David Moyes Thinks It Over
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Recently, David Moyes expressed interest in perhaps managing one of Germany's Bundesliga clubs.

Often we hear people compare the Bundesliga to the English Premier League. They almost always claim the Bundesliga is a better and fairer model, that it gives more chances for success to more clubs.

But does it?......We checked it out.

We compared the different number of champions in the Bundesliga to the Premier League since season 1992-93 (first season of the EPL). That's a total of twenty seasons. The results are surprising.

The Bundesliga has had 6 different club champions: Bayern Munich (10), Borussia Dortmund (5), Werder Bremen (2), I.FC Kaiserslautern (1), Vfb Stuttgart (1) and VfL Wolfsburg (1).

The Premier League has had 5 different club champions: Manchester United (12), Arsenal (3), Chelsea (3), Blackburn Rovers (1) and Manchester City (1).

The difference is marginal.

So it would imply David Moyes has nothing much to gain unless he joins Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. But Pep Guardiola will join Bayern at the end of this season when he takes over from Jupp Heynkes. And Borussia Dortmund are the current champions with Jürgen Klopp as manager since 2008, and have been in financial difficulties in recent years after becoming a private company loaded with debt (where have we heard that before?). With zero Continental experience Moyesy might be going from the frying pan to the fire. How long would he last?

Even the much praised German club ownership model hasn't made much difference to the club success rate in Germany. The spread of championships is hardly better there than here.

What do you think?


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Comments about David Moyes Thinks It Over
There's times when I think Moyesie deserves the nickname Dithering Dave. Negotiations might take time but good manners don't and sometimes his behaviour is just bad manners, which is what he's doing when he attaches conditions to whether he signs an extension or not. He should have said at the start of the season that he'd make his decision at the end of the season and wouldn't comment until then. His latest talk of whether we win the cup and get into Europe has only made things worse and left all of us uncertain. Sometimes he needs a good kick in the arse.
Paul, Warrington, 1:41 PM 22/02/2013
If moyes respects the chairman,the fans and the club he should make his plans known now so we an make plans for next season, or are the club holding back so we all renew our season tickets before it comes out.
Mad cat, Park endear, 11:13 AM 22/02/2013
Schalke 04 recently fired their manager and the interim coach ( where have we heard that before) is only there til the end of the season. For all of their failures in recent times they have a huge following from passionate fans. Moyesy has said he's up for it and none of the usual candidates in The German coaching world have been linked with the job. I think this one has got mileage. I would however warn Moyes of the desire for instant success. Look what happened to The Wally with the Brolly McClaren when he only lasted 1/2 a season at Wolfsburg and in general the amount of time coaches last at German teams.
Mike Fowler, Kleinmachnow, 8:12 PM 21/02/2013
I hope sincerely David Moyes stays, what he has done,, instill the vigour and belief back in the club in his tenure is a miracle. Lets focus on Saturday; and I expect he will be here next term; as we known the press do get stories out of context. EFC is unqiue but still no potential buyer, so the perenial issue runs.. Iam being optimistic as we all must and lets do Norwich and get start winning again. IMWT -"Whats Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 6:59 PM 21/02/2013
It DOESN'T look more likely by the day. He's done nothing more than say he likes German football. So what, many people do but that doesn't mean they pay to fly over there and watch it. I bet he signs a contract extension and stays. A bit different to how they do things over the park where they're in deep shit as usual and even in deeper denial, the stupid gobshite meffs.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 12:39 PM 21/02/2013
Surely what he said was he admired their coaching methods and youth set ups and wanted to work in that environment to learn the ins and outs. I believe he and BK have discussed what's happening and are not announcing it to avoid the repercussions either from players or the banks. If he signs it will be to play in Europe but also only for a short term contract this time.
Win, Stafford, 11:50 AM 21/02/2013
Me Da, God rest him, told me three things that ring true today; - There's no trouble on double (time) - under every pony tail, you'll find an a*$e hole and; - You can tell a German.....but you can't tell him much! Off Moyes case por favor. He's going nowhere. Germany? It'll be like putting a round peg in a square hole for Dixie's Sake!
Gerard-D, Melbourne, 11:27 AM 21/02/2013
Buddy, you are throwing the numbers while never looking behind them. The diff is that Blackburn, Chelski and Shiti just bought the title, while Werder,VfB, VfL and Kaiserslautern won it living by their own means.
Stefan, Vienna, 9:19 AM 21/02/2013
There is one major obstacle for Moysey; if he leaves, presumably he will want at least the same wage he is on now. Realistically, that either means Russia or the Middle East, or stay at Everton.
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 12:20 AM 21/02/2013
Interesting and surprising, but what about the Bundesliga qualifying places for Europe? Are they the same monopoly as England?
Spectator, Crosby, 11:13 PM 20/02/2013
Moyes is going absolutely 100% no doubt. Prob Felli Baines and maybe others. What then? The same as what we always do CARRY ON! We are Everton Football Club, a club that despite low on funds, low on exposure and lets face it an unfashionable club still strives to pull in over 35k attendance most weeks with in my opinion the most passionate, understanding and knowledgeable supporters in the league. Im proud to be a blue and when my sons put their kits on it still puts makes me feel that little bit taller. That is bigger than anyone including Moyes. What we need to do is all stand together keep our pride and show the world what it means to be Evertonians. COYB.
Dave , town, 11:09 PM 20/02/2013
This has rumbled on long enough and now started to disrupt the teams progress in recent weeks so I would like to have it resolved ASAP because its getting boring with the "will he or won't he sign another contract" situation. The team dipped in form last time that Moyes was deciding if to renew. We know what the result was last time, better results once it was sorted.
toffeeman35, warrington, 10:39 PM 20/02/2013
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