Blues In Talk With The Enemy
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Its all seems a bit hush hush, but the Blues are today opening tentative talk with the shite's representatives on the feasibility of a ground share, or any options that may be available to both club's regarding any potential new grounds.

Both clubs need a new ground, but both clubs have both not got a pot to piss in. Liverpool Council Leaders have been bending over backwards to accommodate the shite and their aim to build on Stanley Park, whilst not really going out of there way to help the Blues out with their need for a new Stadium.

Liverpool university and the North West Development Agency (NWDA) were also expected to attend the meeting and the Part Time Fireman and Council Leader Warren Bradley will no doubt also be attending.

KEIOC last week presented their vision of Goodison and the surrounding area's to Everton shareholders, which was warmly recieved. The shite have always maintained that they were against any notion of ground sharing with us, so as the saga carries on, watch this space.

NWDA Chief Executive Steve Broomhead said: "We welcome the meeting. People are beginning to look at the opportunities again. Both clubs need solutions, either singly or jointly."

The Fireman says: "Cracking idea" (Gromit)

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Comments about Blues In Talk With The Enemy
Most of you are looking at it the wrong way, a groundshare with Liverpool does make you shudder yes...But, most of their fans are out of towners and foreigners, so they'll fly in for a day, but the rest of the time it can be considered the locals.. and thats us bluenoses. I'm no accountant, but financially it makes great sense because all running costs and wage bills will be halved (shared) by the clubs...yes i know there will be twice as many games, but most employees (admin, office, ticketing, cleaners, groundsmen, blah blah) are salaried so doesn't matter how any games are played. This puts more money in our player wage and transfer kitty thus having the potential to sign big name players.
Tony Bateman, L3, 3:15 PM 5/03/2010
To many people talking the talk and not enough walking the walk.We are EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB,We should be deciding where we play,not some wanabee councillors trying justify their extortionate expenses.
john, hebden bridge , 10:14 PM 2/03/2010
Come on boys we've got to wake up and see what's in front of us. The Council won't find money (which is public money at the end of the day) to build 2 stadia, I don't really want to share with the shite but if we don't we could be sitting here in another 10 years still in the fading old glory, no Moyes, no trophies. Do we really want that just for being stubborn?
H, N Wales, 10:13 PM 2/03/2010
whats wrong with all the cavemen, give up everton if we share!!!!, well fuck off then good ridence, we can't afford a ground, the kopshites can't and i can't see some rich arab around the corner. so muck in get one blue one week red the other just like bayern munich's alliance stadium better than anything currently in england
phil, warrington, 9:49 PM 2/03/2010
Steve the manc that just makes it sound like you hate liverpool more than you love everton... Makes sense that!
Brian, Liverpool, 3:02 PM 2/03/2010
No way do I want RS sat in my seat every fortnight. If a ground share is agreed, the day we move in, is the day I give up my ST.
Steve Henshall, Manchester, 1:04 PM 2/03/2010
People need to get a grip of themselves. Plenty of big clubs, and big rivals, manage to share grounds. A shiny, new, massive stadium in the middle of Stanley Park will get us the investment we need to take our club forward and compete with the 'big boys' - isn't this the most important thing? It's not like we're moving in and sharing Analfield - a new stadium will be ours as much as theirs, and hopefully a stadium that the whole city can be proud of.
Graham, Work, 11:45 AM 2/03/2010
What's wrong with sharing a ground? the two clubs came from the same L4 womb and they've been playing in our old ground for over 100 years. We are skint, they are in debt up to their doughboys so one mega ground in Stanley Park, part financed by NWDA seems the best option. How else are we ever going to climb into the 21st century with the Arsenals and Man Shittys of this world. Get off your anti-rednose pedestals, if you can live in the same house, work and socialise with reds, then what's the difference in jointly owning a stadium?
mick davies, Moyeseyside, 2:35 AM 2/03/2010
i give up everton if we share with that lot may be they give us back anfield
henry , ireland, 1:10 AM 2/03/2010
Fuck off, no one wants a fucking groundshare, the only argument for groundshare I hear is the Milan clubs do it. Well guess what? They're both leaving the San Siro!! Do you wanna sit in a red seat? Wheres our ground Liverpool City Council and KEIOC?!
Stu, Park End, 12:20 AM 2/03/2010
No no no no way would I share with them horrible twats.......a dirty red shite in my seat every other week... no thanks.....ftrs....
Brian, St Helens, 10:31 PM 1/03/2010
Why cant we share with Liverpool most other major cities wouldnt have a problem with it its just us again we cant see further than the end of your noses. I've been a blue for 48 yrs and to tell you the truth the red shite have more history than us so get over it and start going forward. The only history we have over them is that we were formed 1st but who gives a shit they have 18 titles and 5 euro cups. I voted for kirkby and would do again and I'd vote to share with them, the only thing different from you and me is I'm not as bitter and narrow minded as the majority who come on this page.
Gary Mc, Huyton, 10:21 PM 1/03/2010
I would sooner go to Manchester and share with United than share with those Red Bastards,(gob shites) i have been going to Goodison for just over 50years,I bet we get sold down the river again by so called Evertonian's employed by this council,like a part time firefighter,show us the money or shut up,or give us the other side of stanley park.
old blue nose, anfield, 8:57 PM 1/03/2010
We do NOT want to ground share with LFC. We are a club in our own right. Everton have the history LFC do not. We need to Keep Everton in OUR city.
Margy, Anfield, 7:16 PM 1/03/2010
No doubt Bradleys early bird season ticket renewel will be posted in first thing next monday. It should be rejected and he should be banned from the club for life
Paul, Kirkby, 5:59 PM 1/03/2010
another waste of fucking time, liverpool council is just full of knobheads. they blocked us from building on the old training ground, and unless their coming up with the money, and i would never sit in a stand called the kop,
kev the head, Liverpool, 5:47 PM 1/03/2010
I'm sick to death of this this shared stadium bollocks! I think it's about time we get an apology for the "King's Dock" scandal, and then we get an 'affordable', 'feasable' and 'deliverable' solution to the mess that Liverpool Football Club City Council have left us in. I voted against Kirkby, but only now am I seeing the true value for (no) money that we were getting! As the poor relations, we will have to sit in a 'stage-by-stage' developed Goodison, whilst we watch those shite get their arses licked by a "so-called" Evertonian!!
Anto, Not in a bloody shared stadium!!!, 5:17 PM 1/03/2010
we cannot share with the shite, fuck the council, they never want to help us over anything.
joe murray, home, 1:47 PM 1/03/2010
another wasted meeting, in my eyes. bradley should be ashamed of himself, an everton fan my arse, he is having a laugh. he offered us sites in speke, we are a north end club and should always stay in the north end. warren were is the 400 million coming to build us the ground you fake
toiletduck, aintree, 10:08 AM 1/03/2010
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