David Moyes Exit
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Now the dust has settled on the Wigan FA Cup disaster we will doubtless hear more of the David Moyes contract saga. Football mainstream media have nothing better to do than stir up "controversy" because it keeps its useless journos and pundits in their vicarious job.

Manufactured lies and rumours will continue to swirl. Will he join Schalke, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, or even a French or Russian club? Nobody seriously expects him to consider the corrupt midden that is Italian football.

He may even decide simply to take an extended break from the game and just see what happens.

But for Everton Football Club and David Moyes himself it is a serious question.

A vast majority of Evertonians would consider his departure a disaster that would set us back ten years or more, though there is a lunatic fringe who hate him - every club has the same sort of never-satisfied malcontent ale house gang. If he does leave he'll find the same sort of mentality at his next stop, wherever it is.

If he hasn't already had an offer he will have to think carefully as to what he does next. There have been many managers who have been flavour of the month and then disappeared to oblivion, though in fact Moyesy has been flavour of the last ten years. If he makes the wrong decision it could finish for good any hopes he may entertain of managing a club with more money than us.

Moreover, he is unlikely anywhere else to have the complete control he has at Goodison Park, and that might not suit his ambition. He stands to lose a lot if he leaves, and don't forget he is already one of the highest paid managers in European football.

Everton took an enormous gamble when they first appointed him as an untried manager. It could easily have backfired. But it didn't. He has been a great success at a time when we badly needed it. He may not have won a trophy yet but he has transformed the club from the relegation candidates betrothed by the Peter Johnson era. Now we are near the top and in constant competition for Europe, a situation we could only have dreamed about before he arrived. It hurts to admit it with our history but we came close to despair before he arrived. So there is reason for mutual gratitude.

But time moves on. Ambition is a restless state of mind, a good friend but a bad master. The question for David Moyes now is: does his reach exceed his grasp? The question for Everton is: who could properly replace him and what affect would it have on progress and stability and would we back to square one or less?

What do you think?



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Comments about David Moyes Exit
I am a keen and regular reader of all the comments on here. Usually I find the difference of opinions interesting and really enjoy reading the views of other fellow blues. Every now and again a post makes me stop and think "what the f*ck" Take No 9 here for example; does anyone actually believe that appointing a complete novice like big Dunc as manager would work? Yes he loves Everton Football club, so do I but I would not advocate employing me as our manager!!!! Does big Dunc love EFC more than Moyes? Don't get me wrong I love big Dunc, but I am firmly in the Big Joe Royal camp and believe that Duncan became a legend at Everton before he became a player. He arrived when we needed a hero and 2 goals against the Shite and ManUre did it for a lot of people. Does anyone apart from Chris Simpson actually believe that Moyesy is "screwing the club" That is bang out of order. Like a lot of Evertonians (yes Chris I do call myself one, I am a season ticket holder and go to the match) Moyesy frustrates the hell out of me at time with his negative tactics, substitutions, not killing teams off and going for the jugular when we have teams on the ropes, but would you really want to risk going back to the days of wishing for 40 points ASAP and avoiding relegation? There are a lot of posts on here citing clubs that have chased glory and changed their manager on a very regular basis.......apart from Chelski and Sitteh who have more money than they know what to do with, continuity is proven to be the key, just look at ManUre and Arsenal (albeit they haven't won anything recently) Arse of the Arse won plenty in his first 8 years So I for one would be gutted to see Moyesy go. If he does then I will wish him all the best, good luck at his new club and thank him for giving us back our pride and passion. Martinez?....not for me Laudrup?......would be my choice Mark Hughes? thanks Gus Poyet? 2nd choice Paulo Di Canio?.....would certainly keep us all entertained, but there are a few who could do that? Big Dunc?....maybe when he has got all his badges and managed at a lower level and proven himself. Roy Keane was a great player who dived straight into management without experience and all the relevant qualifications......look were he is now? Be careful what you wish for fellow Evertonians!!!!!
Kevin, Waterloo, 7:42 PM 20/03/2013
Post # 1: Spot on about your comments re: Goodison. I totally agree, and therein is the crux of the entire situation surrounding Manager, Chairman, investment, new players etc etc.
Sam, Cheshire, 12:54 PM 20/03/2013
The club won't die if Moyes leaves but neither will it improve. A new manager would want to rebuild the squad and backroom staff to suit his methods and that takes years. Anyone want to take that gamble?
Paul, Warrington, 11:19 AM 20/03/2013
I would be sad to see DM go but if Big Dunc got the job I would pay big money to see Mancini square up to him.
Terry.U , Gosport, Hants, 8:46 AM 20/03/2013
How many millions are we wasting on players who only ever warm the bench.If they are good enough play them.If they are not good enough sell them to QPR.
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 8:28 AM 20/03/2013
Would hate it if Moyes left. He's been brilliant for us - I remember what it was like before. Wish the idiots who boo substitutions would do one instead of Moyes. IMWT.
L, London, 12:29 AM 20/03/2013
Surely the extra tv money is relevant in the right hands. Many football clubs have had vast amounts of money to spend and spent it badly! Just look across the park 50 million in and 35 million straight out on a guy that neither they or west ham want. Just imagine what DM would do if BK handed him that sort of budget. Sure other teams would have the same but, Brenda across the park would blow half of that on Joe Allen who thinks like a rugby player and never passes the ball forward! Have faith 19
Bridges EFC, Cardiff, 9:11 PM 19/03/2013
If andy gray was considered good enough for the job, then surely big dunc is also worthy.
Big dave, Melling, 8:48 PM 19/03/2013
Stop thinking the extra tv money is so relevant. If it was Everton and only Everton getting the money then yes we have a edge. All the teams will get money and all the teams will have the same agenda. Ergo, not too much will change. I'm not a Moyes fanatic by any means. I think there are younger, progressive , dynamic managers out there. How many of the people who so fear change actually go to the games? If those opinions are forged from their time, money and passion then fair enough. Anyhow, do them at Anfield and I would forgive BK and DM a thousand sins. Mr. Fickle I long to be!
Jon G, So very near., 7:59 PM 19/03/2013
If Moyes was to leave would Big Dunc be such a bad idea? From what Moyes says he has calmed down a lot and is doing really good work within the club and is now doing his badges. We all know how much he loves Everton and sometimes on the pitch we need that never say did attitude which we seem to have lost a bit since Ferguson's and Cahill's departures. Howard Kendall, Colin Harvey and Joe Royle are all ex players who went on to win something with the blues as manager. We have to remember we have no money to pay comp for another team's manager and with names like Mark Hughes being linked then I think it's fair to say Big Dunc would be a good choice.
Paul Jarvis, Wallasey, 7:51 PM 19/03/2013
Roger (13), wouldn't we all like to know what's going on behind the scenes? We know what we're told. What also know we are now a recognised top 8 Premier League side. If you look at the top sides (i.e. Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal), they either have billions of quid, a settled manager, or both. Of the 4, Arsenal have a recently new stadium, 60,000+ every week, a the 2nd longest serving manager in the Premiership, and get into the Champons League every year, but have not wona trophy for 8 years. The other 3 spend zillions, United and Chelsea win a trophy most years, and City probably will in the years to come. Beyond those 4, Spurs and Liverpool, both of whom haven't recently kept a manager for very long, think they're making progress, but at the moment the Jury is out. In my opinion, the Shite will do no better then 7th for the next few years, as they have a totally unproven manager at top flight level, and massively depend on one player (who might well desert them when/if they have no European football next year). We have a manager who infuriates us at times, but the progress he has made with Everton during his eleven years is without doubt. Keep Moysey and that progress is likely to continue; if he leaves, then who knows what the future holds?
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 7:28 PM 19/03/2013
I understand that Michael Owen has said that he will retire at the end of the season... Well that's probably because he has no other option! Where as it would be a foolish man to think Mr Moyes will have no options at the end of the season. I guess my point is had David Moyes been given the sort of money Randy was handing out to Martin Oneil at villa then we would be a top three/four team by now playing Champions league for the last few seasons. However, it's not been the case and Moyes has done what he can with a modest budget. There is plenty of proof that money doesn't always get you success it takes a little more than that... Knowledge of the game helps just look at how much Sunderland, villa, Newcastle even Harry's QPR have spent. It all comes down to this how much will it set Everton FC back if Moyes was to walk away now. I can guarantee he won't feel the job is finished. Bill will scratch his head as to why the club allowed this happen. The truth is I'm a Moyes Fan. I don't want to see Martinez who flirts with relegation in charge of the team I was called upon to support. The premier league has signed a massive tv deal so come on Billy let Moyes prove what he can do...what you/we all know he can do... Give him a few quid to make the difference. I'm sure he'll let you sell the big felli then. He needs four/five plates more to keep the momentum going all season. I ask anyone else who believes this to let the manager know how much he is a part of Everton and that we WANT not need but want him to stay and comete what he's started.
Bridges EFC, Cardiff, 7:16 PM 19/03/2013
So the real question is.... Is there life after Moyes? Or is it just another sign of the times Miss Jones? Do me a favour! Plenty of talent out there who can do a fairly average job just as well as Moyes, better even! Only risk is that the future Mngr may not play Nev or Nace and he may not even take their best player off the pitch with 20 minutes to go if we're up 1-0! Crazy Mad Freaky Stuff I know! Who knows, he might even know how to play to the striker's advantage once in a while and not have him chase every lost cause on the pitch.
Doug, Liverpool, 7:10 PM 19/03/2013
I was a big Moyes fan but the last few years has shown how tactically poor he is. We never beat the big teams away and in the big cup games we become negative. I do think it's time for a change. But who can take us forward, that's the question...............
Alan, Chester, 7:00 PM 19/03/2013
Whilst I think this is a good article, to say that Evertonians fall into those two categories (loving & hating) just aint right. What about the 'not so sures'? I for one have always been IMWT, but lately I'm not sure. Whilst the MUFC game was amazing, the fact that we are not in the FA Cup semi does wrangle me. I'd love to know what is really going on. Hey ho.
Roger, Hale, Altrincham, 6:56 PM 19/03/2013
I hope he stays and I am sure he will. Pep Guardiola? Dream on. The aftermath of disaster and it aint the first time at EFC in the last 45 years means that from ashes of defeat we can bounce back and finish this season in an unbeaten run, and dare I say it even Vic looks like he is at last smelling coffee and realising what a great chance he has to make a difference, lets hope so and Jella kicks on. What we have as a club and the mantra Moyses has created you can't buy. It's forged by the fans and their loyalty, passion,understanding and patience. Every match is a final now. Let's do Stoke and push on and do Spurs. Whatever happens fact from fiction and reality checks we must look and learn from this season and hopefully the board will see that the club needs its so called backers to start backing, else get some new backers. Ideally Tesco come back and we go full monty with a new stadium as much as Goodison will never be beaten we must have a viable plan B on the cards asap. For now let's stick together and focus on winning every game left. "What's Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 6:54 PM 19/03/2013
Two words: Blackburn Rovers.
Kenny, Wigan, 6:27 PM 19/03/2013
It will be a very bad day if David Moyes chooses to leave. I can't see us being so lucky with an appointment this time. But maybe we will. We certainly can't afford to employ someone like Mourinho so we can forget that idea. As for employing Duncan Ferguson to take over.....I don't think so. I think he would be a disaster.
Spectator, Crosby, 6:20 PM 19/03/2013
Moyes should have resigned after wigan he's getting paid 3 million a year for shite like that, we won't win fuck all with him. 1995 is last time we won the cup. Things went well on saturday because city were missing yaya toure and aguerra, things could all easily turn back round again. As for life after Moyes, we need someone who will give his all and loves the club and has authority, someone like Duncan Fergusson if kenny dalgliesh can win the double why not give Duncan a go all this pandering to Moyes is fucking pathetic he knows he's onto a good thing and will carry on to screw the club for as long as he can call yourselves evertonians.
chris simpson, liverpool, 5:04 PM 19/03/2013
First of all I don't want Moyes to go anywhere I think he has done a great job in turning us around from the state we were left in at the end of Walter's time. However there is one thing that really pisses me off, is Evertonians stating as fact that we would be fighting relegation again if he were to go. Why? nobody knows so stop stating it as a fact. He has built a good team, whoever is in charge next season has some good players to work with. Stating things as FACT when they are obviously not makes you sound like a certain fat spanish waiter i.e. a total twat.
Chris, Liverpool, 4:49 PM 19/03/2013
I'd like to keep him and hope we can get a decent buyer, who will give him money to spend on a players. We are in a good position in the league and it would be a shame, to see any demise in our progress, where we can perhaps go to the next level with a decent buyer. Some other clubs have decended into the Championship and beyond, because of mismanagement. We don't want that for our club. We can only wait and see, what will happen!
Mal, St.Helens, 4:34 PM 19/03/2013
He needs to stay and build on his success to date. We have good youth coming through and the basis of a really good squad. Felli can go for me with his recent attitude. Moyes will spend the funds wisely and push us on further. Good players are important, but not as important as your manager. Look at how crap the Fat waiter is doing with Chelski, and it is crap considering the players he has at his diposal.
Paul F, Durham, 4:11 PM 19/03/2013
The main problem we have is not the manager, but what he has to work with. The Mancs and Chelski could put out two different but equally strong sides in two weeks. Many other clubs can change half the side. We cannot, two changes and we start to struggle. We need a sugar daddy. BK has done his bit, let no one doubt that, but we need to get another five players at least, ok, maybe four if Barclay makes the step up. It really all boils down to filthy lucre and we ain't got any.
Terry.U , Gosport, Hants, 3:38 PM 19/03/2013
The most simple way to look at it is, we were a relegation side when he took over. We're now a top 6/7 side year in year out. The brand of football we play seems to get better year by year. Yes his tactics and negativity (at times) are questionable but what he does in the transfer market with very little money totally outweighs any negative tactics! Would we be better off with someone else? That's a big big gamble. Would we be worse off if he stayed? Probably not!
Richard, Penmaenmawr, 3:27 PM 19/03/2013
I don't think anybody can gauge where we go post-Moyes or if Moyes stays. Without a shadow of a doubt the man has performed a miracle at Everton and though I struggle with the negativity, tactics and performances at times, the culture he has instilled and club he has built has to be admired and respected. If Moyes stays and with the extra revenue from Sky and the Felli sale (I think we have to assume this), he would hopefully bring in 4 players of an equal quality to the first 15 that we have and he takes stock that the crowd will put up with a defeat if we set up to go for the throat every weekend. Should Moyes decide to go, then there will be a clamour for Martinez or Laudrup or some other up and coming hotshot. Will they maintain what Moyes has done? I really don't think so. so as much as i wanted to kill the man 2 weeks ago and he can frustrate the life out of me, i think he is unique and his relationship with the club, fans, chairman, players, tea lady, cleaners, groundsman and the man on the street is unique. i think when we put into context what Moyes has done during a time when Money really has dictated success and survival let alone progress, i genuinely hope he stays for another 10 years and finishes what he has started.
Mike, Lpool, 2:55 PM 19/03/2013
The day DM walks out of Goodison for the last time will be a sad day for all true Evertonians. The negative element will have had their way but where will they all be when we are back longing for 40 points in mid-May
Richard , Cape Town, 2:26 PM 19/03/2013
I really feel that the fans who want him gone need to have a look who they think could/would be better. Would work on a restricted budget and not be tempted by clubs with more money after 6 good months with us. Ok we haven't won a trophy in Moyes era but would you sooner be one of these clubs: Portsmouth, Blackburn, Middlesborough or Birmingham who are the outside teams to win a trophy since 2002 and their fortunes have suffered. I would sooner be a stable club moving forward year on year. I also cannot think of any other manager who would have been as loyal with no funds. We can't attract the top European managers so we would have to take a gamble again on someone untried. At the minute we have a manager who is top class but does have faults too, but believe me if Moyes leaves he will manage a top top club in Europe and we will be struggling to keep hold of certain players and struggling around 10th-15th in PL. I am worried and hope he stays. I also think that some minority fans hold the club back. We won't get good investment when we have groups who so hell bent on stopping us from moving away from Goodison and I love the old girl. However it is not capable of making large sums of money for serious investors to consider coming on board.
Toffee, Bromborough, 2:21 PM 19/03/2013
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