Bill Re-opens The Groundshare Debate
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Funny insn't it? A few years back when the shite were supposedly solvent, they would not have entertained a groundshare with Everton. However, now that they have not got a pot to piss they now raise the possibility!

Blue Bill has laid his cards on the tablesaying he WOULD consider a possible ground share opportunity with Liverpool after analfield leg-end Kenny Dogleash claimed the two clubs should ''look at every possibility''.

Dogleash opened the door to the idea this week with comments in his Mail on Sunday column and Bill Kenwright responded in a positive way when asked about the proposals.

Blue Bill said: "In the past Liverpool have always been opposed so I am intrigued about what Kenny Dalglish has had to say about ground sharing.'

'It is more than likely we would sit down and have a descent discussion about ground sharing in Stanley Park with Liverpool.'

Dogleash had claimed that a ground share would not be the ''ideal'' situation for either club, but maintained that in the current financial climate, it would be something that would be ''worth looking at''.

He of the redshite said: 'It's probably true that more people are becoming sympathetic to a ground-share with Everton if a third party came forward able to build it, with the two clubs renting. Again, it is not the ideal situation: that would be to keep the two clubs in two separate stadiums with vibrant atmospheres of their own.'

'But this is not an ideal time for either club and I'm sure they would sit down and have a conversation with each other about it if there was a feeling it would be beneficial. It's not anyone's personal views that is important - it is about what is best thing for the club.

'I don't know if it will ever happen but maybe you need a few people to sit down and say that, although it's not what they want in a perfect world, it's worth looking at.'

''Whoever is in a position of responsibility at Liverpool and Everton are only custodians for the next generation of supporter. They owe it to the fans to look at every possibility to help their respective clubs.'

Haven't the shite got great turn of phrase sympathetic towards Everton....?!

Would you want to groundshare? Is it the only realistic way forward?

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Comments about Bill Re-opens The Groundshare Debate
I think a ground share between the two clubs would make perfect financial sense, however, would we be able to fill an extra 20,000 seats every week? The Kopites wouldn't have any problem with that, they'd just schedule a few extra flights over from Oslo every week but I think we'd really struggle to fill a 60,000+ seater stadium. If we started playing in a stadium that was only half or three quarters full every week then I think we'd lose our unique atmosphere and that's not what we want as Evertonians. I wasn't a fan of the proposed move to Kirkby but the new capacity of 45 - 50,000 was more realistic for our club.
Jay, Garston, Liverpool, 7:27 PM 30/08/2011
I firmly believe this is what is putting potential investors / owners to buy everton the fact that we need to build a stadium as part of our package so the initial outlay is massive. sharing with them makes sense for both clubs..... its like moving in with your dad and his new bird you dont have to like the bitch but it makes your dad happy. It works in milan and they hate each other.
Mark, Widnes, 5:01 PM 30/08/2011
This has to be the most divided issue ever, economically it would work for the following reasons. - First neither team have money (unless you count the magic money currenly being spent by the RS) - Next the premiership for now, until the world sees sense has sold its soul and for the RS and EFC in order to keep up have to be on the same train for the timebeing. It wont be like this forever but sometimes you have to sacrifice for the greater good to be there when it counts ......history wont be rewritten and both can be incorperated in a new stadium one end BLUE one end red simple as that. **if anyone worries they will lord it over us and claim the ground is really theirs and we are renting can always be pointed to the history books and the chapter refering to those who were here first... this can work, although in an ideal world that this will never be I agree with all other points. Sharing grounds wouldn't mean I would start sharing taxis with them though ;)
Polish83, all over the place, 3:55 PM 30/08/2011
Why should we share? They didn't want to know last year. Now they are going down hill let them slide. Lets go forward on are own YOURE IN MY HEART YOURE IN MY SOUL 1878
Why anyone wants to share disheartens me completely. All they mention is state of the art and no other real benefits. Have you been to a state of the art building : there shit. And so is Citys, Boltons and Sunderlands new grounds and to drive the point home there own fans are telling you that all the bloody time. How people can not see past aluminium and left behind bollocks is how fickle they are. And to make it worse now they want a stadium thats going to be even worse no branding no Everton input its not your home basically. By the way Inter Milan hate sharing with AC. Wake up
Neil, Mold, 5:01 PM 30/09/2010
Richy Styles Ii agree. I am an Evertonian through and through, although not a scouser. I feel one when I watch. The fact of the matter niether team can afford it. We are getting left behind big time. If the San Siro is good enough for the current European champs to share with the six time European champs, I think we could share, and to those who think everything would have to be purple, wake up technology has come on a bit. Look at the Munich stadium blue when 1860 play, red when Bayern play, electronic signs and pictures that can change in 1 second not like the old wooden tat at Goodison.
Phil, Golborne, 9:41 PM 29/09/2010
Richy Styles you are SPOT ON
Martyn, Aintree, 1:20 PM 29/09/2010
No No No...Sorry,but We Everton fans are just totally different people to.... THEM....My blood is too BLUE to be sharing ANYTHING with that lot.... Please find an alternative to this horrible crazy idea....We have our History,and they have there`s..Lets keep it that way..1878..
Marcus, Barton,Ormskirk, 12:17 PM 29/09/2010
The tv & press would refer to the ground as liverpool's ground and as an add on they share it with Everton. The shite would love it
Paddy, Belfast, 11:57 AM 29/09/2010
It makes me laugh, instead of concentrating on our own team, we always have to look at what liverpool are doing. I don't like them, but to call them the shite and analfield is going too far. How about our own team and board? If we had proper investment we could win the premiership, conquer Europe. We've not won nothing for 17 years and that for a club like us is not on. I cant see us winning anything for another 17 unless we get money. There's a whole generation of Evertonians who have never seen us win anything. Luckily I'm older.
Tommy, Bullens rd, 10:41 AM 29/09/2010
I wouldn't attend a home match in a shared stadium. What's that old phrase, oh yeah 'nil satis nisi optimum'. So why settle for second best in a share. I'd rather stay at Goodison for another 8-10 years. Why can't we look into redeveloping Goodison Park. As for a shared stadium, it'd have no identity, the seating couldn't be red or blue, the naming of the stands would be neutral, there could be no Everton branding in it. so what your left with is a cold stadium with no charecter or warmth. A place we couldn't really make our home.
Stevo, Liverpool, 10:35 AM 29/09/2010
Well said Richy. United we stand, divided we fall. Manchester & London are accelerating away from both teams, we need to catch up or we'll both end up similar to an area like the Sheffield teams and we've got too proud a history for that.
DK, St Helens, 9:24 AM 29/09/2010
Richy lad, spot on, nobody need say any more!
Neil, Liverpool, 7:43 AM 29/09/2010
Here is my input and I hope you print the whole thing... I am from Liverpool, I am an Evertonian, I grew up at the time when Everton were FA Cup Winners and 4 years later the Champions and Liverpool were just coming of age...My family is mixed Everton my older brother, Mum and me...My Dad was a red, so is my other brother...We had arguments before during and after the game..But when my Ma said put the ball away that was over until the next Derby...I watched Liverpool dominate England and Europe during the 70`s and I actually found myself wanting them to win...Why? Because I am from Liverpool and if Everton or Tranmere couldn't win it then I wanted Liverpool to win it...The problem today is that their are a lot of one parent families in Liverpool so they are now either a red or a Blue...and those are the people who are biased call Everton shit, and vice versa...They don't understand the fact that even though we suppport different teams, we are One..Scousers are No.1. We have the best sense of humour on the planet, most of that we picked up via the Kop!!!, Anny Road and the Street End & Park End...Comics came from Liverpool, The Beatles, The Merseybeat was rampant In the 60`s. Everton won the FA Cup in 1966, Liverpool won the league and England who had several players from both teams won the World Cup!!!!...The City came together, it was the life of the North, The Docks were fantastic, there was a PUB on every corner and it seemed that we celebrated as kids with Salt and Vinegar Crisp and Lemonade for a whole year!! Everton and Liverpool supporters together....We loved it!!! Mixing with our own people...So lets put our sigle minded thoughts aside and lets show the rest of the Country/ World that people from the North West are different and that we can get along....LET'S build the best stadium ever, Executive lounges, shops, Hotels, Car Parks, Resturants, Bar's a Super Stadium that could hold World cups, FA and League semi-finals or both. It makes sense so why Not do it? Merseyside - Merseypride...
Richy Styles, Kirkdale, 4:10 AM 29/09/2010
I've felt passionately about this subject for a long time now and have always been strongly in favour of both clubs sharing a stadium. My reason is I am 100% scouse. I love our city, and the relationship between reds and blues is something that makes our city special. Friends, family, even twins divided and at the same time united by football. Growing up in the 80's, I used to think that every year both teams would be the pride of English football, and it was great. The arguments, banter, and rivalry were great , and both teams had respect. Other cities, like Manchester, looked on with envy as OUR city dominated football. Nobody and nothing came close to blue or red. We are the only place to have fans mixed together on derby day. I remember after the Hillsborough disaster for a long time after people wearing red, white, and blue scarves with 'Merseyside' written on them. Thats my city. Sharing a ground would symbolise exactly what our city is all about. Some things are bigger than football. The reduction in cost makes sense. The increased revenue makes sense for both clubs. Lets face it both clubs are falling behind others, especially Manchester of all places. The only real argument against this idea is childish pride. Pride is important, but so is success. I hate the other lot, (not going to say which team I support for this post), but can I swallow a bit of pride for some more success? Deffo. And success creates pride. We should show the rest England what makes our city special, different. We fight each other, but we also fight together. We hate each other, but if were honest we love to hate each other. The continued prosperity of both clubs is important to our city and to its people and culture. No sayers, swallow your pride, take your dummies out your mouths, put your toys back in your prams, and back this for the good of everyone you know. It makes sense.
The bird is purple?, The Football Quarter, 2:44 AM 29/09/2010
A ground share in stanley Park with the correct infrastructure built in for parking, trains and buses in a friendly and welcoming environment is the only sensible solution. If its 70k we can both fill it every Saturday - it allows for 35k season tickets each for full house on Derby day and still have 35k tickets for Norwegians and Cockneys or our beloved oversesas fans (like me and the squadies who love this site) To make the revenue on shirt and other sales (each kopite visitor to their place spends 12 times more than our fans at our place - it's the modern game!) I hope it's given a decent hearing - NYJets and Giants share - the new ground is bathed in green light and media for the beloved Jets games - and blue and white for the Giants - as much atmosphere as you would want. Add on the big Euro cup finals, world cup qualifiers and close season concerts and its a doable deal.
NY Blue, America, 1:18 AM 29/09/2010
I have followed Everton for years. Ground sharing can work . Look in Italy. Inter and AC. In American football both NY team's untill recently shared. So it can work but do we want it. It's better that than having nowhere or hanging on for planning permission
Shuggie, Scotland, 12:05 AM 29/09/2010
I wouldnt share a Taxi with them bas***ds. No!
John Evans, Liverpool, 11:46 PM 28/09/2010
I can't agree with this. Many people single out the situation in Milan with two successful teams sharing a stadium, but neither team are truly happy with it. Inter have been looking for a new home for years. For me the whole point of a new stadium is that Everton make more money on non matchdays. If we share it with liverpool, we have to split what we make, so we might not be much better off.
Philip, Cheshire, 11:09 PM 28/09/2010
I agree with the San Siro comment, but please remeber that AC and Inter are both fighting for the league, and neither are "poor relations". Look at the Munich stadium share...Bayern can fill that week in week out, but 1860 cant fill one side. This meant that they couldnt afford their share and so had to sell the half to Bayern, and now rent the stadium for their embarrasing! I understand that Bayern and 1860 are miles apart, but lets face it, we dont want to have to rent Liverpool's stadium, and even when the Allianz was first built, it was always touted as the new Bayern Stadium.
Anto, Birkenhead, 10:01 PM 28/09/2010
I'd prefer a ground share over moving to kirkby any day. At least its still on the doorstep. Financially, the costs of running a stadium will be halved with the shite paying half, that can only be beneficial. It will be MASSIVE news worldwide Everton & Liverpool ground sharing aswell. People will come far and wide for the new match day experience which, again, can only be good for our coffers. If anywhere in the uk is gonna do a ground share, it should be Liverpool - the most successful football town in the land. Lets make some history.
Tony B, L3, 9:44 PM 28/09/2010
We are probebly the only city in the UK where our supporters would come to terms with this. Yes we don't like each other, but lets face it how long can you be angry with your brother or sister. The real scousers know it's what makes our derby so great. We don't have district support like in Manchester or London. You grow up in a scouse family allowed to make your own choice...lets go for it and show the rest of the country what Merseyside is all about.
Derek Houlton, Preston, 9:08 PM 28/09/2010
Ground share is the most sensible way forward - but I think we've been here before, I can't see it happening due to the number of stubborn pig heads on both sides, it will be a fantastic opportunity missed not just for the clubs but the whole area.
Roger W, Warrington, 8:03 PM 28/09/2010
I would like the shite to move to Basingstoke (or better still Oslo) where they belong, but the sad fact is we just don't have the funds to build a new stadium, allow Moyesie to invest in new players, and keep the books straight. So I'm not sure there is a realistic alternative
Big Dave, Bucks, 7:44 PM 28/09/2010
Fine by me. Just so long as the seats are blue.
Jon D, Essex, 7:30 PM 28/09/2010
DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!. If we get an investor we can build our own ground anyway. I wonder what colour the seats would be?? We need a 60,000 ground and a big investment and we can easily be the biggest in the country.
Tom, Shrewsbury, 7:17 PM 28/09/2010
Any new stadium won't be Goodison it will be a Reebok/DW replacement. Why not have a City Of Liverpool Stadium? A stadium dedicated to the two clubs, its sporting greats, pop stars, comedians etc etc deck it out in a neutral colour and honour each clubs history properly. I for one don't want to move from Goodison but if a move is on the cards then it makes sense. It might go some way to quelling the poisonous rivalry that seems to be coming between us. Getting involved with the soap opera over the ownership is my only cast iron objection.
Martyn, Aintree, 6:42 PM 28/09/2010
Sounds like none of their "investors " want to pat 350 miilion for a ground. If we end up with a ground as good as the shite,then i am up for it!
Steve Duffy, Bootle, 6:38 PM 28/09/2010
Allaluha!'s a shame it's taken a global financial crisis to make peole see sense, but so be it. YES - a ground share is the sensible and only viable option to EFC & LFS
Blue Martin, Ormskirk, 6:23 PM 28/09/2010
Can't afford a striker never mind half a ground
toddy, x rocket, 5:59 PM 28/09/2010
I wouldn't want to share with shite. The thought that some sweaty arsed kopite had sat in it the week before does not bear thinking about! But surely alot of money could be saved by build two stadiums (even joined at one end) on the same plot. Saves on site preparation and road access. Worthy of more thought?
Robin , Wolves, 5:50 PM 28/09/2010
Heart says no head says yes, it really is the only way forward.
SI, WIGAN, 5:46 PM 28/09/2010
I've never understood why some people have been against a ground share. It would be the best option for both clubs.
Colin G, Necton, 5:30 PM 28/09/2010
Between us we could have the best stadium in the country surely a statement for the city of unity & non parochialism & they could have the end with the taps!
Sir Isaac Newton, Grantham, 4:53 PM 28/09/2010
Would not share a bag of crisps with that shite
les, i o m, 4:52 PM 28/09/2010
It would have to be something special, in size and design. There'd be no point in making do with (and no disrespect) a stadium like Blackpools or even Stoke City's. In order to show our rich history as well as our standing in the world of football, it would have to contend with the like of the Emirates and Eastlands, but it's where does the money come from for build of that size and quality? Nice idea, but again, it all comes down to the mighty wedge, something that seems to be in short suppply!
Marek Powalski, Stoke-on-Trent, 4:29 PM 28/09/2010
Dogleash mentions a 3rd party building the new stadium and both clubs renting it? It seems the shite haven't learned the lessons of 1892, when we were shafted out of Anfield largely due to an unscrupulous landlord continually raising the rent. Which was bleeding Everton dry and also led to the big split. There's every possibility we could face the same thing today, with the rent continually rising. Not to mention that as hard as it would be to accept sharing a ground, being someone else's tenant or worse, a co-tenant just doesn't with well with me at all. Unfortunately, ground sharing may be the way forward, but what neither club needs is to be at the mercy of some other entity that own that ground.
Mick, Maghull, 3:57 PM 28/09/2010
very little space to build and both clubs have very little money makes sense to pool our finances together and build a better stadium sounds like the way forward to me
Andy, Wallasey, 3:37 PM 28/09/2010
Imagine derby day with 80,000 there.
Danny, Wirral, 3:21 PM 28/09/2010
The Shite dont use the phrase "'sympathetic towards Everton" as you have quoted, they use the phrase "sympathetic to a ground-share" - It is this type of miss quotes that build barriers! Ground sharing is an option - it would be foolish to dismiss it without having a look at it. Together, we could have the greatest ground in the country. As long as they have the ability for my seat to be blue when I sit on it, I am all for it. (surely seats can alternate?)
John, Wrexham, 3:07 PM 28/09/2010
Totally agree with the previous comments.
Ronnie, Shropshire, 2:46 PM 28/09/2010
If we could have a stadium like the San Siro why not? AC and Inter Milan both share a stadium, don't see why we can't, I'd be up for it. It has hosted some massive games there since its been built so it would be good to have.
Harry B, Lpool, 2:38 PM 28/09/2010
Ground share is the only sensible way forward......always has been!
Denis Stevens, Bolton, 2:09 PM 28/09/2010
Get to fuck i wouldnt share a taxi with them arseholes
ste, liverpool, 2:09 PM 28/09/2010
I dont personally want a ground share but it may be the only way forward in the current financial climate. If we did it would have to be 50-50 (in our favour of course) all the way. They would probably need neutral seat colours or something. It works in plenty of other places with big clubs such as Milan and Inter. It may even copy the arena which I think is Bayern Munichs were the exterior can change colour. Like I say I dont want to share but it looks a little more likely now. By the way I notice how the shite are only looking towards it now they have realised they cant afford one of their own.
Paul H, Walton, 1:53 PM 28/09/2010
No way. I hate the bastards, always have and always will.
Billy Bump, Huyton, 1:14 PM 28/09/2010
All the words end " OFF " as many as you can find. Good god my step father and his sons wouldn't set foot in the place. Never ever. It took me god knows how many years to bring myself to set foot in there. It still pains me now.
SB, Midlands, 1:14 PM 28/09/2010
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