We're Everton Aren't We?
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Everton Football Club is embarking on a New Charity Challenge for the 2012/13 season.

This challenge will see a group of fans cycle from the Stadium of Light to Goodison Park, the route is 202 miles long and will take the team 4 days to complete.

We are calling this challenge "WE'RE EVERTON AREN'T WE TOUR", as this team of people have dedicated their lives to Everton Football Club for as long as each of them can remember, they live and breathe the Club watching the team home and away, these are the people of Everton Football Club.

The aim is to raise a staggering £50,000! Funds being split equally and immediately reinvested into the vital work of Everton in the Community and the Everton Former Players Foundation, sister charities of Everton Football Club.

EITC is an award-winning registered charity that delivers a range of programmes to promote health, education, social inclusion and equality of opportunity across Merseyside using the power of sport.

During the last year alone, EITC have provided on-going developmental opportunities for over 30,000 participants and with support from their loyal fan base they can continue to build a stronger, more active community presence.

The monies raised by the Foundation go towards the financial and medical assistance of former Everton players who did not have the luxury of today's inflated wages.

Many players of the past that gave us so much pleasure and that we idolised still work today despite being due well-earned retirement. Some players bear the physical scars of giving their all in the Royal Blue Jersey, and the Foundation contributes where it can towards medical assistance that improves the lives of these Heroes of days gone by. (See Everton Former Players Foundation - EFPF).

Heading the challenge is Mid Cheshire Supporters Club Secretary Kenneth Sweeney.

Ken said: "I have always believed charity begins at home and All the Supporters Clubs have wanted to do something for these two worthwhile causes for a long time now."

"As well as raising money for our Former Players and the People and Communities in Merseyside, the Supporters Clubs want to bring the Everton Family together and there is no greater or Prouder Supporters that love to rise to a Challenge than Everton Fans we love to show the World "We're Everton Aren't We!!" and we can achieve and do anything we want."

"We will be proud and overwhelmed by people that give £1 or £10,000 everything counts for these two great charities."

"There is a lot of blood sweat, tears and laughter ahead getting fit, but there is one thing we can take for granted and that is The Everton Family getting behind us and making it impossible for us to not to achieve our Goal and complete this gruelling 4 day challenge as the song goes "You will hear the Famous Everton Come Riding on the Breeze".

As well as a tailored fundraising programme which will help the team reach their ambitious target, the team will receive an exclusive fitness and training plan which will include diet and nutrition advice from first team coaches, they will also have the opportunity to attend a personalised training session will take place at the state of the art training complex, Finch Farm, this will help them get prepared for the big challenge.

 The team will also have a 'Hero's Return' at Goodison Park on 27th April when Everton take on Fulham.

To sign up or for more information about this challenge please contact Carena Duffy, Fundraising Officer, on 0151 530 5260

 JustGiving; www.justgiving.com/ToffeesTogether

Facebook: We're Everton Charity Bike Ride!

Twitter: @Toffeestogether

Email: toffeestogether@hotmail.co.uk





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