Goodison Park Makeover Has Everton Fans Talking
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For those Everton fans at Goodison Park on Sunday for Ossie's testimonial, there were signs that "The Old Lady" was half way through a new makeover.

Besides a lick of paint here and there, there were two main talking points. 

One was the new floodlights and two was the big mural on the side of the Main stand in Goodison Road.

Everton have spent £1m on a new floodlighting system. The main difference from last season was that there are additional lights on the top of the roof at the Gwladys Street end and the Park End.

The mural which was covered up with scaffolding, shows a the new club crest and the words "Solo Lo Mejor" either side of a giant picture of Roberto Martinez. It certainly has got Everton fans talking. 

Other things noticed were the blue stones which surrounded the pitch had gone. Whether they return remains to be seen.

Also the banners that are displayed in Goodison Road had been taken down. No doubt new ones will be up for the first home game against on Arsenal on Saturday 23rd August.

What Do You Think Of The Martinez Mural? Comment Below.

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Comments about Goodison Park Makeover Has Everton Fans Talking
Not keen on the external manifestation of the RM personality cult - ie the mural. Surely all true Evertonians will always carry an image of Roberto around in their heads, so the mural therefore becomes redundant. To draw a parallel - I know I'm British, but don't feel the need to fly a huge Union flag over my house. The mural, sadly, also reminds me of the puffed up behaviours of that morally and intellectually bankrupt rabble from the other side of the park who unquestioningly worship a giant image of Beelzebub's ugly sister Brenda. Also, El Bob is a modest man, so I'm sure the mural doesn't sit well with him either. Look at the Moyes marriage with Manure and look at his slippery slope fortunes as soon as his horrendous mural saw the light of day - the whole episode made Manure and their glory hunter fans seem even more terminally stupid than they already did.
John T, Bristol, 2:39 PM 7/08/2014
No pleasing some people, especially if theyre redshite taking the piss out of Kipper editors.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 11:05 AM 7/08/2014
Having been on a tour to Goodison on Tues with a bunch of kids, they are just replacing the stones! The flood light system is to fit in with Europa rules.
Gareth, Herts, 10:04 AM 7/08/2014
I offer my "El Les" mural in place if this one, if it is not too everyones liking ? What i would have preferred was a mural covering all the Everton greats, managers and players etc now that would be something ! showing our proud heritage. Maybe there is a space somewhere else around the ground for this ?
LES, PHUKET, 9:02 AM 7/08/2014
I think its great.
Macca, Huyton, 10:03 PM 6/08/2014
Absolutely love Roberto and the very impressed with all the work he has done so far. However I'm not sure a fifth place finish deserves a 50ft mural on the side of the old lady. Maybe in 5 years time after 2 FA cups, a league cup and 3 Champions League qualifications ( I hope!) I don't think even Alex Ferguson has this at OT.
Steve Brown , Swansea, 9:15 PM 6/08/2014
He sacked Walter Smith and Moyes is clearly a brilliant manager - No. 7 is spot on. Some of these comments are disappointingly comparable to how They speak about Benitez.
Micky, Everton, 8:10 PM 6/08/2014
'@9, why don't you take your head out of your arse and give your mouth a chance. Nob ed.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 7:49 PM 6/08/2014
I really like Roberto,but this has got West End Bill's fingerprints all over it. The schmuck still thinks that Walter Smith and David Moyes were brilliant managers.
Lennie, Wirral., 7:15 PM 6/08/2014
A cheaper option than re-cladding it, coz you gotta admit the 'old lady' looks tired,but it won't matter coz this is our year, and then Roberto's face will be everywhere. COYB
daz.m, st.helens, 7:01 PM 6/08/2014
At 2 . . Idiot predecessor ? The man saved us from relegation and left us the best team in Merseyside. Not to mention a great platform for martinez to build from. Some people have a short memory
J, Liverpool , 5:53 PM 6/08/2014
I think it's a bit early to have the mural,Roberto has done a magnificent job but this season will let us know where we really stand,maybe next year.Good luck Roberto,going to the game against Chelsea can't wait.
Diarmaid Kelly, Belfast, 4:02 PM 6/08/2014
Personally I like it. We are lucky to have a young manager with personality and purpose. Why not show him how proud we are to have him leading us?.....he is the best thing to happen to us in a long time.
Steve H. , Warrington, 3:41 PM 6/08/2014
It should read 'només el millor'- the guy's Catalan. Schoolboy error.
ste macca, belfast, 3:08 PM 6/08/2014
I like it but agree we've got to be careful with this personality stuff. If things go wrong it looks a bit daft.
Paul, Warrington, 12:26 PM 6/08/2014
After what Bob achieved after taking over from his idiot predecessor a big mural is the least we can do. It sends out a message Everton are back and Bob's in charge. Chris Simpson. EFC. COYB.
Chris Simpson, Everton, 12:12 PM 6/08/2014
There's no doubt Roberto Martinez deserves all credit for last season and what he's done. Every sensible Evertonian recognises that. But I don't like this mural because I don't like personality cults. Leave that to that classless lot across the park. I think Roberto might be a bit uncomfortable about it too.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:46 AM 6/08/2014
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