Twenty Five Years On
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Who can believe it but it is twenty five years ago today (May 6th), that The Rat lifted The Canon League Championship after a 2-0 win against QPR.

It had been fifteen long hard years since the Blues were last Champions of England, but with the likes of Neville Southall, Kevin Ratcliffe, Tricky Trev, Sheeds, Andy Gray and Sharpy in our ranks we just blew everyone away to become top of the shop.

Manager of The Year Howard Kendall was proud of his troops and talking lately he recalled those halcyon days.

Howard says: "It's the prize that stands above all others. It's marvellous to have it back at Goodison Park after 15 years.

It was a great result against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday which gave us the opportunity to settle matters before our own fans.

After the win at Hillsborough people were talking about one point being enough, but we were aware that Liverpool (the shite) could still bridge the goal difference gap by winning all their games. So our attitude was quite simple - no win, no celebrations."

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