Bobby Looking For a Way Forward
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Blues CEO Bobby Elstone is still looking for a way to finally land the Blues a new and much needed Stadium.

He acknowledges all the input and ideas from all groups from within and outside the club over any new ground. He is probably referring to KEIOC's well received presentation regarding the Football Quarter to the shareholders last week, and the Shitty Council's, sorry City Council's pathetic attempt to salvage something from the mess they help to create.

Bobby believes with all parties pulling together something will be achieved, but as ever the caveat of the financial restraints still remains.

Bobby says: "What's evident to me is within the Club, its fans, the City and our advisers, there's no shortage of ideas and creativity.

Broadly, we know what we want and what we need. Pouring some cold water on the situation, there is, however, a shortage of money and that's where there's a real need for creativity and collaboration.  As we've said in the past, and as we're working on right now, the Club, its owners, its partners, the City Council, potential developers and all the regional investment and regeneration bodies need to work together to find that solution.

All share the responsibility to find a solution. A solution made all the more difficult by tightening purse strings and political instability."

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Comments about Bobby Looking For a Way Forward
the city council opposed our kirby plans by using the arguement that a new complex would take money away from surrounding councils. After building liverpool one the biggest shopping complex in europe surely this has done the same to surrounding areas. warren bradley the local vicar and all the other arl arses associated with keioc should be ashamed of themselves. they just like the sound of their own voices. If everton do fall by the wayside in this cash orientated game then it will be down to you !
fred, runcorn, 1:40 PM 5/03/2010
if this site was to ask for donations towards a new ground how much do you think it would get you mite be surprised??? i think theirs plenty of givers who are sick of all the talking and want things done this club is a part of are lives so think about it
k, widnes, 4:29 PM 3/03/2010
Danny from Wigan.Glad your happy with a groundshare.If it happens,I'll watch for you.Should'nt be too hard though.You'll be one of a few.
Big Tommy, Litherland, 3:17 PM 3/03/2010
We must have a greater capacity. Yes we do average around 36k attendance but it would be higher if we could supply demand for the bigger games. Also, we lose out on so much cash from lack of corporate facilities. I don't like how football has become more of a corporate entertainment but it is a reality and it's too financially important to ignore in the modern game. As for redevelopment of Goodison - do we want to be playing in a building site for the next five to ten years? We love Goodison but every stand needs to be rebuilt - all for the sake of staying on the same bit of land, which is far too small. Most of the big clubs who had grounds in a similar environment as Everton (i.e. hemmed in by terraces) have moved already.
NomadicBlue, Nottingham, 3:16 PM 3/03/2010
a new stadium is not the best way forward. were only getting 36-38000 in goodison now so why move to a 55000. Redevelop goodison
jono, ireland, 12:12 PM 3/03/2010
Could you please explain "City Councils pathetic attempt to salvage something from the mess they helped to create" The City Council never forced Everton into a partnership with Tesco,to relocate the club outside the city boundary,they are also not responsible for the club spending millions on this hare-brained scheme.You should be venting your anger at the present custodians of our great club. The Council gave the Kings Dock to Everton on a plate,yet Kenwright and co cocked that up. When will you guillible people wake up and smell the coffee,instead of believing all the shite that is coming from the club.
Tony Kelly, liverpool, 11:52 AM 3/03/2010
A new stadium is needed asap before we run ourselved into debt using a stadium has an operating loss instead of a profit.....Im happy with a groundshare...especially in this dark days of finance in football.
Danny, Wgan, 12:53 AM 3/03/2010
I Think Bobby is a class act! Totally has his heart in the right place and understands that the bottom line is....INVESTMENT!!! (please)
John, liverpool, 11:30 PM 2/03/2010
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