Say About Style
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Roberto Martinez has been having his say about the way Everton play. And he is absolutely unrepentant despite this disaster of a season to date.

Roberto is quoted: "People can have their say in a debate and that is just healthy. The style has nothing to do with winning or losing - it's how good you are in that style. Our philosophy represents Everton. It goes back to the incredible figures that have been special people and custodians of the Club. Our style is what is going to make us successful in the future. Now we need to be good at it. It doesn't matter what style you do, if you are not strong in both boxes you are going to find it difficult to get consistent results. At the moment we are in a situation where we have been losing too many games and we need to correct that. There are reasons for it but none of those is the style - it's how you play that style.

We need to find that enjoyment of playing in the league again. I don't think we have been enjoying our football as a team. The way we are as a group, we want to be positive, break teams down and have control of the game - you need to enjoy your football to be able to do that. We need to get that back. When you become a bit negative you are attracting other aspects to go your way. We had major calls go against us, but I just think we have to focus on all the good things that we have in this squad. We have some outstanding footballers and some young players with incredible potential and now is the moment to allow them to enjoy their football and produce results."

If he's right, we'll soon start climbing up the league table and he'll be a genius. If he's wrong, we will fall into the drop zone and he'll be a mug. If we get relegated that will be two clubs he has taken into the Championship. If we win the FA Cup as well that will be twice he's done that in same season.

But will the fans stick by him or turn on him the way other clubs have? Will Bill Kenwright stick with him or sack him if we fall into the bottom three? Didn't Howard Kendall have a similar run before he produced his great teams?


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Comments about Roberto Has His Say About Style
'There are reasons for it but none of those is the style - it's how you play that style.' Sometimes El Bob baffles me, maybe it's in the translation from Spanish to English. Surely HOW you play IS the style. If they can't play the style (how much more proof is needed?) then El Bob ought to be looking again at what he's telling them to do. If we lose the next three games (more than likely in present form) I can see a P45 being brandished. It's all very well being patient but who wants to be patient on a sinking ship? I hope El Bob also realises that sometimes it takes more than fixing someone with a sincere gaze to bring things round, sometimes you need to be bull necked. All great managers terrified their players. Instead I get the impression El Bob is a rabbit frozen in the headlights, afraid to tear the back out of underperformers. If he carries on like this it will be who gets the bullet, not the players.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:35 AM 2/01/2015
Style is great when getting consistent results. We need dogs of war approach. Points more important than cups. Get two players with pace this window. 4 points from last seven games. Relegation form. Turn it round Bobby!!!
Bob, Nantwich, 8:32 AM 1/01/2015
It's all very well having style if you have the players to match it. We don't.
Dave, Auckland NZ, 6:37 PM 31/12/2014
Totally agree with Harvey. Pass back/sideways then back to GK who lumps it to a physical centre forward who can't jump or head a ball. The chosen one was laughing all the way the bank when we paid 28mill for him. Could have got Bony and saved 6 mill!
wonderwings, chesterfield, 3:39 PM 31/12/2014
As far as I'm concerned, he's got four games to turn things around. Hull away, West Ham in the Cup, Man City and then West Brom at home. With the exception of City, we NEED to win those games. If we lose all four then I can't see an argument to risk the rest of the season
Carl T., Wolverhampton, 3:22 PM 31/12/2014
JCW, SOUTHPORT, 2:42 PM 31/12/2014
Neil Lennon anyone?????
woody, bedworth, 12:00 PM 31/12/2014
Roberto is a STUBBORN GIT.he will not change.He'll take us down,get sacked with a big WAD and get another club.We'll be in the championship still supporting EVERTON.
emalja,, 10:58 AM 31/12/2014
Difference between this season and last is John Stones, Stones knows how to play the ball up where as Jags although a good stopper, can not, thus losing the ball and giving a goal away. Simples, also last season we had the option of delafou who could run at a packed defence and create havoc. Chris Simpson COYB.
Chris Simpson, Everton, 10:45 AM 31/12/2014
What I would like to see is someone (besides the fans) getting angry. Somebody on the pitch should be showing compassion and anger - berating the players who are not putting in a shift or with their minds elsewhere. And indeed on the touchline. Why can't RM get angry? Imagine Moyes' or Ferguson's or Hughes' or any other manager's reaction to the Cisse assault on Coleman, and does he actually think they are playing ok? I think on the pitch Mo is the man who will eventually be the leader but as a relative newbie still has to earn the respect, but I think he has the necessary fire in his guts. Or indeed McCarthy. On the touchline - well Bobby just needs to take some anger juice. I think the guy's ok but just needs to toughen up and he will serve us well.
blue66ian, kent, 10:45 AM 31/12/2014
Don't usually believe in rumours but paper talk today has us linked with Ali Al Habsi who together with Alcaraz, Kone & Robles shipped 73 goals whilst getting relegated......we got the only decent player from Wigan in McArthey, no one else there worth a carrot. We have gifted 10 goals so far this season so let's start at the back. Nastacic is available at Citeh for around £5m, only 21 & an established international, yet he's off to Germany on loan!! Baines has been a shadow of himself this season & his delivery is no better than any Sunday league park game. Coleman has 'dribbled' the ball across the line twice in recent games WTF? Our style is too slow & too predicatable and Barry is the main reason for that. At Newcastle there were plenty of early through balls on yet he turned his back and went sideways or backwards every time WHY. I'm all for trying to play with style if it works but when it's not on then a decent manager will know how to change it. Roberto doesn't seem to understand the concept of plan B......and that's why Wigan are where they are, are we next
BigDuncsElbow, The Edge of Despair, 9:34 AM 31/12/2014
Styles come and go in football. Our current style is to continually play lightweight players who give the ball away and cant be bothered getting it back putting enormous pressure on 2 center halves, I would call that a relegation style. Moving the ball quicker in the opposition half with players who have passion and belief. I would call that last seasons style. Roberto needs to start by installing some desire and pride into our players before they get him the sack
Rob Dolby, Childwall, 11:21 PM 30/12/2014
This man simply talks garbage !!! Save all the Iconic Bullshit Roberto please , what's so stylish about having 10 passes sideways across the back 4 then passing it back to the keeper to just lump it up to the most physical Striker in the league who can't win headers? Or having 2 free kicks in dangerous positions against the bottom of the league at home and both times ending up back with our keeper ? Or our supposed Wonderboy trying to bring in down 'stylishly' on the edge of our box and gifting a goal that killed the game (or any of the other 10 errors we've made in conceding goals). Sorry Roberto but you've been found out lad and bout time you started sticking the toes of your stylish brown shoes up some of our over aged and over hyped players arses and getting some results, which is the only Everton tradition us fans truly believe in !!!!
Harvey, Coventry, 10:49 PM 30/12/2014
Can our form get worse, It could, let's see what happens the next 2 months, as the situation gets more complex, as a new keeper IMO, is a must, but the players must galvanise and start showing what it means to play for EFC. The life of me, past, present considered senses, it's past stick or twist time now, El Bob , must play his best team week in, week out and be firm but fair. Some players can't control the ball, shit themselves when passing the ball, and can't make cover runs up nor back, so defend from the front and dish it out! Bring back Mo, bring in Reidy as a coach , back from India, and who knows. JD bottle,Chrimbo prezzies, done, that's Fekkn serious drinking, now for a toast to good health, success for all Evertonians, in 2015,and for 3points on NYD 2015! "Whats Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 10:47 PM 30/12/2014
Many years ago this time of year, I was in the street end freezing my nuts off, and what made it worse was Everton were losing. I don't know who chooses the songs at half time, but just after the whistle went, the John Lennon classic came on, 'So this is Christmas, and what have you done'. Isn't it funny how memories start flooding back?
Paul Over, Jersey, 10:34 PM 30/12/2014
Howard Kendall may have had some thin times before the glory days but, through thick and thin, none of his sides played the fanny about/give it away football we are being subjected to currently.
John T, Bristol, 9:52 PM 30/12/2014
We need more fight and more style. We pussyfoot about with the ball which allows other teams to set themselves up, we are toothless up front and when you see Mirallas and Barkley on the bench then you just know what the outcome is going to be.
Norman S, Kent, 7:40 PM 30/12/2014
Of course style matters but staying in the Premier League matters a good deal more.
Paul, Warrington, 7:27 PM 30/12/2014
Every week his players are showing him they can't play in his style. More importantly every team see it to. Most importantly just about every fan can see it too, having paid for the "privilege". If you conduct an orchestra Roberto, and certain tunes just cannot be played by some of your musicians you've got two options; get rid of the duffer or change your tune. The same goes for you every way!
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 7:20 PM 30/12/2014
Don't get me wrong I'm all for style,playing with flair,breaking at pace,clinical finishing,tenacious tackling and defending.Seeing your team mates wavering fists at each other,geeing each other up,camaraderie all over the park,the crowd lapping it up,bouncing into the pub waxing lyrical about what we've just Roberto,talk about some substance for a change,the heart and soul of a performance isn't visible.Pedestrian and predictable.The very style that teams facing us are lapping up with joy.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 6:11 PM 30/12/2014
Style is wonderful when its expressed in quick free flowing football , however its not much good passing between windy defenders who brick it when closed down then miss control and concede stupid amateurish goals . No movement upfront and midfield is causing major problems for our out ball which in turn invites the opposition to press us into making far too many errors costing us goals and points.
Peter, Calderstones, 5:26 PM 30/12/2014
I am caught between a rock and a hard place over Roberto. I desperately want his style to work and for him to be given time to bring success to our great club. But I don't want to be playing championship footie next season. Give him as much time as possible but at the very least, Bill Kenwright needs to have a managerial 'plan b' up his sleeve - just in case!
Richard P, Dubai, 4:52 PM 30/12/2014
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