Everton History
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Everyone who matters in the world of football knows Everton Football Club are our city's first club. Those who don't know, don't matter.

We know too our nickname "The Toffees" comes from Mother Noblett's Toffee Shop that was located not far from Everton Brow in the nineteenth century.

Amazingly, there is a photograph of the shop taken some time during that century. We show it here. So far as we know it is the earliest photo taken of that illustrious and history-making establishment.

Is there anybody out there who knows the precise date of the photograph and who took it?

One of the club traditions we at Blue Kipper love is when the Toffee Lady mascot walks around the ground throwing toffees into the crowd. Make the most of it because it's only a matter of time before the HSE Gestapo put a stop to it.

Click Here For Exclusive Interview With Ant Bushell - Relation Of Molly Bushell - The Original Toffee Lady 



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Comments about Everton History
Robert - Why don't you scan or copy the photograph and email it or send it snail mail to Blue Kipper?
Tony, Stoneycroft, 10:03 PM 15/08/2011
The Old Toffee shop was owned by my Great Grandparents with the surname of Taylor. The most unusual fact in all of this is that even being a blue nose my mother waited 50 years before sharing this information with me. Including a photograph of my Great Grandparents in the backyard of this shop.
Robert Mutch, Golborne, 9:21 PM 15/08/2011
Where else in the football world does this, or,anything like it happen? O.K. Arsenal have supposedly the best "green keeper" on earth, all well and good, but we didn't shift half way across the City we are in, or dodge our way into the league. We have occupied this league longer then any other pretender; Everton Football Club possess a history beyond envy....tradition....we should not let it be taken away!
James, Hayling, 10:32 PM 14/08/2011
Great picture and a true reminder that our history is long and illustrious. Az, breaking up the community in the 30's and 40's? - I blame that funny little german bloke with the 'tache ... As for all that republican voter stuff, this Catholic link is a bit of a pink herring - St Domingo's was a Methodist church team - and much of Everton Valley still remains loyal... not that anyone gives a hoot... COYB lets get some silverware!!
nyblue, USA, 6:56 PM 13/08/2011
SI , WIGAN, 2:16 PM 13/08/2011
Its so sad how they dismantled the great old Everton area after the 30's and increasingly after WWII. Moving all of the republican voters to sink estates in far flung lands such as Knowsley, Sefton and Speke, breaking up, what I have been told by so many friends and family, one of the last great community's. I think that's probably had an impact on how strong we all feel about our history and roots as Evertonians. If you know your history...
Az, Wavo, 2:14 PM 13/08/2011
Jonny, Cheshire: Did I read that right? "ALL VERY NICE". How insulting. If ever there was a 'Toffee' who isn't happy with the club at the moment, it's me. But one thing about us 'Toffees', whether or not we agree on certain things, is the fact that no matter what, we are VERY,VERY PROUD of our History. No trophy or title will ever be able to replace that my friend. EVER! COYB.
Big Tommy, Litherland, 12:27 PM 13/08/2011
All very nice but I just wish we could focus a little more on the present day and create some more history maybe.
Jonny, Cheshire, 10:51 AM 13/08/2011
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