Kick Racism Out.
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There are reports of internet racism directed at Bianca Jagger because of her support for an environmental group who are against Everton's proposal to build a new stadium on part of Walton Hall Park.

Bianca said: "I've faced dangerous situations. My choices were not always popular but I have rarely received as vile, racist and sexist tweets. Throughout my life I have been threatened by death squads. You'll not silence me."

Chrissy Byrne, supporter of environmental group Friends of Walton Hall Park, said: "It doesn't matter she's not from round here. The fact this woman has been in war zones and never been abused this badly is just awful."

Unfortunately this is not the first time racist scum have used Everton Football Club as a vehicle for their filth. We all remember ten years ago when a tiny gang of North Liverpool BNP Nazi thugs tried the same thing. They used to base themselves at the Blue House pub at the corner of Walton Lane and Goodison Road, which is now a Chinese restaurant. Fortunately the club reacted decisively and crushed them before they got out of hand.

The latest version of these criminals may or may not be self-styled Evertonians. But that is not the point. Whoever they are, they are again trying to use our club name to drag everybody through the slime of racism. It is up to all Evertonians to identify and oppose these gutter scumbags wherever they show their faces. This is no time to dodge the issue.

Environmental groups deserve the same kind of democratic consideration we would all want for a new stadium. Bianca Jagger has made it her life work to oppose anti-democratic forces anywhere in the world and now she gets this kind of treatment supposedly right here on our door step.

Whichever side of the stadium debate you are on, however badly we may need a new stadium, nothing is worth toleration of racist cowardice. Oppose it wherever you find it.

All racists are cowards. Stand up to them and tell them so.

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Comments about Kick Racism Out.
I am not being funny or nothing but some of the everton fans are absolute thugs. Ive been to games and the language that comes out there mouth is embarrassing. There scallys are not proper supporters for me, theyre just small minded. What about fans that support everton and are not from Liverpool area. How can you support a team and their own fans are against you. Footbll is for everyone and nomatter where your from you should feel comfortable supporting what ever team you like. These are the type of so called fans that hold everton from progressingwith their small minds.
Maz, Everton, 9:57 PM 6/01/2015
Well said !
Dave, Lydiate, 2:38 PM 6/01/2015
Unfortunately I've heard some pretty disgusting chants at Everton games but thankfully not many over the last few seasons. Remember one time at Villa 4/5 seasons back when this moron and his mates were giving all Villas black players all kinds of dogs abuse but were then hailing Yobo as a 'warrior', I told them to button it as had me Dad and young nephew with us and was then threatened. No room for any of that shit either in football or life in general and as such it is embarrassing for society and not just Everton Football Club and thankfully the very large majority of sensible and decent minded supporters
Harvey, Coventry, 12:03 PM 6/01/2015
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