Bainesy Helps EITC Promote Healthy Lifestyle
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Post Crimbo, plenty of us are looking for a healthier lifestyle, particularly Jogger!

Yesterday, Leighton Baines visited a local school to help promote keeping fit and healthy.

Bainsey visited Springwood Heath Primary School support a special healthy lifestyle class and help pupils understand the importance of eating nutritious food. The kids got to work planning a healthy dinner, and Bainesy made his way around the groups to talk about his favourite meals and a typical diet for a professional footballer.

Once out of the classroom, the England international also took part in a coaching session with Year Five pupils and Everton in the Community coaches to demonstrate how sport is a fun way to keep active and fit.

The trip made last night's local news on the BBC.

Bainesy said: "As professional footballers, we have a whole team of people making sure we eat and train in the correct way to make sure we stay at the top of our game."

"It's important that children understand from a young age that they need to look after themselves by eating healthily and initiatives like this show that keeping fit can be fun too."

"Schools play a massive part in encouraging children to keep active and have a healthy diet and I'm happy to support this and hopefully make a difference."

Unfortunately Jogger missed the TV programme as he was out pounding the streets before rewarding himself with well earned fish, chips and curry sauce with a litre of diet Coke.

Well done Bainesy.

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