Smiling Bob Sets Moyes Straight
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Smiling El Bob has been speaking of recent transfer activity.

And we like what he says and how he says it, with class. But there's no beating about the bush.

El Bob said: "Everything was done on our terms and that's what is important...The contractual situation of Marouane was quite straightforward: his (buy-out) clause expired on July 31 and from that point on the valuation was completely different and he had a premium on top...More and more you realise that the club make decisions on what is best for the club...If you are contracted to the club whatever the player says counts for very little...If it is not the right terms it is not going to happen...We don't have to sell players and we are in a position where unless clubs meet the player's valuation there will never be a decision made - that was the case with Leighton...It is never a good time to lose important players - and Marouane was a big performer - but with the manner we handled it we ended up with a good squad with more variety and with a focus not just on the present but for the future...Leighton is a vital player for us. We couldn't replace a player like him." 

Sounds like Bob thinks Leighton is far more of an important player for us than Fellaini.

Obviously El Bob has a different view of the world from previous manager David Moyes, who tried to unsettle our players so he could get his way at our expense. Instead, El Bob came out of it with even more money and left Moyes with egg on his face.

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Comments about Smiling Bob Sets Moyes Straight
If he smiles like that now guess what he'll look like after the first win (Stevenage doesn't count).
Macca, Huyton, 1:50 PM 10/09/2013
Felli was a top performer, yeah this we know. You could say his mood swung to and "Fro." He hates the feely kind of guy, has been know to butt one in the eye. But elbows and headbutts aside, you could say he never came just for the ride. Love him or hate him you can be sure, he'll be half the player at Manure.
Doug the Poet, Liverpool, 5:15 PM 9/09/2013
Martinez is a completely different character to David Moyes. Nice to see someone smile so much!
Spectator, Crosby, 5:14 PM 9/09/2013
There's no doubt Moyes stabilised the club from where we were in the years prior to his appointment, but having got us so far, when it came to it, he never had the bottle to really take the final hurdle and win something. He's inept in his transfer dealings, and although he did bring in some good players, most dealings turned into a protracted debacle. Roberto seems able to get deals tied up in good time, and with Fellaini gone we have a better balance to the squad and some very exciting players. It might take a bit of time for Roberto to get us playing exactly as he wants, but with patience I think he'll deliver the goods and some great football too.
Sam, Cheshire, 1:49 PM 9/09/2013
The fact is DM told the buyers at ManUre who he wanted and then he continues coaching the team. Its what he did at Everton and it's what he does now. Whiskynose did the same as does Fatnose for the RS. Every manager goes back for a player they know, Martinez has done it X 4!! The only part where DM let himself down was his comments about "letting the players leave". That's where he lets the club he works for shine through. I am glad that for once Billy K stood firm and didn't cave in regards to the price. ManUre may have been one of the richest clubs but with the new fair play guidance coming in they have to start paying their debts. If ManUre are going to come back in January for Baines then they will now know they have to pay the asking price and as a club we wont be forced into selling. Long may that continue at this club!!
Rico, Goodsion, 12:21 PM 9/09/2013
Man utd worked Moyes like a puppet on a string while he was still Everton`s manager. Telling him not to sign a new contract so they didn't have to pay us any compo. So he lied to his employer who made him one of the top payed managers to win us fuck all. I have nothing but contempt for the man and I will only be happy when I read the headline "Moyes sacked" and it will happen.
andy, garston, 10:51 AM 9/09/2013
The more I see and here of our Bob the more I become impressed with him. Moyes new exactly what he was doing and he certainly treated Everton appallingly in the end. People say he was good for Everton, but lets face it he didn't win anything in 11 years here and Everton was dam good for Moyes as well.
Tony, Upper Bullens, 10:42 AM 9/09/2013
Blue #15 in Glasgow couldn't have put it better... Screw Manure and Moyes and all hail our smiling Spaniard... COYB !!
Andy, En route to Accra, Ghana, 10:35 AM 9/09/2013
I've no interest in Moyes at all. its obvious that the class act during his time was and is Kenwright. I recall Dave Whelan telling Roberto that Bill is a gentleman and Everton a proper football club. Roberto is the right man and we all need to be patient. I have a feeling he will do something special at Everton and he conducts himself like a proper bloke. For the record, Roberto made Moyes look like a complete spiv and amateur regarding Felli and Baines. It was pretty good to see the mancs running around to get their 3rd choice 'marquee signing'! I dont mind Felli going and cant wait to see the mancs faces when they go to the 'felli option' on 60 minutes when they are not winning.. Hoof!!!!! Viva Martinez!!!
bitter, liverpool, 7:03 AM 9/09/2013
D M at united has come in for two of our best and got one. El Bob has gone to wigan and got 4. I feel sorry for Wigan getting their best. You can't blame D M for trying. I just don't like it when its United
bob , walton, 6:49 AM 9/09/2013
It's great that we kept Leighton Baines, but before the January transfer window arrives we should now take the opportunity to offer him a new contract. It's never good to lose one of your best players that Marouane Fellaini was for Everton, but it was more important that we kept Leighton Baines as he is a player that Everton cannot be without. I have no doubt that Romelu Lukaku will find us the goals that we need and hopefully between now and the end of this season, circumstances will change that would hopefully allow us to sign him on a permanent basis. Failing this, I do agree with you Doug, Liverpool that we will need to sign a top striker in the summer. Hopefully now we can move on and start winning games.
Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 5:29 PM 8/09/2013
I think we saw Moysey the man when he was at Everton. But we see Moysey who must please the hoardes at Manure! Practice what you preached Davey.......remember Siteh and Lescott!!!!
woody, warwicks, 11:29 AM 8/09/2013
Let's hope so. No question on the charm front, and it IS nice to see the manager of Everton smile; but in the end it must be about results. So, all hope and faith in RM and bollocks to Man U, their manager, their give-it-me-on-a-plate fans, their serialised adoration in and by the media and their ghastly repulsive in-bred owners.
blue, Glasgow, 10:24 AM 8/09/2013
Personally would start Mirallas upfront with Deul Boy in his normal position. The rest of the team picks itself (with Os warming the bench). When Luk is back the following game we will have a better look @ what are team will look like for the whole season! We desperately needed more quality in CM and thank Everton we did! I know we're ageing a little at the back but If we can't sign Luk on a permanent contract next season (well u never know) we should dedicate all of our best efforts to sign a top class striker (£20-30m)! We need to invest a lot more than ever in the squad as a whole in general as the new SKY money will be fuelling everyone's pockets next season! Only need to look at the likes of Cardiff, Norwich and a few other bottom teams spending their SKY money early as they know it means a lot more now than ever before to stay in the EPL! 70% more!!!
Doug, Liverpool, 10:13 AM 8/09/2013
Manchester United May be one of the richest teams in the World but having Mo behind their wheel is like having MR Bean in a Formula One Car! We will see how far he's kept us back over the next few years! Can't wait to play against them next!
Doug, Liverpool, 9:41 AM 8/09/2013
Now I liked Moyes when he was here, but it has become apparent that the way a manager behaves is largely governed by the ethics shown by the club. He behaved with class when he was here and it speaks volumes about the character of the man and his new club. That he most certainly doesn't now. On the other hand Martinez was clearly a classy guy with his own high moral fibre before he arrived and has clearly joined the right club. I hope and believe he will do well here unlike Mr Moyes who I feel is doomed to failure and the inevitable sack shortly. No tears shed on this side of Merseyside certainly.
Mark, Waterloo, 8:26 AM 8/09/2013
It was great business for Everton in the transfer window with the players out and in. Looks likes we have a manger who doesn't waste time in the transfer market like Moyes did and is still doing. he wont get away with that for long at Utd, but we Evertonians don't care now. On and up with El Bob.
Woody, Old Swan, 12:39 AM 8/09/2013
I can only think that Moyes was not serious about getting Baines and Fellaini and that Fellaini must have been his second or third choice midfielder, else why not pay the clause? It's not as if Manchester United are strapped for cash and need to haggle for every penny. If he was serious about getting in these two quality players a sensible bid of £40m plus early in the window might have tempted us into selling. By leaving it so late he gave us no time to find a replacement for Baines and had to pay over the odds (though a fair price in the end) for Fellaini in what can only be described as a panic buy. Complete lack of nous in the transfer market. Although I'm far from impressed with the way Moyes went about the pursuit I'm not a hater now. He did a great job for us in his eleven years and brought in the likes of Arteta, Cahill, Lescott, Baines, Distin, Jagielka, Howard, Mirallas, Pienaar and Coleman, most of whom now form the core of our current team. Martinez has enhanced the quality of this squad and I now think we can push for better things, especially in the cup competitions. But we should not forget that it was Moyes who laid the solid foundations that our exciting new manager can now build on.
Drew, Cardiff, 10:53 PM 7/09/2013
I hope Moyes falls flat on his arse after the way he's conducted himself during this window. The comment he made to Sky that "if Sir Alex had made an approach for Fellaini and Baines when he was Everton manager he would have found it hard to stand in their way" said it all for me. It was total rubbish of course, just another attempt to unsettle both players, but it was the arrogance that made my blood boil. Thank god he's gone is all I can say!
Colin, Northampton, 8:56 PM 7/09/2013
I totally agree with El Bob, he completely outclasses Moyes in the way he speaks to the media. I was a massive Moyes fan until recently, but has not only damaged his relationship with us, but also the good reputation he has built up over many years. What a fool.
Alsibob, LPOOL, 8:27 PM 7/09/2013
Absolutely, Moyes was lazy and dithering in the transfer market and he has been the same at UTD.. Martinez oozes class in his PC and comes out in the way we NOW play... Moyes will be sacked next season...
Bleedblublood, Nottingham, 7:24 PM 7/09/2013
Bob is a great character! Moyes has done brilliant for Everton for eleven years. We must not forget that! However in this transfer window he has lost himself and lost very much respect of the Everton supporters. From Moyesiah to Moyedevil. He reminds me of Mark Hughes when he was at Man Cuty. A cockey manager who thinks he can get who ever he wants!!
Stig, Norway, 6:58 PM 7/09/2013
We have a good man in charge of our club. This was very well handled and although we have lost a real talent, the balance of the squad has improved immensely since RM took charge. Lets see what our boys are dishing up after a further 5or 6 matches
phil, preston, 6:16 PM 7/09/2013
I like Martinez, I would like him even more if he won us the cup. I liked moyes until man utd went to his head and has now become a arrogant ginger w****r he tried to leave us in a right mess with him leaving for nothing and then taking felli but bk and martinez fought back and have to say have beating the mancs at that game well played to everyone who was involved in the transfer. Solo Los mejor
David , Walton , 5:52 PM 7/09/2013
Great, that's what I think... I thought Moyes was a man of integrity but if what the media reports is true then he's nothing but a c... and for that reason I'd love to see man u fall on their face... and tht's it, because what needs to be talked about is Everton and how we are going to do with our new players... I had my doubts about bob and it's still early but I can honestly say so far so good, he appears to be very astute and genuine. And i can honestly say I am excited at evcerton's propects this year.
micky blue, brighton, 5:32 PM 7/09/2013
Well done Roberto, absolutely spot on. Moyes got it all completely wrong; total disrespect for his previous club and fans who had supported him for more than a decade! He ran down the clock past the buy-out clause date thinking that as the Manager at United he could bully us into a cheap deal, just like when did with Ferguson over Rooney, but RM and BK had other ideas. I'm not a big fan of BK, but fair him, he get it right and supported his new boss on "Golden Monday". Well done to all at GP!
Tom, Melling, 5:06 PM 7/09/2013
Is right Bobby
joe, liverpool, 4:36 PM 7/09/2013
I believe in Martinez. Great manager - Great club!!!
Johan, Norway, 4:26 PM 7/09/2013
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