David Moyes New Contract.
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David Moyes is the difference.

No doubt without him we would be struggling permanently at the wrong end of the table the way we did under Walter Smith. Moyesy has performed miracles with the same amount of limited money.

Yet whenever we hit a bad patch you can still hear some people saying he's too defensive or he should be sacked. It's no consolation that all clubs have such jeremiahs who moan about their manager at the drop of a few points.

Let's hope Moyesy signs a new contract when he sits down to negotiate. Let's hope the club can find a few quid for transfers. Let's hope he doesn't think the grass is greener elsewhere, because he might get a shock the way others have in the Premier League. He would be losing what it took him ten years of stability to build. He won't get that chance again not even if he has all the money in the world.

His class was there for everyone to see after Felli got caught nutting the Stoke hacker Shawcross. He admitted the offence openly and said we'd take any punishment.

He didn't say, like Wenger at Arsenal has so often, "I didn't see it." Or like Ferguson at Manchester United, "I was looking at my watch." Or like whoever is at Chelsea, "I'm only passing through." Or like whoever is at Tottenham, "We deserve better even though we're crap." Or like Pulis at Stoke, "What's that on the roof?" Or like mad Brenda at the redshite, "I'm organising the players to wear tee shirts while I count the passes."

This season and the second half of last season Everton have played their best football for two decades. They did it in patches in other seasons before, the best being when we finished fourth against all the odds.

He may not be Guardiola of Barcelona, but what would Guardiola have done in Moyesy's financial situation? What would Mourinho of Real Madrid have done? Without a lot of money they would run a mile from the challenge.

What do you think?



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Comments about David Moyes New Contract.
Apologies to Kevin of Waterloo for calling him "Keith" in my recent comment on this excellent article. Hope he can forgive a 72 year old long suffering, but very fervent, Evertonian whose first visit to Goodison Park was for the 1948 Derby Match which had our record attendance!!
Bryan Kayley, Prenton, Wirral, 10:46 AM 20/12/2012
I endorse everything that Keith from Waterloo says about Moysey and Kenwright. We are lucky to have them both at the helm. Moysey renewing his contract in January for at least a further 5 years would be our best signing in the "transfer window" regardless of any other player-signings we may make. So come on Bill sit down with Moysey to agree a new contract as a matter of urgency and don't let him out of your room until he has signed on the dotted line.
Bryan Kayley, Prenton, Wirral, 10:34 AM 20/12/2012
FFS Moyesie just SIGN.
Macca, Huyton, 9:52 PM 19/12/2012
If I've been reading the right figures Moyesy is the fourth best paid manager in the UK and twelfth best in Europe. If that's true only the most successful clubs could entice him away moneywise. I don't know how much slack their is in our club finances to pay him much more, probably not that much. The risk he will run is that if he does move elsewhere with more transfer money he will be expected to deliver immediately. He's never had that pressure before. Kenwright took a huge chance when he brought him in to save the club, but fortunately for all of us it worked. Since then he's even managed to improve prospects. That's some record that is, so nobody could complain Moyesy didn't keep his side of the bargain if he decides to move on. If he does go I don't envy Kenwright the task of trying to replace him. I doubt we would get as lucky as we did with Moyes, probably it would be much much worse. Worst case scenario we could fall as far as Portsmouth, Leeds, Birmingham and Middlesborough or end up with someone like Neil Warnock or Steve McClaren. Let's just hope David Moyes signs a new contract, because if those who hate him have their way it could set us back twenty years or more.
Spectator, Crosby, 7:48 PM 19/12/2012
Moyes has been quality for us. Anybody who would want him out should be carefull what they wish for. We're only a Steve Bruce away from a relegation battle.
Gary, Runcorn, 4:55 PM 19/12/2012
I echo what others have already said that this is a great post. We are privileged to have such an honest, loyal man such as Moyesy as our manager. He puts most other managers in the premiership to shame. They are so hypocritical and take us all for fools with their blatant lies. Moyes has class and as we all know that is permanent. It will be a sad day when he finally does leave us. One thing is for sure, we will be a far better club and team when he does. a word of praise also to Bill Kenwright. He has recognized Moyesy's class, loyalty and commitment to Everton Football Cub. He has built up a frienship based on mutual respect and stuck by him Those that whinge and moan about our Manager and Chairman should hang their heads in shame. Who would you rather have, a foreign based owner/consortium who appoint a new manager every 1 or 2 seasons?.....get real and get behind your club and team.....after all isn't that what being a proper SUPPORTER is all about.
Kevin Cliffe, Waterloo, 4:55 PM 19/12/2012
Great common sense article. We'd have been nowhere without Moyes fantastic job of stabilising the Club on a shoestring. The man has performed miracles given what he has had to contend with. He can easily be spoken of in the same breath as Kendall (1st time).
BlueH, Lancashire, 2:20 PM 19/12/2012
Nice to see some Moyes fans. I too visit the TW site and all you hear is negative moaning. I have supported this club throughout some very good times (80s) very bad times (90s) and we are currently on the way up again. It doesn't happen overnight, unless you get lucky with an oligarch, so we should be prepared to stick with him and put our trust in him. Yes, he makes mistakes but he has put this club in a very positive position again where we go into every weekend thinking we can't lose. I have lived through the times when we went into games thinking we can't win! I am reasonably happy where we are now. All we need is a trophy - any trophy. Let's treat both domestic cups with the same respect in future.
alpha1, england, 2:06 PM 19/12/2012
He certainly is the best since Kendall (first time round). Lets hope it is a long term contract ;)
Kev, Wrexham, 12:16 PM 19/12/2012
Circumstantially David Moyes is the best manager in the premiership! Chumps who want him out need to to go somewhere quiet and think about what they are saying (preferably the sahara).
Kyle Trantor, Moyesiside, 8:42 AM 19/12/2012
Have been saying the same for years on Toffee web - and I get heckled! I cannot believe how anti-Moyes so many TW contributors are. To me, we are a financially stretched club who, thanks to our manager, exceed the sum of our parts. As far as his Fellaini comments, a lot of people say "So what, the guy nutted Shawcross, what else could Moyes say"? The whole point is he was honest, said he saw the incident, said it was terrible and that Fella should be banned. This is unheard of in most managers - who lie and protect the spoilt millionaires. Dalglish, Rodgers, Ferguson and Wenger being the prime examples. In Moyes I trust - just give him some money Lord!
BlueJim, Dar es Salaam, 6:41 AM 19/12/2012
Mr Moyes deserves another long-term contract. His achievements in his first 10 years on such a limited budget are outstanding, my annual fear is that old red nose at Old Trafford will retire and will recommend Moyesy as his successor, he must be the most respected Manager in the Premier League given the limited budgets he has to work with. I'm proud to be an Evertonian with a Manager who is simply the best!!
Bryn Hollywell, Bedwas, Caerphilly, 6:01 AM 19/12/2012
IMWT. Yes agree with everything in the article. No doubt in my mind he will be offered a contract and rightly so. Hope he sees enough in us to take it. I think he is a VERY loyal person, but 10 years is already loyal enough is the problem. It depends on how ambitious he is and if he thinks he would like to create a dynasty and if he can do that with Everton.
Mark, San Jose, California, 9:05 PM 18/12/2012
I was one of those that criticised our defensive style and our inability to push on for a win. I do prefer our current style of play, but I'm finding it almost as frustrating that we haven't picked up as many points. Football! With Moyes you know what you're getting and where you stand, it's been a huge learning curve for him and I don't think too many Chairmen would have afforded him the luxury. He has built our CLUB up (never mind the team) over the past 10 years and he'd be a fool not sign a contract now we are at our best. The question is how many years will he commit to? If he signs a 1 or 2 year deal we could be in for bumpy 12 months of unrest, if he signs for 5+ years then there's more signs that he's where he wants to be.
ToffeeFolk, Leeds, 8:19 PM 18/12/2012
Best manager since Kendall first time round, and best squad too. He deserves all our support. IN MOYES WE TRUST
Terry.U , Gosport, Hants, 8:02 PM 18/12/2012
Brucey, Litherland, 7:52 PM 18/12/2012
Hit the nail on the head ! Makes you proud to be blue. C'mon Moyes put it to bed. Taking Everton to the champions league beats winning it with an already great team.
Nathan Platt, Merseyside, 7:28 PM 18/12/2012
I hope DM reads this post
Mike, Lpool, 6:16 PM 18/12/2012
Cracking piece this........... It pisses me off so much reading the negatives comments about Moyes being too defensive, then when we score more and don't keep clean sheets we're too offensive. This squad is the best I've seen in the last 20 years I've been following Everton and I for one would be happy not to keep another clean sheet this season if we score one more than the opposition. Get off his back even through the difficult times and get behind the boys. We haven't even had the rub of the green yet and we're in the top 6. COYB
Yorkshire Toffeeman, Leeds, 4:45 PM 18/12/2012
Let me be the first to say that I have been privileged to meet and know David Moyes on several occasions and we, as Evertonians, are extremely fortunate to have him as our Manager. He is pure class and we are a significantly better club with him as our leader. IMWT!
Richard, Cape Town, 4:38 PM 18/12/2012
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