El Bob es magico
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El Bob is entrenching himself firmly in the hearts of Evertonians after a tricky early season start.

Clearly he 'gets it' with the club as much as he does with football. Once again the right manager has been picked.

Maybe it's time for a song or banners paying tribute to what he has done. We've already had banner suggestions from 'El Bob es mágico' to 'Roberto gracias por la vida.' Let's have a few more and have a laugh. It's that time of year.

We also need a new song for him, something to make him feel more at home, so get going you fans.

What do you think?








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Comments about El Bob es magico
To the tune of Fernando by Abba... Can you hear the fans Roberto? We remember long ago some other starry nights like this. In the floodlights Roberto, You are smiling to yourself and plotting good for Everton; We can hear the shouts and songs of fans who are filling Goodison. There is something in the air tonight, The team are bright, Roberto They are performing there for you and me, Now at Liberty, Roberto Now we dare to think that we can’t lose, Goals there to get Now we play the game with style again We thank YOU our friend, Roberto
Keith McAdam, Aberdare, 10:57 AM 27/12/2013
Surely it's this: "Alley alley alley oh Alley alley alley oh Everton FC ROBERTO's blue army"
Jo, Burton , 1:24 AM 27/12/2013
Oh this year el bob has come from Spain oh vi va espania Now are team is great again Boring football shown the door Tell el bob we just want more Cos this year were Gona win a cup
Roy, Prescot, 12:03 PM 26/12/2013
Do Brazil fans sing "it's just like watching Everton"
Col, Widnes, 6:42 AM 26/12/2013
@Paul 26, An autonomous community (in Spanish: comunidad autónoma, in Basque: autonomia erkidego, in Valencian or Catalan: comunitat autònoma, in Galician: comunidade autónoma) is a first-level political and administrative division of Spain created in accordance with the Spanish constitution of 1978, with the aim of guaranteeing the autonomy of the nationalities and regions that integrate the Spanish nation.... so in short El Bob is a Spanish as the Paelle on his plate mate, furthermore he'll be the 1st one to tell you that!
Stu Pendous Evertonian, Liverpool, 2:07 PM 25/12/2013
and this is the city that gave us the Beatles???? lmao... some good efforts tbh lads. got nothing for ya cos i ain't musically inclined... thanx for cheering me up though... Viva El Bob.... COYB
brummieblue, ex Tue Brook, 11:22 AM 25/12/2013
8,15,18 & 21 for me.just hope we can get one sorted soon. that Whelan was right. this fella is awesome
stewillow, walton, 10:22 AM 25/12/2013
Xmas morning brainwave..... Follow follow follow, Everton is the team to follow. Catalan genius is Roberto Martinez, classy football is part of the show. Happy xmas fellow toffees and all at the Kipper family. Roll on 12pt over xmas!! COYB.
Ciaran, Dublin, 9:15 AM 25/12/2013
Follow,follow,follow Everton are the team to follow Redshite begged for the job But he's our blue señor Bob And he's the best little Spanisrd we know.
Jagged, Blissville, 10:14 PM 24/12/2013
We should resurrect Follow Follow Follow... Everton is the team to follow cos' there's no bigger genius, than Roberto Martinez, he's the best little spaniard we know!
Daniel, Roberto, 10:01 PM 24/12/2013
Here we go song. (Or Everton 80s song)...Martinez, Martinez, Martinez... Martinez, Martinez, Martinez..... Martinez, Martinez, Martinez.... Martial nez...Martinez... (repeat) ...Side by side as we sing along together... E V E R T O N.... where're Everton and we'll be Everton for Ever!!!!!
Doug, Liverpool, 7:49 PM 24/12/2013
There are a few belters but the best little Sspaniard number 12 and the dignity tune have to come about
Jay, Vauxhall, 7:26 PM 24/12/2013
He comes from sunny Spain to make us great again Roberto oohhh Roberto
Luke stock , Liverpool , 6:34 PM 24/12/2013
Taking inspiration from los Beatilos !!! ;-) Moyesy takes the motorway to Manchesto Kenwright then gives Dave Whelan a ring Next we hear we've signed up señor Roberto We say Gracias cos we all begin to sing Ob la di ob la da life goes on - oh oh Up the table we do go Mucho style, mucho class thanks Rober - to - oh Everton estupendo
Eugene Kearney, Auxerre, France, 4:13 PM 24/12/2013
Has to be number 15 for me, class.
Don, Mossley Hill, 2:11 PM 24/12/2013
It's be a fuggin' shame if Doug's suggestion didn't come to fruition in some shape or form. That's quality that. Flying over for the Mackems game, and can't pr!cking wait. Haven't been over in a month, and getting itchy now. Hopefully we have a proper chant for Berto soon, because he's a breath of fresh air. To humanity in general, like...
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 12:13 PM 24/12/2013
To the tune of Dignity by Deacon Blue There's a man we love, his name is Martinez He's the manager of Everton Will be for years And he takes no shit off nobody And does things his own way Puts points in the bag We love the way he plays And he packs the ground on Saturday's The fans call him "El Magico" He always lets on I know cause he has told me He let me know a secret about the trophies in his kitty He's gonna win us everything And has gave us dignity Feel free to change the words people, but this tune is an up beat LOUD tune that doesn't die in the throat like some I can mention?
Kevin, Waterloo, 11:27 AM 24/12/2013
Roberto is catalan, not Spanish. He would tell you himself. So please read up on the difference and give it due respect. Catalunya is not Spain, Visca Roberto, Vis a Catalunya, Vis a Barcelona, Vis a EVerton.
Paul Daly, Hale Village, 11:07 AM 24/12/2013
Roberto..oh oh. Roberto . oh oh He came fro Wigan town. He turned the R.. S... down Roberto..oh oh. Roberto . oh oh
steve, manchester, 10:43 AM 24/12/2013
Oh martinez, Robbie Robbie Martinez, Robbie Robbie Martinez, Robbie Robbie Martinez, ohhhhh Martinez.... (same tune as oh Davey Moyes) Or I love the la bamba one. On the subject of chants... the other day I told me nan, I think we found the scouse Zidane, she said to me who could it be, i said to her it's Ross Barkley.. Ross Barkley superstar, he's better than rooney and ste gerrard And finally I throw my hands up in the air and shout saying ayyye ohhh deulofeu, and he's on his left and he's on his right and he'll score a goal coz he's dynamite
Peter, Childwall, 10:13 AM 24/12/2013
Follow follow follow Everton are the team to follow..cos weve got a genius called Robbie Martinez.he,s the best little spaniard we know!!!!
Eric Harris, Liverpool, 9:30 AM 24/12/2013
He's not Spanish he's Catalunyan. What about a big Catalan flag? As for a song, what about 'Bring me Sunshine'? For those of you who haven't seen the EFC Xmas vid take a look it's absolutely brilliant.
Syd Barrett, Space, 9:28 AM 24/12/2013
(to the tune of Y Viva Espania) La la la la la la la Y Viva Martinez Nice and simple.
Sylvia Smothersed, Sunny Spain, 8:28 AM 24/12/2013
Love numbers 12 and 15 in hat order but the Cinzano Bianco song might be a bit too old for the younguns
doug, Liverpool, 7:08 AM 24/12/2013
To the Four Tops song "Reach Out I'll Be There". Mar....tine....z will love and shelter you. Mar....tine....z will always see you through Mar....tine....z, any time any place anywhere.. Mar....tine....z He'll be after your silver wear.... So if you feel that you can't go on. All your hope is all but gone. Life is filled with much confusion. And fair play is just an illusion. And your world is tumblin' down. Reach out. Reach out. Mar....tine....z will love and shelter you.... Mar....tine....z he will always see you through... Mar....tine....z, any time any place anywhere.. Mar....tine....z He'll be after your silver wear....
Doug, Liverpool, 6:56 AM 24/12/2013
Follow follow.... And no one can lead us like Bobby Martinez, he's the best little Spaniard we know. (You have to pronounce Mar-teen-ez correctly of course.)
Gerry Morrison, Bootle/Los Angeles, 4:52 AM 24/12/2013
'Take me down to Goodison park where the pitch is green and martinez is pretty awesome,ooh want you please take home'. At away games?LMAO
BlueBerry, Shropshire, 3:39 AM 24/12/2013
Martinez! When golum's gone but we must go on It's Martinez! We're gonna win with a cheesy grin It's Martinezz, we'll make the top four because he's the senorrr!.... to the theme of 'tragedy'.
moose, Crosby, 11:39 PM 23/12/2013
What's wrong with (to 'Volare') "Roberto-oh, Roberto-oh, He came from sunny Spain, To make us great again"
Balcony Blue, Maghull, 9:26 PM 23/12/2013
We also need one for Lukaku. I'm thinking. . . 'He's big, he's blue his name is Romelu. . . Lukaku, Lukaku!'
Dave, Everton, 8:47 PM 23/12/2013
Radical suggestion I know but if he cracks top 4 this season I suggest we add 'Sin Miedo' to Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' on the club crest.
Richard P, Dubai, 8:03 PM 23/12/2013
Anytime, anyplace , anywhere, He plays football that's classy and fair, He's the right one, he's the bright one, he's Martinez!!! to the tune of the old Martini advert off the telly. Easy tune, easy to pick up. Go on. You know it makes sense! COYB!!!
gerard ryan, Huntingdon, 8:01 PM 23/12/2013
Bobby, Bobby, give us a wave!
Elvis, Graceland, 7:17 PM 23/12/2013
How about a chant for the best little chairman we know, it's about time Blue Bill got the credit he deserves!!
Bill T, Bootle, 6:51 PM 23/12/2013
When we play man u, we should take the piss a bit and after chanting "stuck with Moyes, stuck with Moyes". we should chant straight after it "love el bob, love el bob, he's our bobby, love el bob, love el bob, he's our's, love el bob, love el bob, he's our bobby, playing football the beautiful way"
Bren, Bootle, 6:48 PM 23/12/2013
"And there's no bigger genius, than Roberto Martinez, he's the best little spaniard we know" !!!
Jonesy, The moon , 6:40 PM 23/12/2013
To the tune of "La Bamba" Roberrrto Martinez Roberrrto Martinez Roberrrto Martinez Roberto Martin.... Oh Robbie Robbie Martinez Oh Robbie Robbie Martinez,Martinez Oh Rob Er To Martinez Roberto Martinez,Martinez Oh Robbie Robbie Martinez Oh Robbie Robbie Martinez,Martinez Oh Rob Er To Martinez Roberto Martinez,Martinez repeat to fade..
Andy Mac, Liverpool, 6:35 PM 23/12/2013
"I want to be Bobby's boys" as in "I wanna be Bobby's girl" Just a daft thought
Steve, London, 6:02 PM 23/12/2013
"Roberto Martinez" same as they used to (?) sing "Jose Mourinho" to an Opera tune I think
biffer, jersey, 6:01 PM 23/12/2013
I suggest "Spanish Eyes" i can see all you lot in the Gladwys Street end crooning to this one. "Oh.... Spanish Eyes...... El Bobs are magico....." That would be enough wouldnt want you murdering the song.
LES, PHUKET, 5:58 PM 23/12/2013
There's nobody better than Bobby Martinez he's the best little Spaniard we knooooow
Bob, Litherand, 5:51 PM 23/12/2013
follow follow follooow,Everton are the team to follow. Cause there's nobody better than Bobby Martinez he's the best little Spaniard we know.
bob, Litherland, 5:48 PM 23/12/2013
Same as the Arteta song 'Nobody better than Rob Martinez yes he's the best little Spaniard we know'
Reilly, Sheffield, 5:42 PM 23/12/2013
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