Everton On Track For New 50,000 Seat Stadium
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Everton are working on getting a new stadium as "a big priority".

At the AGM last night CEO Robert Elstone outlined a plan were a new 50,000 seater stadium owned by Liverpool City council with Everton as tenants would be the best option.

The scheme to mirror what Man City have done, seems the only option as the club haven't got or are unable to raise the finances to build a new purpose built stadium on their own.

Although a number of sites have been looked at the favoured site for the new stadium is believed to be Walton Hall Park. Just a mile from Goodison Park. Although the club refused to tell the meeting that this is the case.

Liverpool Lord Mayor said recently that an announcement could be made before the start of next season. 

Everton fans will not be holding their breath until they sit down on a seat in any new stadium. Remembering that a great opportunity was missed by the board to have the "Kings Dock" as an iconic stadium and the ill fated "Destination Kirkby" is still fresh in the memory.

Bobby said: "The stadium remains a big priority. We're not ruling out any of the sites that we've identified and that the council has presented to us, but there is one site which is getting more attention and has been getting more attention for a number of months. 

"It's been worked on not only by Everton but also by the council, planners, architects, advisers, cost consultants, regeneration experts, solicitors and so on.

"We need a council being supportive financially and supportive entrepreneurially as well. At the moment there are signs that they are being that, and that's to be welcomed and we're delighted with that. 

"We hope it comes to fruition and, if it does, I think it's something that the city and our fans will be very proud of.."In Everton's case we will need a collaboration with a number of partners, the principal partner being Liverpool city council.

"As a case study you can present City as a great example of what can be achieved through a sporting led regeneration and that's a tremendous blueprint that we hope we can follow.

"This is more challenging for the board than it might have been in Arsenal's case or one or two other clubs who have moved stadium.

"The board is currently looking not only at this opportunity but also the associated risks and the debt that the Club may well have to take on to deliver this, which may or may not be the right thing to do. 

"That's exactly where we are in terms of the project at the moment. That consideration is ongoing by the board. 

"But, in summary, there's a degree of optimism - perhaps some cautious optimism - but a degree of optimism. 

"We wouldn't be investing what we're doing without thinking it had a chance of success, and there's a commitment as always to share information with our fans as soon as we can."

Will Everton finally get a new stadium? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Everton On Track For New 50,000 Seat Stadium
To angry Bird 90% of us are from Liverpool and we all say build it in Walton hall park your protests are usless go with flow and move to leafy anfield
paul , walton, 1:54 PM 6/01/2015
Leave Walton Park alone. You lot all live outside Liverpool. How dare you! Put it by your house
Angry bird, Walton, 1:46 PM 4/10/2014
How many times do people have to be told the present site is way too small for a modern ground? Sadly Goodison has become a millstone around our neck and the sooner we're away from it the better, wherever the new ground is. By now everyone knows the latest new site is in Walton Hall Park so no surprise there however much Robert Elstone tries to conceal it. Anyway we haven't got any money and neither have the City Council who have just carried out big cuts. Even if the Park scheme goes ahead (which I doubt) it will take years. Kings Dock was missed when Gregg wouldn't sign the cheque as his Houston Properties promised it would and Kirkby was lost because of political decisions taken to placate nearby regional New Labour parties. Until we get a new ground and rebuild the club we won't advance much further than we are now. Anyway all Elstone said was 'More of the same until further notice'. Might keep a couple of local journos in a job but nothing apart from that.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:38 AM 30/07/2014
As I understand it, it is feasible to extend Goodison to reach a capacity of 60,000 plus. The only question should be - is that going to be big enough? The demolition of Anfield would provide much needed parking space for EFC supporters.LuA
John T, Bristol, 11:01 PM 29/07/2014
extra 10,000 each game keeps us competitive financially with the others......bank on a certainty the Everton faithful! Under Roberto the rest will sort itself out.
carl, Brisbane, 9:28 PM 21/06/2014
What happens if they find a site in Bootle? That's outside the city too.
Macca, Huyton, 1:16 PM 4/05/2014
Done job, I have reserved my hospitality suite. I will be sharing this with 'The potential two new investors', that West End Bill was dangling before our eyes last month.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:07 PM 2/05/2014
Talking of KEIOC what happened to the 'full accounting' they promised two years ago? Any body know what happened to the money they collected? Anybody know anything about the 'fund raiser' at bramley moor? Seen nothing anywhere on the internet about all these things.
Accountant, North John Street, 12:26 PM 2/05/2014
Well, with regards to a new stadium and the progress made so far, we can't stop there as we have to keep on going and find the funding required in which to build a new stadium. Hopefully that will happen sooner instead of later. It would be great if we can hold on to 5th and get into the Europa League, as we've been away from Europe for a while and it's about time that we return back. Hopefully in the summer we will sign some good players that will bring additional strength to the Everton team. Come on you blues!
Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 11:40 AM 2/05/2014
New manager in EL Bob New players in the summer. New stadium to be announced, an absolute cert, we cant stand still now we have the momentum, the investment will come. Everton must be a peach for it, once the stadium is confirmed just watch the investors throw their hats in.We are probably the last high profile club available for investment and that will be important, i expect a bidding war with several interested parties, the snare has always been the new ground issue, if we secure funding and when that is finalised anything is possible with future investment.
LES, PHUKET, 10:55 PM 1/05/2014
Walton Hall Park is ideal for us but I wonder what some of the KEIOC'ers think about it all? Got a gut feeling some of them will be against us moving the short distance within Walton, their problem is however that 1) It is 'In the City', 2) Still in Walton and 3) Walton Hall Park was one of their preferred alternative locations to Destination Kirkby. I'm sure the club are looking forward to KEIOC's support in the months and years ahead. ;)
Gerard, Liverpool, 10:13 PM 1/05/2014
'History repeats itself.first as tragedy,second as farce' Karl Marx ( 1818-1883)
Lennie, Wirral, 6:43 PM 1/05/2014
If we dont hurry up & get a new stadium, English Heritage will make the stadium a listed building. This would mean Goodison would then be worthless for redevelopment. My preferred move would be to Stanley Park.
Pete, Benllech, 5:04 PM 1/05/2014
What a bunch Evertonians have become...couple of losy games and there is a bunch crying and complaining.. new stadium.. same.. Here's am idea, unless you have £1bn in your arse pocket or know a man who does, let the people doing what they are doing get on with it. The club doesn't need to big itself up, the manager and players have done it on the pitch..season ticket sales up 21%!! Hats off to blue bill, Roberto, Bobby Elstone and the best group of professionals in the premier league. Proud of my team and club again.. and as mentioned.. where is the blue union these days?? or are they deluded enough to think they have contributed? Walton hall or anywhere else.. i dont care!
mike, Liverpool, 2:58 PM 1/05/2014
Anderson help, don't make me laugh! He can't even fund the redevelopment of Lime Street one of the city's main gateways. He's a joke, all piss and wind.
Scouser, Walton, 2:00 PM 1/05/2014
The docks would be a great place to have a everton ground. But I'd have a new stadium at Walton hall park. Coyb
Ian Portch , Bristol, 1:28 PM 1/05/2014
Is there a chance that the city are going to be awarded a big tournament? You know,Euro Championship or the Commonwealth Games?Or do they have plans for the Goodison site that will attract funding? Because if they don't where does their capital come from? Where are the Blue Union boys to explain all this financial guff when I need them?
Willy, Eckerslyke, 11:40 AM 1/05/2014
Don't know what the noise is about. Nobody's said anything is going to happen, only what might happen if it can be funded, and since we haven't got any money it won't happen will it. It's time people grew up. Nobody's gonna invest in a club with so many moaners.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 11:35 AM 1/05/2014
Walton hall? Big No from me.Theres still land at the docks.Lets raise the profile and be seen in the city which has now become 3rd largest tourist town in Europe.Appart from the East lancs what has Walton park got? Imagine the blues dockside in the city? Lets not do it on the cheap the next move is for life...
neil k, wigan, 2:13 AM 1/05/2014
All I want to know, is will I still have to stand in a queue for 20 minutes, to be told 'No burgers left' for 8 consecutive home games?!
njr1330, liverpool, 10:47 PM 30/04/2014
I know people will down this idea but in the wacky world of football, 2 or 3 of the playing staff sold guarantees the funds to secure a football club a new stadium debt free. Why does this have to be so difficult? The 3 players i'm thinking off cost £30.6 m combined. Players come and go.
tmc, Everton, 10:27 PM 30/04/2014
I don't know why the site for the new Anfield couldn't have been aquired.European funding for the redevelopment of the Anfield area could of helped in finance.The council could have developed the footballed themed village in Stanley park,and everybody could have prospered.Or have the red half got the council by the short and curly's with monopoly on this development.looks like we're forever the poor relations in this city of ours.
joe, stockbridge, 9:59 PM 30/04/2014
Will 50,000 be big enough? When Roberto gets us in the CL after next season and realistic premier league contenders Think BIG build BIG 80,000 to 100,000 Evertonians every week NSNO
Blue Nick, The Street End, 9:24 PM 30/04/2014
great decision can a new stadium with greater advertising and business revenue and with the extra 40 mil a year sky monet its already being paid for. makes us attractive to the billionaires out there and secures our long term future at the top of the game with luck. cant be stuck in an old stadium and get left behind
will, wirral, 7:06 PM 30/04/2014
On Talksport this morning Alan Brazil said his contacts in the "City" said funding was near enough guaranteed from the Middle East !
Dave 1878, Walton , 6:54 PM 30/04/2014
Stop this now!!!!!! It's a stadium in a retail park in a slummy area!!!!!!! It's a tin shed with bat lights!!!!!!!! It steals valuable open space!!!!!!! Houses will have to be pulled down!!!!!!! All the pubs and cafes on County Road will have to shut!!!!!! It's against planning regulations!!!!!! It threatens city centre!!!!!! It threatens other retail developments in Kirkby, St. Helens, Wigan and Preston!!!!!! SIGN UP NOW AND STOP THIS BAD DEVELOPMENT!!!!!! JOIN MILLERTINT TENDENCY!!!!!!
Dickie Nite, Evertonians Against Everything, 6:54 PM 30/04/2014
As the great Ron Sexsmith recently sang, 'Believe it when I see it'.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:09 PM 30/04/2014
Before anybody gets excited here's what Elstone ACTUALLY said about the POSSIBILITY of a new stadium - "But, in summary, there's a degree of optimism - perhaps some cautious optimism - but a degree of optimism." He hasn't promised anything and he isn't in a position to promise anything because we just don't have the finance. As for Anderson, a tub of wind and nothing more.
Paul, Warrington, 5:12 PM 30/04/2014
Ill believe it when I see it. Will this be a third new stadium that doesn't get built?
Chris, Garston, 4:43 PM 30/04/2014
Guaranteed to bring out all the gimps and arseholes again, they won't like this, they won't like that, this rule says this, that rule says that, everyones bribed except them, everyones wrong except them, they don't like the colour of anything, they don't like the floodlights, they don't like the seats, they don't like the roof. If Elstones got any sense he'll tell the lot of them to fuck right off and when he's got the money just build the fucker.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 4:17 PM 30/04/2014
First off the timing of this news comes str8 after Arsenal's mauling of the Barcodes essentially all but mathematically clinching for 4th spot not long after we tripped up on our last few hurdles (manure excluded) so there's nothing like a good feelgood storyline to get next season's tickets sold... Having said that I'll go along with it if only to keep high expectations flowing and to remind the board we expect better (NSNO and all that). To sell the club Bill needs to have a new stadium to become a more attractive prospect. But... even with LCC backing, our club will be more in the red. However, Everton (like the rest of the prem) will be receiving a shed load more Telly money so will be able to tackle the additional outgoings the club will have to fork out for the Stadium... Providing we stay up! Thing is, once Everton are back in the black with a new stadium, you'd need a crowbar to pry the club from the Old Bill coz he wouldn't be selling shit by then! And could you blame him?
Frank Lea, Speke, King St, 3:16 PM 30/04/2014
All we need now is finance,without heavy debt,Everton could do with more loan plays and save money towards new ground with smaller investments.
BlueBerry, The Shires, 3:03 PM 30/04/2014
Knowing our luck the stadium will be ready for the 2020 season which coincides with the impact of a massive asteroid, and we all die!
matt, huyton, 2:33 PM 30/04/2014
Excellent news that there are plans taking shape again for a new stadium. Let's hope everyone doesn't go up in arms again once a plan and design is presented! To quite a large degree we have to be led by the Council. The club cannot raise the finances to build a new stadium, so being tenants in a Council owned stadium is an excellent option. As we all know, no investor will come near the club until we have a new stadium (precisely why Sheik Mansour went to City instead of Everton). I'm looking forward to seeing some designs for Walton Hall Park. Hopefully this time we can, at last, move with the times and we can all enjoy the facilities and create a great atmosphere in a new, modern home.
Sam, Cheshire, 1:02 PM 30/04/2014
By now every man and his auntie knows the preferred site is at Walton Hall Park. It's the worst kept secret in the city. All we need is the money. Anybody got any or know where we can get it?
Spectator, Crosby, 1:01 PM 30/04/2014
So ...... Blah Blah Blah...... No Progress. Maybe they think they are being open and above board.They come across as dithering and being led by the nose by LCC. Much better to just say we are still looking and all options are open. Perhaps those shareholders who forced this statement will reflect on the effect on possible suitors of this wait and see course of action.
Watching Brief, Cyberspace, 11:41 AM 30/04/2014
What about the site Liverpool had planning permission for, as they've now decided not to move?
Chizzie, Bingley, 9:49 AM 30/04/2014
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