Everton Complete The Martinez Mural With Lights
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The finished mural of Roberto Martinez on the side of the main stand on Goodison road has been completed.

As you can see from the photos the mural is illuminated at night.

What do you think? Comment Below.

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Comments about Everton Complete The Martinez Mural With Lights
@ 27. If you can't deal with redshites given their stupid banners, Norwegians and notorious deluded reputation then there's something wrong with you. Personally I love winding them up, their only function is to be an eternal victim, bullshitters the lot of them.
Paul, Warrington, 8:33 AM 12/08/2014
The shite in work are laughing at it; to be honest it's hard to defend.
Crocky, Crocky, 9:37 PM 11/08/2014
I would rather the club spend money on removing the posts that stop people seeing the game properly. There must be a way of removing them & it's embarrassing that people have obstructed views in this day & age.
Steve C. , UAE, 8:09 PM 11/08/2014
Fact is, it ain't going to be there forever so why all the fuss? Spot on Tony (no 9) ;)
Kev GB, Wrexham, 8:02 AM 11/08/2014
Horrible...classless.thought it as a wind up when i saw it!
Mike, west derby, 4:56 AM 11/08/2014
Don't like it, it looks cheap but if we must have a mural it should have everton legends on it. I like Roberto but he's only had one season we finished 5th,
Mr c, Gwladys street, 9:19 PM 10/08/2014
I'll be glad when the season starts properly. Nobody will give a shit about big posters then.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 4:55 PM 10/08/2014
I've got a soft spot for the North Korean style,Stalinist iconography. Alex Young would have been better though.
Lennie, Wirral, 3:11 PM 10/08/2014
18 is right, anythings better than that grey tin covering all round the outside, makes me shudder every time I see it.
Macca, Huyton, 2:41 PM 10/08/2014
Listen that picture looks better than a load of grey corogated iron anything to disguise that is in my eyes a great investment
Pedro , Nogga green laaaaa, 10:24 AM 10/08/2014
Gotta back that up with results or it will look ridiculous!!!!
Ant, Leigh , 5:41 AM 10/08/2014
Alful, he's won nothing yet
Scott, Skem, 3:15 AM 10/08/2014
Why the negativity.....I think it looks great . it's only a fuckin picture
woody, warwicks, 1:31 AM 10/08/2014
When did we become Kopites? Can you imagine the stick we'd give the shower if they had a 30 foot Rodgers on the Mcdonald;s kop? Get the whitewash out!
Rob, Liverpool, 10:52 PM 9/08/2014
Really? This is embarrassing. Remember the Fat Waiter banners. Goodison Park does not deserve this. Talk about memory like a goldfish. We don't need another new logo. Everton has NEVER needed this kind of PR. Do it on the pitch.
Paddy, Tobermory, 10:15 PM 9/08/2014
As much as i admire what El Bob has done in the first year of his tenurship, i think we have made a mistake here. As i said in a previous thread, would it not be fantastic to have a mural of all the Everton greats, Managers, Players etc instead, to let people know our heritage ? Maybe there is another place on the stadium where we could do this ? fellow kippers what do you think ?
LES, PHUKET , 9:02 PM 9/08/2014
I like it, not a lot, but I like it.
blue66ian, kent, 4:48 PM 9/08/2014
Not for me either, Iraqi/iran/ syria/ ANALFIELD, Enough said, kenwrights own little theatre production. When will he ever learn. Embarresing us,
Kev, L,pool, 4:26 PM 9/08/2014
Not 2 sure about this.
gaz, deeside, 1:02 PM 9/08/2014
The only thing I'm interested in is what goes on on the pitch.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 11:31 AM 9/08/2014
Bill came from nowhere and made his dough in the West End so he knows what works. Personally I like it, it adds a certain dash.
Teddy, 2 Dogs, 11:06 AM 9/08/2014
Looks like there should be a legend below RM's image reading something like, 'Comrade Ceausescu leads the international proletariat ever onwards towards the sunlit uplands of socialism'.
John T, Bristol, 10:41 AM 9/08/2014
Not for me, I love the guy but we are a class act and above all that bollox that the neighbours and them down the road seem to enjoy.
Alan, Hinckley, 10:23 AM 9/08/2014
Can't help thinking of the Moyes 'Chosen One' banner when i see this. I think it's premature and should be a reward for at least bringing a trophy to Goodison.
John Reilly, Sheffield, 9:40 AM 9/08/2014
Hope Roberto is fully on board with this, and has not been talked into agreeing with it. Just not totally happy with this personality cult (nobody is bigger than the club??). Keep thinking about the "Chosen One" banner fiasco at OT.
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 9:26 AM 9/08/2014
I am a huge Martinez fan but I genuinely think that this not only looks cheap but also looks like an Iraqi / Syrian dictatorship mural that we have all seen on the war news reels, Martinez just needs a tea towel head dress as his arms are already folded and its almost Saddam Hussain like. Not only this but Martinez is no Messiah in 11 months at Everton no matter how highly I regard him and I think he must be more than slightly embarrassed at this.
Stewart, Sheffield, 9:12 AM 9/08/2014
Very Classy addition to the Old Lady!!
Matthew Barry, Cardiff, 9:02 AM 9/08/2014
The Martinez mural looks great. Good for fans to see coming from that direction and as people pass Goodison. Hope this season lives up to expectation. Solo Lo Mejor!
Carl , Wirral, 8:53 AM 9/08/2014
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