Everton New Stadium Furore
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Here we go again on the new stadium issue.

Everton Football Club and its proposed partners published their Outline Feasibility Study  for the proposed Walton Hall Park development in November 2014.

If it goes ahead it would be part of the Strategic Regeneration Framework 2010  prepared by Liverpool Vision.

But they are opposed by the Our Ground Group, a local organisation determined to block the proposal and other projects they don't like. According to the Echo,  there was a "huge turnout" in support of them in December 2014.

By now everyone knows it took the redshite over ten years to get adjoining properties and some of Stanley Park as well, all because of planning objections. Even if we could raise the money it would probably take us as long to do the same.

It seems the city is determined to stare at its own navel instead of actually getting things done like other cities. Is it any wonder both our local clubs can't compete fully?

In the past Evertonians have complained the city council, the mayor and the Echo  have not given enough support to new proposals, whereas they have given it to the redshite. Some have even proposed a boycott of the Echo.  And how many of the protestors are redshite supporters?

It seems we're doomed never to move to a badly-needed new stadium since obsolete Goodison Park and its insufficient 39,000 capacity can't be redeveloped within the existing site boundaries. Are we doomed to stay forever in a land-locked stadium with narrow concourses and where it takes forever to get served in small refreshment bars? Are we always going to have to park in residential streets around the ground and disturb other peoples lives and rights to privacy?

We have to move. Either that or buy and demolish many of the houses in the area to give us the necessary space, which would generate even more protests.

Can we ever again compete for trophies?

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Comments about Everton New Stadium Furore
As much as I want this to happen I'm just not confident it will. I want to see us in a brand new stadium before I die and I've got years ahead of me but after Kirkby and the Kings Dock this is our one last shot at it. Somebody on that board needs to go out there and make this happen!
Chris, Seaforth, 1:44 PM 16/02/2015
The problem isn't just the school it's the entire area. Even if we got all of that land up to Walton Lane and the church as well, it wouldn't be enough. A new modern design ground still wouldn't fit on the expanded area. There would be not enough parking facilities and we'd still be slap dab in the middle of a residential area hemmed in on two sides by old terrace houses. I agree though if the shite's new ground gets built that puts us years behind them, probably for at least the next twenty years, it might even finish the club altogether. That's why a new ground should be our first priority, otherwise we'll end up in the Conference never mind the Football League.
JB, City centre, 5:19 PM 15/02/2015
pity we cant shift the school into Stanley park and the re develop same as Liverpool they couldn't afford a new stadium how on earth can we I think if we don't do some thing soon we will slip years and years behind Liverpool and other smaller clubs will overtake us west ham being the next
shaun, toxteth, 2:11 PM 15/02/2015
The idiot Mayor Fat Joe Anderson led the campaign against the Kings Dock - supposed to be a blue - self protection as his ward - - ended up the Echo Arena - the man is an idiot and he waltzes round the main stand corporate facilites pre match - he gave full support to Liverpool let's see what he does for us. I very much doubt anything except empty rhetoric - unless of course something in it for him.
Paul M, Liverpool, 11:13 AM 14/02/2015
Look, think and VOTE. These biased uncooperative councillors can be replaced. Decide, your Club or politics and turf them out.
Gazza, Liverpool, 10:07 PM 13/02/2015
if it was a nature reserve with wild boar,woodland bison,lynx's,bears,wolfs ,beavers,like there was before we came along and wiped them out,then there will be a new stadium for squirals and birds to roost,.@5 theres nothing worse than taking the kids to play football on a strip of green and slipping and rolling around in crap.
Blueberry, Shires, 6:28 PM 13/02/2015
Agree with 6 and 3. We'll never get a new stadium unless they wake up in the front office and boardroom.
Macca, Huyton, 5:11 PM 13/02/2015
You'll never get everyone in agreement!.......if the shite were going to put even a shed next to your house, would you agree to it ? I have been so disappointed with past failures, that I can't get excited over any "new" proposals. Until I see concrete being poured into the foundations, I won't believe anything.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 4:22 PM 13/02/2015
I just means that dog owners will have to find another place to take their dog for a crap. Theres always someone moaning and whinging but not see the bigger picture and community benefits Walton Park will happen and we will have our Stadium there, business, and development its called progress. It is inevitable that we will have to move and with finances through regeneration and the club being better off through TV money, now is the time. Chill out, relax and have a Chang it will happen
LES, PHUKET, 1:25 PM 13/02/2015
Let's be realistic,if it was the other shower there would not be no were near as much red tape,obstacles,barriers,call it what you like,in formulating a concrete plan in searching and securing a plot to build on.We do fantastic work within the community,absolutely yes,but for decades we as a club have been woeful in marketing ourselves,we've only recently had a club shop in our own city centre for goodness sakes,so to magnify our Liverpool 2 club shop,a million fold and have a gleaming new stadia in say 10 years,it's just not going to happen,we don't do simple out our club,more so off the pitch than on it.Thousands of our younger supporters,will have 50 shades of grey before we up sticks and take selfies in our new abode.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 10:56 AM 13/02/2015
You have to ask why is it clubs like Oldham and Bristol City and loads of others can build new facilities and Everton can't? Is it the board and the CEO who haven't got a clue between them. They couldn't even build that facility at the corner of Goodison Road and that was on their own land! That's without even getting into the mess at Kirkby and the Kings Dock, both opportunities badly missed through incompetence. That's three strikes and they're OUT.
Paul, Warrington, 10:46 AM 13/02/2015
Anybody who buys the red Echo is a nob ed.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 10:03 AM 13/02/2015
You'd think the new TV money would make a difference, I wouldn't hold your breath though.
Spectator, Crosby, 9:54 AM 13/02/2015
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