The Everton Time Line
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The clue is in the song, '...and if you know yer history', well us as Blues certainly pride ourselves in that fact.

We were founder Members of the Football League, The Premiership, we have held a World Cup Semi Final at Goodison, won nine League Titles, FA Cup's galore, European success, and breaking transfer records in years gone by.

Our list of firsts as a football club is endless, and to mark our remarkable history, Moyesy, Blue Bill along with Goodison legends Kevin 'two fingers' Sheedy and Dave ' The Cannon Ball Kid' Hickson, unveiled the Goodison Time Line which charts our wonderful history from our inception to the present day.

Fans who have turned up at our first match against Wolves and at last night's Carling Cup win will all have looked and remembered their favourite bits of the Blues past as the Time Line is posted around the exterior of our Grand Old Stadium.

I have to say it, whoever came up with the idea, well played; it makes you proud to be Blue.

Blue Bill said: "At Everton, we regard our history as not simply a permanent reminder of the high standards which are demanded but also a reference point in terms of where we are heading in future.

This timeline captures all the key moments which have combined to make Everton Football Club what it is today and it also serves to provide a quite outstanding reminder of the great moments and the great names our supporters have been fortunate enough to enjoy down the decades.

I hope supporters will take the time to walk around the stadium, to enjoy it, to reflect on those most cherished of moments and to maybe even learn something new about our glorious past."

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Comments about The Everton Time Line
Needs a few bits adding though!
Big Tommy, Banner Heaven, 7:57 PM 26/08/2010
Love the time line, although not sure about Judas Barmby being on it. Goodison Road near Fan Centre!
Phil O'Rourke, Anfield, 6:55 PM 26/08/2010
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