Little Detail As Everton Explore New Stadium At Walton Park
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Everton have announced that they are to explore the possibility of a new stadium at Walton Hall Park.

No details have been announced about the size of the stadium or the design or where the money is to come from.

With the location only a couple of miles from Goodison Park, that would seem positive. 

In our view the stadium must be at least 50,000 and the cost of the stadium must not cripple the club and effect the team building while the stadium is being built or repaid. 

This is the full statement below: 

Liverpool City Council and Everton Football Club have announced their intention to progress a transformational regeneration opportunity for North Liverpool, based at Walton Hall Park.

The commitment to collaborate and explore the development of the park follows an exhaustive search for suitable sites within the city.  The Council and the Club will now work with public, private and voluntary sector partners, including Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) and Everton in the Community, to explore and understand community needs and then develop and ultimately deliver a new, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood for North Liverpool.

The outline of the proposed scheme, spearheaded by a new stadium for Everton Football Club, seeks to embrace extensive, new community facilities and secure over 1,000 new, much-needed and sustainable jobs to the area through an exciting and multi-faceted development. Significant sections of the park will be retained to provide better quality and more varied leisure and recreational facilities. The opportunity to incorporate wide-ranging and impactful community benefits including innovative educational, health and lifestyle provision will also be explored.

Evertonians are invited to register their interest in attending forthcoming engagement events regarding the opportunity by visiting
Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson said: "I am really pleased that we have identified this exciting opportunity for North Liverpool. We know that this is an area of the city that requires substantial investment and this project could bring this in a unique form.

"Everton's investment into this area would be the catalyst for a development which could make a real difference. We know from other regeneration schemes that opportunities like this can lead to significant economic and social benefits. This scheme would generate significant new job opportunities and also address important social needs such as health and education.

"We also see this as an opportunity to create an outdoor space with first-class leisure and recreational facilities that will really appeal to the local community. This is a starting point for something which could be a real game changer for this part of the city."

Club Chairman Bill Kenwright added: "On my journey to our home games, as I pass Walton Hall Park, I inevitably think that I am only a minute away from our beloved Goodison...for several years now, I've also thought, if only it was available for our new stadium, it ticks all the boxes.

"An opportunity to explore the possibility of securing the new home we've looked for, for so long, is hugely exciting to me, but to do that in a way that supports, transforms and sustains our local communities, in our Everton heartland, is such a wonderful, added bonus. It would fill me with great pride. It could be something very special for our city, the residents of North Liverpool and all Evertonians - a new home that goes beyond football and does what Everton does better than anyone else.

"Of course, there's an enormous amount of work to do - that again, involves fixing a huge financial jigsaw - but we are certain it's an opportunity we should pursue with great commitment, endeavour and ambition. To get every aspect right will take time as well as the continued support we've received to date from Joe Anderson and his colleagues at the City Council. That partnership will be vital.

"Like all Evertonians, I love Goodison Park and have done since the day I first set foot in the Boy's Pen but the prospect of developing a new stadium, and a new and vibrant community, just down the road from us, is to be grasped and encouraged."

Everton Chief Executive Officer Robert Elstone said: "I have to thank Joe Anderson and the Liverpool City Council for the support shown to us to date and the resource they have committed to the project over the past four years. Over that period, our partnership has explored, with a can-do attitude, several potential sites and many development options and it is the spirit of regeneration that has seen this scheme emerge as the prospect we should now jointly pursue.

"We are delighted to be the conduit for the Council's commitment to enhancing the outlook of the residents of North Liverpool. We are equally delighted to be exploring an opportunity that allows us to reinforce our commitment to our community, our neighbours and our fans. Everton in the Community has demonstrated how sport can have a huge social impact in the local area and we would relish the opportunity to expand some of this work through this scheme.

"At the start of this journey, a number of challenges lay ahead of us but the opportunity we have created is exciting and merits our resources and energy. We don't know how long the journey will take but we won't lack for stamina or commitment. It is also essential that we bring our fans with us. Both the Council and the Club will commit to listening to Evertonians and we look forward to sharing this journey with our fans."

LMH Chief Executive Steve Coffey commented: "LMH is at the heart of the local community in North Liverpool, is the major landlord in the vicinity of Walton Hall Park and is the City Council's Strategic Housing Delivery Partner. As such we are committed to enhancing community facilities, supporting a successful economy and creating a balanced housing offer for the area.

"We are very excited at the prospect of integrating any new proposals with the existing communities and we are looking forward to working with local residents and other stakeholders to explore this further."

The partners will now develop ideas for the site in collaboration with the local community. This could lead to a formal planning application being lodged in the next 12 months, following a series of community engagement and supporter engagement events. Financing for the scheme will be led by Everton Football Club with support from a number of partners.

More information about the overall scheme and the opportunity to register for local community engagement events can be found at  

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Comments about Little Detail As Everton Explore New Stadium At Walton Park
I'm waiting for the club to move out of Liverpool and into Litherland :-)
Ste Philips, Litherland, 12:24 PM 20/09/2014
If it does go ahead, please don't build one of those boring oval shaped stadiums with no fuckin atmosphere ...square is beautiful and you get the banter with away fans!
woody, warwicks, 6:32 PM 18/09/2014
Anyone wants to know why some Evertonians are the laughing stock of the League need only read post 11. With arse holes like him, no wonder nobody wants to buy the club. What an idiot, what a plonker, just do one across the park knobhead.
Macca, Huyton, 4:39 PM 18/09/2014
hi all blues... here we go again ..they should have plans already to go if a land slot becomes available ...1999 ..remeber that farce ? anyway i do not want to get slagged off but bill mate your 70 next year give us all a big farewell please you have had plenty of time to find a buyer and it should be done soon its no good telling the likes of me top four etc etc ..the money always goes to the share holders be brave and do what the top 5 do ...bring a billionaire in its way past your time to go ..we all love ya bill but lets get this club upto where kendall got it ..i just cant beleive just how slow you are in turning the club into championship material with money available remember j moore bill / he stood no nonsence and brought the likes of alan ball in have got to look at chelsea and man city theve done it bill want the league title before you die dont you ? or do you / time is moving so fast the next thing leeds utd nottm forest and derby county will all be back where they belong bill mate please sell up i want to go back to goodison knowing where going to win the league ..there is no way chelsae arsenal man city should be where they are financially above this brilliant historic club be brave bill lets see more of you ok / if i was you i would be walking the streets advertising this club i just wish i had the clout to do what the arabs do this club everton would have be ar the dock all those promised years ago ..bye bill for now xx
robert.v.berry, liverpool, 2:54 PM 18/09/2014
I don't really want to leave our historic stadium. I also don't think we need to put money for a stadium. I would rather us spend it on the team and try to pay of our debts slowly but surely
j, Liverpool , 11:46 PM 17/09/2014
To 8. My money's on KEOOW - Keep Everton Out Of Walton! I bet you don't get the people who went on about a few houses being demolished in Kirkby moaning about loss of park space in Walton :o)
Paul, Warrington, 2:09 PM 17/09/2014
Brilliant news. This time it has a real feel that something is going to happen. Undoubtedly there will be the usual moaners trying to block anything that involves change, but let's hope the club just get on with it this time. A new stadium with bigger revenue generating opportunities can only be a good thing for the club both on and off the pitch.
Sam, Cheshire, 12:50 PM 17/09/2014
I couldn't care less about the pubs and chippies around Goodison. I never use any of them anyway. My only interest in this is Everton Football Club and its future. A new stadium is a must if we want to progress, but it's not going to happen if the money doesn't get in place. This time the club has had the common sense to say that could take years, if it happens at all. The day the club confirms it has the finance is the day I will start paying attention. Until then it's all pie in the sky and everyone should look at it that way. At the moment I say the odds are 10 to 1 against.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:31 PM 17/09/2014
I believe that we are now, finally, putting this plan together for the future of EFC - sounds like we have the perfect opportunity on the table. Yes, we know the funding is always going to be the key issue - the logistics can be overcome. A project of £250million maybe? Surely, with confidence back in bucketloads for likely investors - Bill and the board really have not had a better opportunity to nail this once and for all. The thought of a start of the art stadium that does justification to Roberto's managerial dream - I'm sure we could regularly get 48,000 for most of the matches and a full-house 55,000 for those top top matches (Champions League will do nicely!!). PLEASE DON'T BLOW THIS ONE - YOU WILL NEVER HAVE FAN FAITH AGAIN IF YOU DON'T.
Adey, Isle of Man, 12:16 PM 17/09/2014
It's a must if we are to progress - so fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath.....
John T, Bristol. , 12:12 PM 17/09/2014
Hmmm, what's the odds on another group starting up with the rallying call, "Keep Everton Near Our Chippies"? KENOC!!
Bernie Bluey, Liverpool, 11:50 AM 17/09/2014
I am sure this time there will be no false dawns, with Everton and other parties coming out over this. Obviously there will be details that we cannot be privy to as yet. As for finance i am sure that has been looked into very carefully and is not a problem asotherwise the whole thing would not worth persuing. It could be an exciting time in Everton future, despite moving on from the Old Lady, it has to be done, other teams have moved and we must also. I bet the dark side wished they had Walton Park to develope their new ground, we are damned lucky if this comes off, not just the football club but the whole of North Liverpool too.
LES, PHUKET, 9:34 AM 17/09/2014
Well here we go again ,will this actually happen [ Kings dock , Kirkby] I'll get excited when it gets built until then I will be stressed out with two years of conjecture I'm sure . It is so close geographically it is very appealing from the start but it will still be a hell of a an emotional exodus to actually leave Goodison Park .Thankfully it is only a stones throw or a dogs walk in the park away so it will feel like we're spreading our wings and not flying the nest completely ,although the pubs and chippies around the ground and county road will be sweating .
Ian , Prescot , 7:37 AM 17/09/2014
Big Tommy, Litherland, 7:30 AM 17/09/2014
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